Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Blaming the Baby Boomers"

Seems you hear a lot these days, about the Baby Boomer generation. Mostly it's bad and being a Baby Boomer. I'm here to defend our generation. The younger generation, 'you know'. The dumb down ones, or fluoride babies. Are letting their brains be filled, with propaganda concerning Americas past. This is part of the idea, because the 'powers'. Know that the last educated generation, was the Boomers. So by using the media to brain wash future generation. They can be molded into good slaves. Slaves who only duty is, to make live easier for the wealthy. Thus the strategy is. Blame the Baby Boomers, for you poor wages and living conditions. The generations after the Boomers. Are so easily brain washed. They have bought into this whole concept. Little do they know, they've been lied to. Our generation was the beginning of free expression. With out the Hippies and their sudden break from traditions of dress. These morons with their baggy pants, pull down below their asses. Could not exist today. The cops would be harassing them to death. These are the same generations, who couldn't find America. On a World map. These are the same generations, that are being led to their slaughter. Via their diet and poor school system. The last generation who seem to understand how important a good diet are. Are now called the Dinosaurs. The generation that started recycling. Now watch the dumb down generation. Throw trash from a moving vehicle. Use item only once and then discard. A throw away generation. Of quick games, fast foods and hatred for the generations that came before them.

Look how the leader of the new generation. Obama the puppet, threats the veterans with lip service. Then on the other hand, telling vets who get injured serving their country. Must take care of the own medical bills. (Thank "God" enough people raised their voices. And this foolish idea was stopped.) Obama the puppet, is leading the way. For disrespect of Americas history. The same way he is the mouth piece for socialism. He's just one more pawn. In discrediting the Boomer and those that came before them. The Baby Boomers are folks like me and many others. Trying their best to warn, the unsuspecting and uneducated. To a future of mass slavery. Taking chances with careers and life. To help the youth, have their continuing freedoms. Actually showing concern for their children's, children. The generations after our generation, have been stripped of their "God" given morals and souls. By a media of blood and guts, with sexual perversion thrown in. The average kid now days. Is exposed to more sex and violence. In just a short few years. Than the Baby Boomers where exposed to. In the first forty years of their lives. I never knew what a lesbian was, until my mid twenties. Now they want to push all that crap on un suspecting children. In an effort to get them, use to seeing death and violence as a common occurrence. Robbing the children of today, of their youthful innocence. Thank "God" for the Boomers, or this country would all ready be, living in slavery. Remember, the Baby Boomers are armed to the hilt. The baby Boomers are the largest standing Army in the World!!! With out the Boomers and their weapons. Where would America, be today?

Speaking of the Baby Boomers. Dennis Crenshaw a author and Internet radio host. Has a book out called, 'The Secrets of Dellschau'. It's the story of a character from the 1800, 'P.G. Pete Navarro'. And the 'Sonora Aero Club'. It has illustration of balloons and other flying machines from that era. Dennis Crenshaw also host a program on, called, 'Unraveling the Secrets'. I found Dennis while looking for an alternate to the TV. Last night he hosted Anthea Appel, who was a police officer during 911, in New York City. Her book is called, 'The First Responders: The Untold Story of the NYPD and Sept. 11, 2001.' She confirmed many stories, the general public was never told about 911. Like some of the officers hearing explosions. Before the collapse of the Towers. That one police officer, escorted weapons and munitions out of Building 7. Before it was brought down. Some five hours latter, by an still unknown cause. She bring out many other interesting facts. By going to Dennis Crenshaw's site on blogtalkradio. You can bring up his past shows via his archives. Beats the hell out of any thing you'll find on the TV. Also just simply Google, 'Dennis Crenshaw', he has several other interesting views, about the Hollow Earth (very Hopi).

I was once again banned from Seems the truth must never be heard on that site. I had responded to a Thread about America and Israels partnership. Or has I like to call it. Israels private Army, called American Armed Forces. The Thread wanted to know who was wagging who's tale. I feel the Jewish people of Israel and America are puppets to the Zionist. And that both side were ruthless in their use of. Depleted Uranium and White Phosphorus weapons on civilian targets. As you can see, most all media outlets, are Zionist controlled. To bad, I'd gain respect from other providers of the truth. I constantly worry about this site banning me also. Google has been good about letting me. Give my side of the story. If my thoughts were so, 'out in left field', then why stop me. What Godlikeproductions showed, I was telling the truth. And the truth has no part in their vocabulary.

Alex Jones and his fear tactic. Are not to be believed. His constant pounding of the fact, that soon someone will be at your door. To take you away to a FEMA Camp. Do you realize how big of an Army that would take? Their are millions of Americans, opposed to mandatory Swine flu shots. Millions Of Americans who will never be disarmed. So why all the fear mongering. It's to make the American citizen fill hopeless. To make them want to give up, or simple commit suicide when things get tough. Always remember the 'powers' are an pimple on your ass. A Nat on a Elephants back. "God" bless on this Sunday evening and may you have sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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