Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Obama and Jewish Backlash"

As the country heads further into Nazi type Fascism. The country is responding, in much the same way. As the German citizens did, as Hitler rose to power. People are not finally realizing. The country has been taken over by the Zionist. Instead of rising to stop the Zionist. They have turned their attention toward, Obama the puppet and the Jews. Obama is never ever going to make an decision. With out his Jewish Zionist handle Emanuel Rahm. Telling him what, is the so called, 'corporate line'. Emanuel Rahm takes his orders from his Zionist masters. Now the country is awaking, too the two of them. You will soon start see, or it may have already started. Folks avoiding Jewish owned businesses. And the Jews them self's, will not be able to understand, why the hatred? Yet over thousands of years of history. This always happens. Why, because the Jews them self, bring on them self's. Their greed and self indulgence, spews from them. No one can ever say, 'man that Jew, gave me a good deal', an example. A couple of week ago, I wanted to buy some silver. My gentile precious metal dealer. Was off hunting, above the Grand Canyon. Silver was down, so I wanted to jump in. I called a Jewish owned coin dealer. Not knowing at the "Time", he was Jewish. I asked the owner of the coin company. What are you selling your ounces for. He quoted me a high price. So I asked, what chart are you going by. He replied Kitco, and I said, I'm looking at their current chart now, it's much lower. He had the nerve, or Jewish soulless greed. To tell me, my computer quote was wrong. I bought 10 ounces, but lesson re-learned. Never trust a fat Jew, with a knee brace. Because he can't stop eating. Witch is just another form of greed. As America is learning the same lesson, I re-learned. You can see the backlash growing daily. And once again, just like in the past. The Jews will be chased from their homes. The country is learning why the Jews have never had a home land. Until after WWII, when a fake Holocaust was sold to an unsuspecting World. And ever since, the return of the Jews to the Middle East. They have been murdering, their Muslim neighbours.

A major step in creating a one World government, just took place. All though it didn't get much press in America. Europe just appointed it's first president. Note the word appointed. No one in the European Union, got to vote on the new leader. His name is, Herman Von Rompuv, from Belgium. This is how thing are going to soon be, happening. In America and the rest of the World. Their will no longer be elections, only appointees. Appointees, appointed by the NWO. The first thing they did to the Europeans, was to take away their countries money. And replace it with the Euro. Then they opened up the boarders. Allowing millions of poor immigrants to enter European countries, to drive now wages. And to also hasten the individual countries personnel identities, to be lost. If you haven't noticed. That's why Americas boarders are so under protected. And soon all the illegals will be given amnesty. As most Americans know. When the folks from south of the boarder come into this country. They never try to assimilate as Americans. Instead they hang onto their old countries ways. A step at a "Time", the Globalist are making their move. Until one day you wake up. And oops, where did America go. The Americans are arming them self. For some frontal assault. It's never going to happen, because the Americans are to well armed. Instead it will be done a drop at a "Time". Immigration and the 911 fake attack, was the biggest steps in that direction.

And what is going to finance the NWO. The Cap and Trade Bill, before congress now. Cap and Tax as some call it. I like to call it, 'money for nothing'. Just like the Federal Reserve that prints money. Then gives the country a bill for interest. The Climate Bill is awaiting passing. Only a few are keeping it from becoming law. That is surely some dog and pony show. Congress is under control now, by the NWO people. The Health Bill will decide who lives and dies. The Cap and Trade Bill. Will decide who lives where and who gets to sell their homes. If the Climate Bill passes. It will be virtually impossible to sell your home. Until major environmental up grades are installed. By then if you need to barrow money, to make up grades. The banks will be controlled by the government or NWO. Thus putting a strangle hold on every American. This is where the country and World is heading. Drip, drip drip, until a noose is around your neck.

Obama the puppet surely doesn't have cultured handlers. His now famous bow to Emperor Akihito of Japan. You Tube, Obama Wow Bow II 46 handshakes and one bow Why was he bowing so? Was he begging for money for America? Just as when he was seen on Memorial Day. With his hands crossed across his crouch. While other so called dignitaries where in a honoring position. Obama shows his lack of common courtesy and respect for Americas past and current. Who his this cat and where did he come from?

A funny story out of here in Arizona. Three soldiers where pulled over for speeding and cutting in and out of traffic. When a DPS agent walked up to the vehicle. He noticed a stong smell coming from the vehicle. The strong smell was seven hundred pounds of Marijuana. Not only was their seven hundred ponds of pot. These guys had $10,000 in cash on board. No one ever accused the military of being very bright. This incident show how low the military will go. To make sure they meet their quotas. All three set in jail, unable to come up with. $360,000 for their bail bond. The military claims, the three men. Were not acting on military orders. Can we be really sure of that? bye

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