Sunday, November 22, 2009

"45 Anniversery of the Assassination Of John Fitzgerald Kennedy"

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, born 29 May 1917. Died on Elm street in Dallas, on 22 November 1963. A day that every American who was alive. Remembers where they where. I was a sophomore in high school. I remember all the girls running around and crying. Being a Republican, at the "Time". I'm not sure I cared. One way or the other. Kennedy's problem was, he actually thought he was a true president. And to say he had enemies, would be putting it mildly. It wasn't who wanted Kennedy dead. It was more like, who didn't want him dead. His Vice President, surely wanted him dead, Lyndon Banes Johnson. And many believe he's the one who did him in. In his home state of Texas. The CIA wanted him dead. Over the 'Bay of Pigs' fiasco. The Zionist bankers wanted him dead. Because JFK started printing Green backs, instead of having the Federal Reserve print the money, at interest. The Mob wanted him dead. He promised to go after the Unions and the Mafia control. The Russians wanted him dead. He was interfering in their take over of Cuba. The country and World may never learn who really killed Kennedy. One thing for sure, a small cottage industry. Has been created over his death. I wonder how many books alone, have been written about his death. How many programs and news article have been written since his assassination. Jim Marrs wrote a book about his assassination. Called, 'Crossfire'. That later became the movie 'JFK' by Oliver Stone. I can see the controlled major media, wants this story forgotten. In the 'Arizona Republic' today. Only a small article on a back section. Even mentions today, as the anniversary. And it's only about how collectibles. Thing from that deadly day, have become.

One thing most folks do agree upon. About the murder of John F. Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald, either had help. Or was a patsy, who was set up. Much like Timothy McVeigh and Maj. Malik Hasan, Of the recent shootings at Foot Hood. (Not to mention many others, aka Robert Kennedy, Pearl Harbor, etc..) And yes, everyone remembers the 'Magic Bullet'. That did so much damage. The bullet that reversed it's self. And then struck Governor Connors also. The day JFK was killed. Was the day America started it's slow death. Until 911 and the final pieces were put in place. To view a good video of the Abraham Zapruder film, of the shooting. Google, 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'. Their you will see the terrible event in slow motion. Along with many other interesting stories. About the eventful and deadly day, at Dealey Plaza. Forty five short years ago today.

Their have been many recent UFO sightings, coming in from around the World. Many contribute this to the fast approaching 2012. I'm not sure if that is the reason. Or simply people are becoming more aware of the "Alien" connection. As more and more TV and movies, are representing this theme. Today I went to Sunflower Market here in central Scottsdale. Me and one of the guys who take care of the produce department. Have become friends (being a vegetarian). Every "Time" I see him. We always talk about current affairs, or the chem-trails that plague central Arizona. Today once again I mention the chem-trail straying going on today. He had a much bigger tale to tell today. Seem he went out back of the store for a break last week . Two other employees and the guy who owns the 'Basic Training' health gym, next door. Were all staring up at the sky. He asked what they were looking at. He said their it was. A shinny silver object spinning in the sky. He said I kind of always believed their were such objects, but had never seen one before. I replied, now you know theirs something greater than your self. I said to him. They knew you were looking at them. And they wanted you to see them. Reminded him, just how few folks really get to see such an event. Him and the other three that were with him. On that afternoon, that will forever. Change their collective lives. Now when I go in, he'll be a whole different person. An event such as he witnessed, will do that.

As the government and large corporations, powers grow and grow. The 'powers' have a new wrinkle. For those that lose their homes back to the lender. It's called, 'Deed-For-Lease', or 'I owe my soul, to the company store'. Johnny Cash got everyone prepared for this event years ago. Now when you lose your home. You get to still live in it. Just keep the payments up. While the 'powers' start raising the value of homes again. And you get nothing for your efforts. Their again, just when did the government. And big business, ever do any thing for the little man? I've heard stories about how big government. And big business would own every ones homes one day. Well this is how they plan to do it. Kill the economy off, take everyone equity. A simple task of, drive the value of homes down. So most folks are upside down in their mortgages. Take their jobs away, and their you have it. Fascism, when big government and big business meet. And you hear in the back, "God" bless America.

The Catholic church never ceases to amaze me. They have all their problems going with pedophile priests and money owed lawyers and families. Yet the Phoenix Catholic Diocese. Had money to send to the state of Maine. To help fight gay marriages. You know the church can't take money from the poor. Unless the poor are having children. The Catholic are like most religions. Establish to take from the innocent and give to them self's. I owe this bit of information to. E.J. Montini of the Arizona republic. Their are few subjects of his I agree with. He is only a news paper puppet. Writing what he is allowed to write, to feed his family and self. Un like me and many others. Who are trying our best, to get the truth out their. In hopes we can also feed our families and self's.

I'd like to thank Dennis Crenshaw of 'Unraveling the Secrets'. On Blog Talk radio for a great program about Jon F. Kennedy and his assassination last night. For a Joe Average living in Jacksonville Florida. He did his research quite well. He added a guest known as the Jackal from Cuba. Who also has a program on Blog talk Radio. They both added insights to that faithful day, I and many others never knew. "God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams and soft landings. bye

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