Saturday, November 28, 2009

"Religion, Religion, Religion, Christians, Jews, Muslims"

Nothing has done more harm to the Planet Earth, than religion. Religion has separated people for centuries, even until today. This blog was started, because of a certain persons rants about, Jewish Kabbalah. Simply put, occult doctrine or secrets of the Kabbalah. The Zionist today are doing a type of Cabala. On the rest of the world. A secret society, bent on, One World Government. Most wars are of a religious beginning. Such as, you won't worship my "God". Thus I must kill you. The only known religions who practice this type of doctrine. Are the Christians, Jews and Muslims. And who is responsible for most of the worlds problems today. Christians, Jews and Muslim. All three of these religions. Want all other religions, wiped out off the face of the Earth. Nobody over "Time", has been worst than the Catholics. This is changing, as the Muslims and Jews. Are growing in strength. Who created these divisions in mankind? Was it "God', who wanted the citizens of Earth to always be in disarray? Was it a secret society, such as the Illuminate? Take your choice of, "Godly" or Earthly. Or could it be, a combination of both? The Earthling taking orders from above. Such as the idea of a superior Reptilian race of "Aliens". Who many believe, are the Rothschild's, and Rockefeller Cabala Masters. This theory has started to become more popular as "Time" moves on. If you want to be independent or an Pantheist. It will be hard for you to survive. In today's religious furore. Being an independent or Pantheist, such as myself. Is the only possible way to save mankind from them self's. As long as the citizens of the world want protection in numbers or groups. Their will be nothing but a division and wars. When society realizes that "God" lies within the individual. Then mankind will be finally free from their bondage's. This will free mankind from the 'Material World'. Will allow mankind to move on to the next step. As long as folks are willing to be brain washed. Into believing they must join, this group or another. Their will only be physical strife in the World. And this is what the 'powers' know. They know as long as mankind is divided by religious believes. They will always have control over the masses. As 2012 approaches, many believe. Mankind will move into a type of Spiritual belief system. Thus removing them from the control of such powerful families. Such as the Rothschild's and Rockefeller's. Let's all pray such a powerful celestial event, is about to happen.

I've posted some new pictures from Aravaipa Canyon. For my Thanksgiving. A walk in another one of "God's' creation, is what I needed. Burdened by today's Worlds problem. The eating of another one of "God's' creations. Was not on my agenda. Aravaipa Canyon is located 120 miles east of Phoenix. And 60 miles northeast of Tucson. This was once, the land of Cochise's and his tribe. Aravaipa comes from the Papago tribe, meaning. A'Aly Waipia which means 'Little Wells'. I had camped on the East entrance a few years ago. That "Time" I had a UFO sighting. Of a UFO flying into the canyon. From just west of Mount Graham. Which is the location for the Catholic churches most powerful telescope. Rumor has it, the Catholics are looking for Nibiru or Planet X. Arizona has so many different types of these hidden little canyons. Their is an old line about it. 'Has anyone ever seen all of Arizona'. We here in Arizona have so many types of terrain. You could spend several life "Times" exploring them. That's one of the main reasons, Geronimo was never captured. The neatest part of the journey. I only saw two other parties. And that was in the parking lot. Their where only 4 permits issued for that day. The canyon is well protected by the BLM. One of the few "Times", government actually works.

Recently stumbled on the idea of a 'Hollow Earth'. Dennis Crenshaw who wrote the book, 'The Secrets of Dellschau'. Has a website called,' The Hollow Earth Inside .com I had mentioned to Dennis that the Hopi claim. They emerged from inside the Earth, via the Grand Canyon. He already knew that, about the Hopi. His research on the subject is well document by the above connection. The idea of a hollow earth isn't new. Their has been much research on the subject for years. The Mayans always talk about the subject them self's, or the Under World. Popul Vuh specks to this subject and the Great Ball game. Some researchers believe their is a nuclear generator inside the earth. That's why the Earths surface has a magnetic field to it. Think about the Northern Lights, or aurora borealis. How they look exactly like the magnetic field around a generator, or a current carrying wire. This leads some to believe the "Aliens" are inter dimensional. Google the the term Hollow earth. You'll be surprised how much information is out their. Also Google 'The Earth', you will soon see. The north and south poles are fussed out.

Mark Pittman age 52, who was made famous. By suing the Federal Reserve. Was found dead on the 25 of November 2009, cause unknown. Their has been a lot of these types of odd death lately. In the financial world. As the global financial systems are melting down. The main players are hiding their tracks. As the World focuses on the lower level criminals, such as Obama and GW Bush, the puppets. The real 'powers' are never seen. You can even see how the MSM is. Starting to come out with stories about the 911 bombings. This is all a plan to cause, Americans to revolt. Kill Obama the puppet, and the country will go into lock down. Not sure if that can be pulled off with American troops though? With the NWO 'powers', they have no country. So to use some other foreign troops, is plausible. The country should protest by stopping spending and start saving. With out tax revenues, the NWO has no money. That's why the Copenhagen conference and a Carbon Tax. Is so important to them. Surely the western powers will sign this treaty. Or the 'Big Bad Wolf', called America, will eat them. The only hope is such countries such as India and China, will not. The world will know in a few weeks. One day Obama says he's not attending the meetings. Next thing you hear he is. bye

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