Sunday, November 29, 2009

"We're All Gonna Die!!!"

Well some day, we're all going to die. Not from the so called Swine Flu it looks like. Many may die from taking it. While some will never be born. After the Swine Flu vaccination sterilizes the women who take it. The over blown hype about the Swine flu Pandemic. Is just what it appears, over blown. The latest statistic say, and this is rite from my propaganda paper. Called The Arizona Republic news paper. Says so far a whopping 7,826 have died this year. Directly from the Swine Flu. How these numbers come about, are anyone guess? Of course the WHO says these numbers are probably much higher. And the fact that over 1,000 deaths, have come in the last week alone. According to the WHO, and apparently they know all. Most countries have quit counting. According to the WHO. As most educated folks would want to know. What is the test that separates the Swine flu deaths. From any other type of ordinary flu death. Are their special test that determine such facts? How much does this test cost? Do poor third World countries, have the finances to preform such test? All looks like to me, 'Smoke and Mirrors'. (Just the way most World news is generated.) According to Dr. Keiji Fukuda, a special adviser to the WHO. Over forty countries have distributed, one hundred million doses. Of all the Swine flu vaccinations, get a load of this bull shit. Their have been no serious side effects. And only about six cases of a severe allergic reaction, in Canada. The immoral lost souls, who generate these types of stories. Must be some of the lower forms of humanity. Very much like those who control them. All this nonsense for what reason? To kill off most humanity, so a few self chosen, can live better? This is the biggest story of the century now. How only a handful, can determine. If the rest of the Worlds population, lives and dies. As GW Bush once said in a speech. The people be hind 'al-Qaeda', are ruthless killers. Of course he was talking about himself and others that control him. Thank "God" this mass murder has been slowed down. By those who are willing to report the truth. Yet thousands of lives will be changed for ever. By the giant propaganda machine, that controls the media. Once again remember, take care of your self and your loved ones. Those that want power over you. Want only one thing, you dead.

As the unemployment numbers grow and grow. A bone has been thrown to the American public. Unemployment benefits are good for two years now. This had to be done, or their might be rioting in the streets. How much higher will the numbers go? Can you have a recovery with out jobs. Obama the puppet, wants the American public to think so. Americans are not buying into this propaganda. Here is a link to a site that show how the unemployment numbers have grow in recent "Times".

Good old Al Gore the Cat who invented the Internet. Has just been sued by 30,000 scientist. For his lies concerning the so called Global Warming. As word has gotten out about all the lies concerning Global warming. Gore has changed to a new tactic. It's now a new religions, to fight Global Warming. 'Al the fat turd Gore', GW Bush's cousin. Has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. The main thing going for him though. His soulless masters, control the media. So those like myself, must put the true word out. Always remember, fat people can't be trusted. Their not smart enough. To keep their hands away from their mouth.

News from Parkland Washington this morning. Four police officers were gunned down at a donut shop. Not to make light of the fact, it was in front of a donut shop. These types of killing are becoming more common. They are a set up. To divide the general public from the police. In the same way. Jews will paint anti Semitic signs on the own synagogues. You can see the same type of thing being done on God Like Productions. If you dare mention something bad things, about the Zionist. You will be banned, much like myself. On the other had. After the Fort Hood shootings. Their are several hate threads, against Islam and the Muslims. This is all being done as a sort of mind control. Planting small ideas into the back of folks minds. In an effort to one day. To divide the masses from each other. That's the only way a small number of individuals, can control the masses. 911 worked perfect for this. All of a sudden in America. Their was this great hatred for Muslims. Where as before. Most Americans could care less, one way or the other about the Muslims. Americas at this critical "Time". Need to think, before they react. As the old line goes, ' fools rush in, where wise men dare to go'.

As the Americans are easily led about. The rest of the world knows 911, was an inside job. Tonight on Canadian TV. Their is a program being presented on 911. This program has been banned in America. This is how the Americans a led about via the media. With constant bombardment of how great and safe America is. You can view this program via the net to nigh. Here is the link to the program.

Members of one of the oldest Protestant Churches in New York called, 'Collegiate Church'. Have decided their ancestors were wrong for. Hacking men, women and children to death. Of the Lenape Indians of the New York territory. I've got a bunch of Native Americans friend. And one of my sons is married to a Navajo girl. Trust me, they will never forget what was done to the ancestors. These dumb ass gestures, much like the recent one by Obama the puppet. Are mere follies, presented for the world media. To some how make Americans look sorrowful for their past terrible deeds.

You can see how the Zionist controlled media and workers. Are preparing the World for an Israeli strike against the Iranians. In the news was the little old puppet John Bolton. Saying Israel must stop Iran from developing nuclear arms. The only people who have to fear the Iranians are their Jewish neighbors. And that only after, Israel has committed a first strike on them. Both China and Russia have supported the Iranians. According to the little John Bolton, that's not enough. You can look at little old John Bolton. And clearly see, he can barely find his own way home. Like Obama and all others supporting Israel. Their mindless, soulless puppets. Who can easily be bought off. For a few pennies and a little fame. "God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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