Saturday, December 5, 2009

"This Guy's Awesome"

After years off putting a live interview. I went ahead and had my first one last night. Angel from Blog Talk Radio, 'Tha Jackals Head'. Convinced me to come on his show. This all got started. From a responce to another persons interview, on a BTR interview. I had already said, I'd be part of a interview with Dr. Hank Krastman. On Dennis Crenshaw's show, 'Unraveling the Secrets', on BTR. That was just to add some facts to Dr. Krastman's book about the Hopi. And up coming book, about the UFO crash in Phoenix, he is writing. Mainly just a supporting role. Last nights interview was mine alone. As the line goes from X Files, 'I want to believe'. And many out their, want to believe. Their are some thing going on out their, larger than them self's. I thought my interview would be on Saturday night. So I'd have all day Saturday to prepare.

I'd had just gotten out of the shower and combed my hair. Sat down at my computer and sent a e-mail to Angel. About to marrows interview. My phone rings at 9:30 PM Arizona "Time". It's Angel on the line. I said wow, I just sent you an e-mail about to marrows interview. He said no, we're ready for you now. I responded, I thought it was on for Saturday. Angel responded, 'it's Saturday in Florida'. Then just like that, he said are you ready? My response, 'why not, let get this out their'. Angel was quit prepared for the interview. And you could tell, he already had is questions lined up. That plan didn't work out to well for him. To say my story is quite different, is putting it mildly. As the interview wound on. One subject lead to another. Then that subject lead to another. I'd ask Angel to keep track of the original story line. Professor Bitter had already reminded me, not to get lead a stray. From the original thought, or question. He was afraid I was being set up. You know every "Time" their is a story on TV about the "Alien" or UFO subject. The true story, some how always gets twisted. Angel had no ill intentions, and simply went with, what ever I brought up. Angel is of Cuban birth, and well educated. Either by life or much research, or both. He never tried to be smart or arrogant. In fact he was more than willing to learn.

The interview started out with questions about my birth and who I was. And lead into many of the subjects I write about. The Hopi, Mayan, 'C' on my back, lack of birth certificate, politics etc. You could feel, Angel wanted to know about what the "Aliens" looked like. Every "Time" he would bring up the subject. We always got pointed into another direction. The interview was to only last for about an hour. Two and a half hours latter, it ended. With the promise I'd return for another interview. In the end about midnight Arizona "Time". Angel pressed the subject about. What did the "Aliens" look like, in my connections. I hate to talk about that subject. To me that's a true personal matter. Much like your personal relationship with your wife. (How does she look naked, sort of thing.) Told him they looked much like our self's, and they are our brothers. Their benevolent and mean no harm. All this bull shit about anal probes and such. Was planted stories to keep everyone in fear of the other side. He said he had talk to Travis Walton, for over an half hour. And he had said the same thing, I did. About how the "Aliens" looked. Travis Walton is next Saturday nights guess. And I'd been promised, I get to talk to Travis. After all, were both from Arizona and seen UFO in the same area. Not to mention we're both abductees. Angel said he felt Travis story seemed honest. And said he acted very humble about the subject. I reminded Angel the blow harts out their, are the liars. Anyone one with a true abduction story, in humbled by the event. Angel agreed with me. You hear those who are trying to make money on the subject. Are any thing, but humble.

BTR has a chat room going along with the interview. Plus you could call into the show. The chat room had most of the regulars. And as usual, other paranormal show host. I'd notice many of the others. I had chatted with, since joining BTR. The neat part was, the chat room was quite. Except for those wanting Angel to ask me certain questions. If the person who is being interviewed, is not very informative. The chat room is buzzing with folks carrying on conversations with others in the room. Some "Times", moderators will ask folks in the chat room, to listen to the interview. Not last night, folks were listening to me and Angels comments. This said it best, 'this guy's awesome'. In the end, I said those who were listening to the show last night. We're the one who cannot be brainwashed. They were the future of Planet earth. And "God" blessed them all.

I should take what's left of this, for myself
I've had the pieces stripped by long hands
Feeding mall minds
And I never thought that
This could come back, I fail

What a big man you are
Could fight a war
With just your face
Take it on the chin
And leave me open jawed
What big words you've got
Reciting lines you heard

These are not my words. I wish they were. The first poem is from the song Redemption, on the album, Leaving Eden. The second poem is from the song, 'Lights Out', same album. Both are by the group Antimatter.

And the most perfect words for those. Good folks who are fighting America's lost wars.
Am I dieing for the wrong cause
The more you show them
The more they take away
Somethings never change

Here is an address to see how the religions of the World have grown and changed over the years. Make note at the end. The smallest religious area. Controls most of the Worlds wealth.

For all those folks who love gossip about Tiger woods, check this out. These are Yahoo search trends.
7,152% up for searches about Tiger
51% are now females before they were only32%
17,134% up for searches for Tigers wife
'Tiger woods' is the top ' Spiking term for Yahoo

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