Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Friendlies and Hostiles"

Today I'll retell in my own words. A Cheyenne tale of, 'where the girl, saved a brother'. Before the battle of, 'Little Bighorn' in the Montana territory. Between the Cheyenne and General Custer and his Calvary. In which General Custer and most his men were killed. There was first a fight called, 'Battle of the Rosebud'. This all came about, because the Whites wanted the Native Americans, put onto reservations. To the Native Americans, this was like being put in prison. They could no longer bear arms. Come and go, as they pleased. Roam about and hunt for there own food. Un-like on the reservation, were everything was provided for. To them this was, no different than a prison with out walls. The Native Americans who accepted being put on reservations. Where called 'Friendlies' by those. Who wanted no part of that life style. And they were called, 'Hostiles'. The 'Hostiles', who you could compare too. Most Americans of today. Who want a small government and little control over there lives. The Hostiles refused to be put on reservations. So intern, the Calvary went out to corral the 'Hostiles'. And force them to live on reservations. Along with the passive 'Friendlies'.

The last group of 'Hostiles', were hanging onto a small piece of land. General Crook, Terry and Custer were summoned, to go and round up. The last remaining groups of hostile Cheyenne. General Crook had the largest contingent of men. About 2,000 strong, along with a couple of cannons. The group they would encounter included, not only the Cheyenne. There were other tribes ready to fight to there deaths. They included, Hunkpapa, Minniconjon, Oglala, Burned Thighs, Sioux and Two Kettles. These tribes had famous, 'worrier societies'. They were as they say, willing to throw there lives away. Willing to fight till there deaths. To keep what they believed was the lands. The "Gods" had given them, thousands of years ago. Famous Chiefs in the group were, Two Moons, Yellow Eagle, Crazy Horse and of course Sitting Bull. Sitting Bull had a vision that the soldiers would be defeated. This gave the warriors high spirits as they prepared for battle. They painted there faces, dance and prepared for death.

The 'Battle of the Rosebud' was about to begin. Crazy Horse of the Oglala, shouted his infamous cry. 'A good day to die, a good day to fight'. This fight was mainly a Cheyenne fight. With help from there brothers, other Native Americans. Among the Cheyenne worriers was, 'Buffalo-Calf-Road-Women. Who rode along with her husband, Black Coyote. Her brother was, Chief Comes-in-Sight. Buffalo-Calf-Road-Women saw her brother's horse was down and he was surrounded by Calvary. Along with there Crow scouts. Buffalo-Calf-Road-Women yelled a high pitched shrill, war cry. As she raced her pony toward the soldiers. She raced to her brothers position. And picked up her brother, on the back of her horse. Buffalo-Calf Road-Women was laughing and singing. As the rescued her brother, Chief Comes-in-Sight. The soldiers were firing there guns at her. The turn coat Crow scouts, were firing there arrows at her. It was all to no avail. When the white soldiers saw what she had done. They stopped fighting, to give her a salute. This all happened early in the battle. When the white soldiers realized how brave Buffalo-Calf-Road-Women was. The figured how brave will the men worriers be? So General Crook retreated his men. A hundred miles away to safety. Crook was to meet up with General Custer, aka 'Old Yellow Hair'. Instead he was miles away. And the rest is history. A week later Custer meet up with the Cheyenne and Sioux again. This "Time" him and his men would die.

Today the World is, in the same situation as the Native Americans were. Just a decade and a half ago. Will the weak simple succumb to the wishers of the 'powers'? And do just as they are told. Will the 'Hostile', men and women who demand freedom. Be rounded up and put onto reservations or actually imprisoned? There are no difference, then those brave Native Americans. Who fought until there untimely deaths. Will the soldiers and military become the Calvary's Crow Indians? And turn against there own brothers?

Here is sure sign of the "Times". A school in Anthem Arizona, is teaching Mandarin Chinese. The school name is, Diamond Canyon, Galvin Peak Elementary. These are first graders folks, what next?

At the Tucson Gem Show last week. The Illuminate had a Tucson police officers guarding around the clock. A stone they claim came from the Moon. How far can one go, to keep a hoax going? I went up to the officer guarding the supposed Moon rock. And said, 'are you sure we went to the Moon'? He shrugged his shoulders and said, 'you got to keep the faith'.

Went last night, to a talk at the 'Arizona Science Center'. The talk was called, 'The End of Earth, If Not in 2012, Then When?' The speakers were Dr. Ariel D. Anbar and Dr. Michael E. Smith. Both are current professors at Arizona State University. I got the notice from professor Gary Bitter also of ASU. I recorded it for folks on You Tube. I'll put the link up. Or people can just go to my You Tube Channel. (RD47blog) There you can see all the videos I've started posting. Next week end will be the, 'Hopi Carvers'. At the Heard Museum in Phoenix. Instead of only pictures, there will be video. This way the carvers can explain there own art work, on there Kachinas.

Tonight I'll once again be on 'Unraveling the Secrets'. (Peoples TV Network, Blog Talk Radio) It will air live at 10:00 PM Arizona "Time". Not sure what will talk about tonight. Each month now, Dennis and Rick will give me a subject to do research on. There is so much to see and do here in Arizona. There will be a never ending supply of subjects. Want to give an apology, for posting a advertisement for some Oriental company. Showing the faces of young girls. I didn't understand the writing and thought is was just another, 'keep up the good work'. Looks like I'll be needing a some kind of language cross reference. Also want to say thanks to Jamie of Florida UFOs Show, on Blog Talk Radio. I did one and a half hours with him. bye

One Martian Visits, Arizona Science Center, 2012 Lecture pts. 1-6 You Tube RD47blog pt.1

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Great story Ron, its hard to believe how bad they were treated.