Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Gem Stones and Alien Abductions"

Yesterday I visited the 56th Annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. I'll give links to the four videos, I made of the visit. Last "Time" I was down to Tucson, to visit the show. Was three years ago, with my daughter. Then the economy was bustling along. We had a terrible "Time" even finding parking. So this "Time" I took my bike with me. That should have been a sure fire sign. That I'd find close by parking. And that's exactly what I found. The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. Is the largest in the World. You'll find vendors selling the wares from around the World. It is also know for, the place to. Unveil any knew Gem or Mineral. That may have been discovered, in the previous year. Like a Paris fashion show, you could say. I hate to report, that the vendors were dying. The crowds were small, and with out money in there pockets. After you travel to the show (Tucson). Pay five or six bucks for parking. Then you get to the door. And they take another $9.25 out of your pocket. And now you are a captive audience. With no close by place to buy lunch. Now you will drop about another ten bucks, for a down sized lunch.

Last "Time" I was their. It was ass holes and elbows. As you squeezed you way around. Now with plenty of room to get around. I started making my videos. You will see, the vendors were more than willing to cooperate with me. As I made my way around shooting my footage. Everyone wanted to know what I was doing. When you tell folks, they are going to be on You Tube. They all get great smiles on there faces. Everyone is a Ham, when you get down to it. Walking along and letting folks know. Simply go to You Tube and type in. One Martian Visits the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. Only found one guy, who didn't know what You Tube was. And he was from the Congo in Africa. He was a rather large black man. Who spoke very little English. But once he knew he might be getting his face on the Internet. He couldn't be more cooperative. Only had two vendors who didn't want there mugs on You Tube. One was from China, and the other. Was selling round Petrified Wood slabs. The guy from China made no sense. The guy selling the round slabs of Petrified Wood did. It's illegal to steal and sell Petrified Wood. If it came from the, 'Petrified Forrest'. Located in northern Arizona. Once a gain I had a great "Time" in the 'Old Pueblo'. (Tucson other name)

With my 'Windows Movie Maker'. It was quite easy to put together. My various video clips from the, 'Tucson Gem Show'. On Tuesday of this past week. I also put out three other videos. From my trip over the 'Four Peaks Mountain' range. With my Martian bud Bill. Who videoed 'Two Martians Visit Sedona Arizona'. 'Two Martians Visit the Four Peaks Arizona'. Bill also helped along with. He doesn't quite share the same enthusiasm for making these videos as I do. The response I've gotten has been great. What once started out as. A way to get a video back to Indiana, to a friend Rick Ozman (to large to e-mail). Who does shows on both 'Blog Talk Radio' and the renamed, 'Peoples TV' (kind of sound Maoish), aka Paranormal TV. The whole idea was to show parts of beautiful Arizona. As I talked about the history of the state on, Peoples TV, Unraveling the Secrets. Now I'm doomed you could say. To try and venture around the state of Arizona. And take folks to places as a child, I visited. A avid rock hunter, because of my childhood. I'll try, along with the 'Cats' that live with me. Start talking about them, aka "Aliens". And there connection to 'Mother Earth' and future events. (Just as soon as they tell me.) In the mean "Time" videos will, have to do.

Last night at midnight Arizona "Time". I was tired, after getting up early. Driving to and from Tucson. A total of four hours. Then four hours of walking around the Gem show. Then four hours of getting my videos out to You Tube. My ooVoo phone started ringing. I had just finished watching 'Unraveling the Secrets'. And heading to get a good nights sleep. It was Dennis and Rick from 'Unraveling the Secrets' along with my bud Angel. Who is the host of shows on both Blog Talk Radio and Peoples TV. They wanted to know what I'd though of the show, that they had just completed. It was about 'Grave Robbers' and such. A great show, with new information. I will surely use in future blogs. They wanted to discuss next weekends show with me on it. It got tuned into a discussion about the infamous Travis Walton. A believer in Travis story, until I got to ask him a few questions. Now I'm not so sure. After that comment to the three of them. The verbal battle lines were drawn. Me against the three of them. Being tired of folks saying they have been 'Abducted', with now real proof. The same no real proof Travis Walton has. It's simply his word and a few other witnesses. A lie that could be easily perpetrated, in a small Mormon town. (Snowflake Arizona) Tonight the discussion will go on. As we prepare for future shows. Is all, I got to say is. So far I'm the only one with any proof of 'Abduction'. I'll remind the boys tonight. I'm the one with the "C" on my back. Travis has nothing to back up his stories. Of how he was treated and abused on his 'Abduction', aka the "Aliens".

Here are the links to the videos mentioned.

Two Martians Visit Four Peaks Arizona' pt.1 pt.2 pt.3

One Martian Visits Tucson Gem and Mineral Show pt.2 pt.3 pt.4

"God" bless and enjoy, the videos. bye


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