Saturday, February 6, 2010

"The Zuni and the, 10 Cent Mormon"

The Zuni like all the other Native American Indians. Were not only hotly pursued by the U.S. Army Calvary. The Catholic, Christians and Jews, were after the Native American tribes themselves. The only difference was. One wanted them all dead. (NWO) And the other wanted there souls. As most older Americans leaned in school. (Now the kids are simply, dumb down.)Several tribes were sent on what is called, 'Death Marches'. They were moved from there home land. In order to destroy there cultures or religious rituals. There ways of providing for them self's and there traditional clans. Out in the south western part of the New America. The Mormons had a big hand in. Trying to, as they say. Civilize the savages, into disregarding there ancient ways. And convert over to there religious ways. Or as I believe about the Mormons. There cultish ways of living (secrete rituals, etc.). The Zuni for the most part lived a peaceful life. In north western New Mexico. The Hopi believe the Zuni are there first cousins. There artistic cousins, you could say. The Hopi art work of baskets, pottery and such. Were simple in design and mainly functional. While there Zuni brothers baskets and pottery. Displayed intricate designs and hidden messages. Along with being very functional. The Hopi I believe were the 'first people' of north America. So as other clans of Hopi developed. There art work became more elaborate. As to establish there own idenity. Not knowing, there designs were first basic Hopi, in nature.

For reasons only the Christians, Catholics and Mormons understand. You must first be baptised, before you can enter the gates of heaven. And like most cults, which religions are. If you are not baptised into there type of cult, aka. religion. You are surely doomed to a live in hell, for eternity. Even though all religions talk, of how loving there "God" is. Here is how we get to the story of the 'Ten Cent Mormon'. The Mormons came to the Zuni lands. From there traditional territory of Utah. Mainly the Salt Lake City area. As the Mormons migrated to the south. They felt the Native Americans, were prime picking. For there idea of of "God" and heaven. The Zuni for the most part stood tall. When it came to there traditional ways of living. Just as the traditional Hopi did. Only the weak submitted to the Catholic, Christian or Mormon way of thinking. Some Zuni like there brothers to the south the Mayans. Would incorporate parts of the other major three religions. Into there way of thinking. As many parts of the other three major religions. Were very similar to there own ancient stories. Such as the Flood, Fire Hale and Brim Stone stories etc.. The Hopi would even incorporate other Hopi Clans dances into there own dances. So taking ideas from other wasn't new. For the most part, south west Native American tribes, resisted the new religions. The Mormons were having a hard "Time" converting the Zuni. And being good Mormon, which apparently requires little morals. The Mormon missionaries would try and bribe the Zuni into being baptised. To the Zunis, dipping a tribal member in water, or sprinkling a little water on there heads, meant nothing. To them the 'white eyes' were ignorant of "Gods" anyway. One day a Mormon missionary convinced a Zuni tribal member to be baptised. He did this by offering the Zuni tribal member 10 cents. After the Zuni tribal member, agreed to the bribe. He was dipped into the water. Then he was given a dime. By the Mormon missionary, to seal the deal . After that the Zuni tribal member, was know only as. 'The Ten Cent Mormon'.

The Zunis call living on Earth, 'the Middle Place'. To the Zuni, there are three parts of growth. Mankind lived inside the Earth, where life began, Then they had the emergence, to the surface of the Earth. Then they had the life in the sky. The Zuni believe they came from inside the Earth also. To be exact, from four chambers inside the Earth. The Zuni had the tree. Where as the Hopi had the reed. And Modern man, had the beanstalk. As each tree grew taller. It allowed the Zuni to reach the next chamber. Until finally the Zuni reached the forth and final level. Before they emerged onto the surface of Earth. There were others before the Zuni, they say. But they were not fully developed yet. They had web feet and tales. They also smelled, and were destroyed when they tried to emerge. This story sound very similar to the stories that both the Hopi and Mayan have. As the first human was made of mud. And the rains destroyed that creation, because it was not fully developed. Here once again, proving all mankind. Came from the living Planet, or Mother Earth.

Here are a few other items I found along the way. The United States Air Force, has allowed. The Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. To set of worship areas for, Pagan, Wiccans, Druids and others. A double circle of stone was moved from near the visitors center. To the top of a hill for erosion purposes.

Scott Roeder was found guilty of killing abortionist doctor George Tiller. It took only 37 minute for the verdict to come out of the jury. I guess the big question is. Did the murdered children spirits? Put the thoughts into Scott Roeders mind? KARMA

The Hopi of northern Arizona are prepared to open there second hotel. It will be located in Moenkopi. Which is just south of Tuba city. Which is a Navajo Nation town. bye

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