Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Native Americans and Pantheist"

Any religious belief or philosophical doctrine. That identifies "God" with the Universe. In basic teams, "God" is in everything. All that is in nature, is "God". This is what 'Pantheist' means. And these are the terms. The Native American Indians once lived by. Maybe not so much as in modern "Times". Maybe now even just before the Whites arrived. All though there roots, are from this basic belief system. Not sure what Chief said, 'the Whites are the Indians Karma'. 'And that "God" kill the Whites'. 'With a great flood and that would be there Karma'. It may not be a flood, but it appears. That soon the Whites will be given there Karma. Maybe it will be Nibiru, Red Star Kachina, The Turtle or Wormwood. Who on Earth knows for sure. One thing that is for sure. The balance of Nature has been broken. Modern leaders have nothing but the thirst for blood now. Just as all the Native American tribes were at war with each other. Just before the Whites had arrived from Europe. We have now, all nations on Earth. In some kind of struggle with each other.

Rite now the blood is not running. It's a slow trickle. All though in the same token, in stead of blood. It's dollars, disease and starvation, that are the weapons of choice. Just as World powers could care less for the Haitians. It's all about raising money for nothing. So Haiti will be divided up. By the blood thirsty World powers. Known most commonly as the NWO. The same way they divided up North America. And stole all the lands and wealth from the Native Americans. Some believe it was the Haitians Karma. In many ways, it could of been. No mater, if it was by a freak of Nature. Or as some suggest HAARP. The deed has been done. The Worm always turns. Haiti's riches under their soil and in their waters, around them. Will now not belong to the citizens of Haiti. The Haitians will be dispersed and or used as slaves. They will be feed a steady diet of alcohol and drugs. Along with malnutrition. When the American corporations move in the there diet of processed foods. That are chemical laden. Sound to all familiar. It was done to the Native Americans. It has been done to citizens of America. This well oiled machine has no soul. There is no "God" or love of Nature, in it's movement. This machine is the exact opposite of 'Pantheist'. And to what end, makes no sense to me. In the end, Mother Nature always wins. Humanity is from the Earths Spirit. And Earths Spirit will win over, in the end.

From the 'Brule Sioux' Indians of South Dakota. 'How the Crow became Black'. Seems long ago, all the Crow were White. And as most Native Americans once all knew. All the animals talked to one another. The Sioux hunted the Buffalo of the Great Plains. They needed the Buffalo for many purposes. Food, clothing, fuel and many other items. One day the Sioux realized, this particular Crow was warning the Buffalo, of there presence. The Crow could fly high above and see the on coming hunters. So the White Crow would ride on the Buffalo's back. And warn them of and danger. Saying, 'over their they are, trying to sneak up on you'. The Buffalo would respond and run a safe distance away. Finally the Sioux figured out, what the Crow was up to. So they made a plan, to deal with the White Crow. One of the warriors put the skin and head of a Buffalo on him self. And wandered in among the heard of Buffalo. One day the Crow landed on the warriors disguised back. The warrior reached up and grabbed the White Crow. He put a talon on the Crow to keep him under control. The tribal council decided, they would burn the Crow up. The Crow was grabbed from the warriors and thrown into the fire. The talon that held the Crow soon burned and the Crow got away. But not before his feather were singed black. As the Crow was flying away. He promised he would never warn the Buffalo again. Thus from then on, all Crows are black.

Me and my Martian friend took a trip up to Sedona to see the new snow. And I was to be on 'Unraveling the Secrets'. To give a little presentation about Sedona and it's history. Today Sedona is mostly known for the so called, 'New Agers'. More commonly known as, my generation of hippies, who got old. Also for some reason. Sedona is a UFO hot bed. I'm not sure if that is true or not. Maybe UFO rumors were spread, to attract attention of the 'New Agers'. Before the sixties Sedona was known for making western movies. As Hollywood discovered it's beauty, it was in many movies. It's most important citizen is, Senator John McCain. What we discovered is it was 21 years ago. That it had this same amount of snow fall. My Martian bud is a good astronomer. It didn't him long to figure out. The snow was on a solar cycle of 21 years. Here is a link to a short video we put on You Tube. Showing how beautiful Oak Creek Canyon can be, covered in snow.

My interview on 'Unravel the Secrets' went good last night. We had a good flow going among Dennis Crenshaw, Rick Ozman and myself. I will be on again on the 21 Feb.. I will also be on Florida UFOs the 11 of Feb. on Blog Talk Radio. Also next week, not sure what day. Part two of my interview on Antimatter Radio will be broad cast on Blog Talk Radio. Here is the link to last nights interview.
God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye


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