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"Chiricahua Apaches of Southern Arizona"

Tonight I'm going to be on 'Unraveling the Secrets' on People TV Network and Blog Talk Radio. The I subject will be talking about. Will be the Chiricahua Apache and there leaders, Cochise and Geronimo. Here I want to talk about some of the stories. That have been handed down, through generations. Of the Southern Arizona Chiricahua Apache Tribe. There are several branches or clans of the Apache. That live in and around Southern Arizona. And also stretching into parts of New Mexico. The Apaches for the most part, were nomads and worriers. They never learned the traditional ways of other Native American tribes. That roomed this area of Arizona and America. In search of seasonal water and food supplies. The Chiricahua Apache on the other hand, were the domesticated Apache. That wanted only to live off the land, in a peaceful way. Problem is, there White brothers that came west, had other ideas. They wanted there lands, because it held many riches such as copper, gold, silver. And vast areas for raising cattle and other domesticated animals. The Chiricahua were also fighting the same enemy. Most Americans are currently fighting. 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' or more commonly known as the, 'New World Order'. And in the 'New World Order', there was no place for the Apache. Except to be relocated to other areas that held no riches. The Apaches were first moved into the area around Bisbee Arizona. Shortly after Cochise made peace with the Whites. Then the Whites discovered minerals such as gold, silver, and copper. Around the Bisbee area. So then the Apache were moved into what is known as. The 'White Mountains' in east central Arizona. And that is where they still reside to this very day. There new name is the, 'White Mountain Apaches'. I want to add one more thing before moving on too. Stories past down through the years. Of the Chiricahua Apaches. Cochise was a great and loyal leader to his people. Who wanted only for his people to live in peace with the Whites. Where as Geronimo, lived for the fight. Never really caring for the people he was to protect. All the hard work done by Cochise. Was soon done under, after is death. When Geronimo became the new Apache leader. Which in the future I'll write about. How Geronimo keep his raids going. Into Mexico and White settlements. (Geronimo had only 18 worries, in the end. Yet one forth of the U.S. Calvary. Never did capture Geronimo.)

Here is the story of Genesis 1:29, Chiricahua style.
Usen told 'Child of Water' and 'Killer of Enemies' to separate. Usen told 'Killer of Enemies', you go out this way. And take one grain of corn and put in the ground. You will live from that. So they gave this corn to 'Killer of Enemies'. and Usen said, 'you will live happily on this grain'.
'Child of Water' and 'White painted Women'. Were on the other side of the Chiricahuas. Usen told them, 'you must'. 'Live on Yucca fruit, Pinon nuts, and all the other wild plants'.

'Two Women Play Dead and Escape From the Giant'
Here is the story of the Giant. That lived in the 'Upper World'. (Jack and the Beanstalk) Chiricahua style
The Giant used to kill people. There were two women hunting for wild berries. The Giant came along. They saw that they couldn't escape. But they knew that he, wouldn't eat, anything dead. That he had not killed himself. So they took off there cloths. And laid down, as if dead. The Giant came along and saw them. He took a stick and poked their nipples. He played for awhile and then left them. When the Giant was gone. They got up and ran away.

'When the Monsters, Lived on the Earth'
Here is the story about when Dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Chiricahua style
The only 'living thing' was, 'White-Painted Women'. (Hopi 'Spider Women') So there were no living people, because the Monsters would eat them. Even the children of 'White-Painted Women'. One day a Spirit came to her. Told her to take off all her cloths. And go lay out in the open. Under the sky, with her legs open. She did as the Spirit told her. And a giant cloud came over her. Thunder sounded and the rain fell on her. And seeped into her body. The Spirit told her. That she would have twins, 'Water' and 'Thunder'. (In the Bible, this is the story of Adam and Eve.)

'The End of the World' Chiricahua style
The water will dry up. And people will fight fight over the water. Most people will be killed. With only a few good people surviving. When the new World comes, after that. White people will be Indians. And the Indians will be white people. ( the

'The Great Flood' Chiricahua style
The old World was destroyed by water, a flood. It seems to me, that it all goes to prove. That the Earth is just an old World. That has been cleaned up, by a flood. The way the story goes. There was a bad class of people, before the flood. That's why, "Life Giver", brought the flood. It rained hard for a long while. I've heard, but they don't say how long. Then after that. 'Child of the Water' and 'Whited-Painted Women, made humans again.

My Martian bud and I, went up to Sedona. To get more pictures of the fresh snow fall. Here is a link to You Tube. We turned the footage into a short movie. 'Two Martians Visit Sedona Arizona' (24 Jan. 2010)

Don't trust Art Bell and 'Coast to Coast, but here is a good interview. 'Lunar Hoax'

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