Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Only the Rocks and Mountains, Last Forever, Men Must Die"

These are the words from a Sioux Warrior, before entering battle. Today we'll talk about 'Death' and the Native American Indians. Too the Native America Indians. Death and Reincarnation were the same. (You die and a child is born.) You've heard the line, 'it's a good day to fight'. It's a good day to die'. Well it was made famous by, 'Crazy Horse'. He would scream this at is enemies, while entering battle. He was also know for this statement. 'He would die willingly, because all the things he held dear.' The Sun, the land, the Buffalo, were close by. His willingness to die, was part of his way of honoring, the human spirit. You will not find this in modern man. For modern man lives in fear. Of the day he will die. Modern man knows in there hearts. They have not lived by the, 'Laws of Nature'. While the Native American Indian of old did. Caddo legend says, 'encountering death, was a whirlwind'. That had to be acknowledged it's crucial role in life. The key word here being, 'life'. The returning role, one must play out. Until such a "Time" your journey on Earth is complete. Just a Masaw of the Hopi Third World. Was forced to stay on Earth. Until he learned the important lesson of humility.

Individuals were not the only ones to perish. Nations and cultures crumble away and perish. Just as the 'White Man', was the Native American Indians Karma ('Sitting Bull'?). The the Karma of the 'White', will soon happen. Just as was told by' Sitting Bull'. A Hopi prophecy tells of the 'Blue Star Kachina'. That will be forth coming and then the 'Red Star Kachina'. When the Blue Star Kachina', dances in the plaza. Then the end is very near. It will fore tell the arrival of the 'Red Star Kachina'. When all will be destroyed once again. Then mankind will enter the 'Fifth World'. As many Sumerian stories talk about. Nibiru, also know as. Wormwood (Bible), Turtle (Mayan), the Destroyer, Planet X (NASA), etc.. It will be the Red Planet, or 'Red Star Kachina'. Thus the Karma of all those who did not heed, the 'Laws of Nature'. Will once again be prohibited, from entering the 'Fifth World'. And like 'Masaw', will be left behind. To learn the lessons, that they didn't learn in this life. This event will be. When people come flying through the sky. Here once again, those from above. Will mark the end of this Ceremony (Hopi). 'When the Blue Star Kachina Dances in the Plaza'

The Cheyenne also fore told how to notice. When this World, was about to come to it's 'Death'. 'When women lose there Hearts' 'The World will die'. Women have lost there hearts. They have turned them selves into prostitutes. Look how they dress. Look how they act. They no longer care for there children. They are far more worried about there looks. Implants are the common. They now cannot show enough cleavage. There dresses are those of older day prostitutes. Not the dresses, of generations that came before. The modern day women, have sold there souls. For the pot of gold, at the end of the rainbow. Children being raised with out there fathers. As the women have decided. It is more important to get a 'child support check'. Then to have a helping hand in raising the child. The women are no longer loyal too there mates. When the chance arises, they are off. Sleeping with another women's man. This is no different that 'Mother Earth' abandoning the folks of the Earth. 'Mother Nature' does not through there babies in dumpsters to die. Yet today you hear of this often. You can blame the media for this, yet in the end. The mother is always responsible for her actions. The Cheyenne prophecy has come true. Look around it's their in front of your eyes. It's on the TV, it's in the magazines. It all spells only one thing. Death to the children, of lost mothers.

The Haitian Earth quakes are getting plenty of attention. Without me adding my two cents. A friend forwarded this little bit to me. So I will pass it along, with the link to the full story. Christians are jumping on the Voodoo bandwagon. Claiming it has caused the giant Earth quake in Haiti. Some how saying the Haitians had made a deal with the Devil long ago. To get freedom from France. When in reality, there is little difference between Christianity and the Voodoo rituals. Many Christian religions practise, going into traces. When they start talking in tongues. How can you say one is any different than the other? Yet the Christians have there hands out. Looking for your money. That will never reach the needy of Haiti. As the Native American Indians would say, Karma. Look into your own past. PS Rumors abound in Haiti. That America caused the Earth quakes. By detonating a nuclear bomb under the ocean floor, near by.,0,

In connection with the theory that america caused the Earth quakes in Haiti. Here is a interview on Coast to coast with Art Bell. 'Art Bell Project HAARP' About the use of HAARP. (Wouldn't be nice, if the government would simple come out. And tell the tax payers of America. What HAARP is really for?)

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You can see my interview with Jeffery Grupp of Antimatter Radio. On You Tube, by searching for. Hopi Prophecies You will see a photo of a Kachina with a picture of the Stone on it. 'Ron Slusher sr'.

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