Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Self Importance"

Being humble in today's World. Has been lost in the shuffle of, 'self importance'. The media has bombarded this idea. Into the citizens of the World. As to make the individual, seem all knowing. The problem with this is. Societies knowledge, has been put into there heads. With out them even knowing this. All part of the plan, to destroy individuality. By making everyone think, they know it all. It divides the individuals. And the best way to control the masses. Is to keep them fighting among themselves. In the Hopi story of the, 'Forth World'. The keeper of the upper World, who's name is 'Masaw'. Has been left on Earth. Too take care of the upper World again. He was the care taker of the 'Third World'. By becoming a little to 'Self Important', into him self. He must now be the Guardian of the 'Fourth World'. For he to lost his humbleness. And the payment for not being humble. He must now, stay behind and relearn the lessons of being humble. 'Sotuknang' who is "God" of the Universe. Nephew of "Taiowa", the creator of all 'Ceremonies'. Or who is creator of all the Universe. Not just the Universe mankind knows of. (According to Hopi legend, their are many Universes.) 'Sotuknang' has left 'Masaw' the task of, relearning his humbleness. That's why so many stories by Native Americans about. The "God" of the upper World. Always talk of an angry old man. He is upset, because he has been left behind. Much the same way, as a child. Who has failed in school, and has to remain in the same grade. That's why 'Masaw' is so upset. In the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. That's why the Giant of the upper World, is so mean. He has been forced to relearn his lesson. Now as mankind prepare for the 'Emergence into the Fifth World'. Are you going to be left behind? To relearn the lessons you failed at? In this the, 'Fourth World'. Most have already started feeling. Their is something about to happen. Folks don't know what it is. They just feel something is about to happen. This is why everything is going so fast now days. Weeks seem like days now and years seem like month's. Folk yearn to see what is going to happen. As ancient Native American tales talk about. All will survive, it's just a matter of. If they get to make the next step. Or are going to be like the Giant. In the story of, 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. Are you afraid, you'll be left behind? Having not learned your lesson about, 'Self Importance'?

The Hopi tell of the story about. 'The Back Door to the North'. This is the story how the Hopi wanted to return. To the inside of the Earth. The 'Back Door to the North'. Represents the, 'Hollow Earth' idea. That is now sweeping into prevalence. Every "Time" the Hopi tried to find the, 'Back Door to the North'. The freezing weather stop them. The Hopi tried there powers at melting the frozen land. 'Sotuknang' appeared and warned the Hopi. If you melt the snow and ice where one of the 'Twins' live. You will cause a great flood. And flood out the inhabitants of all the World. Thus the Hopi were stopped from using the, 'Back Door to the North'.

Totem poles of the Northwest Coast. Represent all the animals, human families descended from. They also used masks in ceremonies to represent there mythological pasts. When the tribes were animals. Hunters of the animal always preformed ceremonies before going out to kill their food. They knew that the animals they killed. Where indeed, them self's.

As the death toll rises from the Haiti earth quake. The lower forms of humanity always make their way to the front. In typical fashion, the NWO puppets showed up quickly. Just as they did after Katrina. With their collective hands out. Saying please send money and not blankets. That's because they can't spend blankets. Their was GW Bush, Bill Clinton and Obama the puppet. Making front page news. Saying how bad they felt for the poor Haitians. To these types of NWO puppets. the Haitians are no more than Cockroaches. And of course there was Pat Robertson. Saying the Haitians had it coming. They deserved there destiny, because they had made a pact with the devil. By using Voodoo practices. If this isn't enough. Obama the puppet wants 45,000 Haitians dumped on the citizens of Florida.

In the category of, 'the Jews never stop to amaze me'. Turns out when the Jewish Army invaded. The eastern sector of Jerusalem. That was occupied by the Jordanians. During the 'Six day War'.They removed the 'Dead Sea Scrolls'. They still to this day, swear they will never return the 'Dead Sea Scrolls'. As if the Jews haven't done enough to to the neighbours. And the Jews wonder, why the rest of the world hates them.

Well sheriff Joe Arpaio is back in the news. 10,000 protesters marched on tent city. Demanding sheriff Joe to quit messing with the illegals. The best part of the marsh was. When suddenly thugs dressed in black with masks on. Started yelling threats at Joe and started throwing things at his officers. Let me make a blind guess here. Joe put them up to it. After all, he's the best at generating attention. Remember they kid they set up. To make it look like he was going to kil, Sheriff Joe arpaio. "God'' on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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nice article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.