Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Native American History, Modern Tales"

The more research I do concerning, The Hollow Earth' theory. The more I'm realizing, how important Native American stories and hieroglyph are. In telling the true story of mankind's history. This blog started out as a Native American forum. And quickly turned into a political forum. By fast moving, changing events. Happening in today's modern World. I need to start showing how the events of today. Where forecast by ancient Native America tribe. So now I'll try and focus my energies. On the original intent of these pages. I realized this, when I was telling a friend. To stop quoting so called scholars and historians. And start going to the library and researching Native American tales. As recent blog have proven. Mankind emerged from in side the Earth. By using stories from, The Hopi of northern Arizona. Now I will show how this same story. And many other historical events. Are well documented in Native American tales. Also I will show, how future events. Have already been fore told. In ancient Native America tales and dances. If you read the Bible and the story of Genesis. And how the Earth and Universe was created. It take several long stories to communicate the story. You can open the Mayan Bible called the, 'Popul Vuh'. And the same story is told in less than a page. The Native American tribes use. Short very similar type of stories and dances to tell the same stories. The problem with today's so called scholars. If you are hearing of them, in the public media. That's because they where planted their. To put out disinformation, to further clutter the true story. Disinformation can come in many forms. And one of the better ones. Is to simply bombard the public with so much information. They have no chance of figuring out. The truth from the fiction.

Here is my first Native American story of today. It come from the 'Wiyot' tribe of California. The first thing you will notice. There three different stories all wrapped up in one short story. And how few words, are used to tell the tale. The Creator called Gudatri-Gakwitl, of the World. (also called, 'Above-Old-Man') 'Above-Old-Man decides to destroy his creation, because the people, who are furry. And cannot speak clearly, are more like animals than humans. (Mayan and Hopi, 'Mud Man') The hero Condor, knowing that. Above-Old-Man, plans to destroy the World, by a flood. Hides with his sister in a basket. When the waters finally recede. Condor finds only birds and a raccoon. He marries his sister and they have a human child. Beginning a lineage of people, who can talk and are not furry.' In this simple story, as you can see. You have the 'Great Flood'. You have the 'Giant' who rules the Earth. You have the intervention of another power. To up grade the human DNA. You also have the Hopi 'Spider Women'. Who creates the first human.

Here is a story from the, 'Lillooet Tribe' of the plateau area. This story tells how the Earth is prepared for the arrival of humans. (Not some of Darwin's crap.) 'After the "Time" when people and animals were the same. These human like characters arrive, to put the World in order. For the coming humans. These beings, known as transformers. (Urantia) Are helped by Mink and Coyote. Their attempt to transform Mink into a rock fails, because. Mink's power is equal too theirs. Subsequently Mink and Coyote work as transformers. Mink among the Lower Lillooet people. Coyote among the upper Lillooet people. Although the transformers help to put the World in order. They are mischievous and greedy. They are often killed, but come back to life.'
This story has many different meaning. How the Earth and stars are put in place. How the animals were transformed into humans. And the story of reincarnation. No matter how sinful one is. The fact that humans are a duality spirit. Of one on the Earth and one above the Earth. This is very Mayan in nature.

Here is a story from the 'Choctaw Tribe', about there Emergence. 'Human origins is attributed to emergence from sub-terrain regions. According to the Choctaw, humans emerged at the well known mound. Nanih Waiya, near Philadelphia, Mississippi. The Creeks also known as the Muskogee, emerged first. They dried themselves in the Sun and went east. The Cherokees emerged next. After they dried themselves. They tried to follow the trail, of the Muskogee. They got lost and ended up settling in the north. The third to emerge were the Chickasaws. They followed the Cherokees and settled near them. The Choctaws came last and made there home. At the place they emerged.' This story is very familiar to the Hopi story of how they settled the four corners of the Earth. Once again showing, mankind's home. Started inside Mother Earth. Much the same way, a child comes from their mother womb. The Native Americans always believed that Mother Earth. And themselves were inter twinned. Take care of Mother Earth. and Mother Earth will take care of you. Today mankind has forgotten this simple lesson. That's why mankind "Time" on Earth is coming to an end. Just as in the past.

The connection between the Native Americans, Mother Earth and the Extraterrestrials as you can see. Are well established already, in just these three short stories. Each week now, I'll add stories I've found. Connecting Mother Earth, Extraterrestrials and mankind. And leave the political things to others. The term 'Pantheist and the native americas are on e in the same. The Planets only chace is to become onces again, 'one with nature'.

Few items found doing research this week enjoy. (Here you go Rich for helping me with my computer. )
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