Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Drugs, Drugs, Drugs"

Opened today's propaganda sheet, called. 'The Arizona Republic'. Front page news was the drug problems. The Mexican government is having. With their citizens and drugs. I always felt this was a, 'white and black', American problem. Seems that the Mexican cities and towns. Have vehicles running around on the streets called. 'Carros Alegres', or happy cars. Just like you would order a pizza. You can order, what type of drug you want. And it will be delivered to your home. You don't have to worry about the local police. They have all been bought off with drug money. Mexico passed a drug law on 21 August. That allows citizens to process, small quantities of drugs. 5 grams of marijuana, 500 milligrams of cocaine and heroin. First question arises from this new law? What about the individual, that distribute the small amounts of drugs? What kind of law, do they fall under? If an individual can hold drugs. Then what about the folks distributing them? Seems once again my theory about how most Mexicans think. ('One taco at a time'.) Spend some "Time" around a Mexican. And not a Mexican American. You will soon find out. What I mean by, 'one taco at a time'. Just as the drug law passed in Mexico appears. No one looked down the road. In America, the few states like California. Where medical marijuana is legal. Laws where set in place. For the local authorities to distribute the drugs. Not in Mexico and their corrupt system. Distribution was left up too the wildly known, 'Drug Cartels'. Now you have a great number of Mexican citizens in drug rehab centers. Just one more problem, the Mexican government is unprepared to handle. In a country that is, at war with it's self. Their is no money to help the poor drug addict. They are left in a few poorly ran drug houses. The World 'powers', knew exactly what they where doing. Too the citizens of the world. When they unleashed these powerful drugs on the public.

The hippies of the sixties were the first test bed. What started out as some harmless hash and marijuana. Now has become a, cocaine, meths, and heroin feed World. With the 'powers' using the music industry they controlled. To fuel the minds of the unsuspecting. To help spread, the use of their drugs. By producing songs that encouraged. Getting stoned and dropping out of society. So the citizens wouldn't see. What was being done to their families. To their country, to their health, to their freedoms. As the old line goes, from the good old hippie days. 'The first one's free, hippie'. And the rest is history. Now these drug problem that were once only an American problems. Have become the Worlds problem. This has also become a financial boom for the controllers or 'powers'. You can look no further than Afghanistan. Where the 'powers' are once again using the American youth. This "Time" to insure the free flow of opium products, such as heroin. To the rest of the World.

In so doing, the 'powers' are also bleeding Americans. Of their tax dollars. For their so called, 'War Against Terrorism'. While the rest of the World. Is using more and more drugs (prescription also). To alleviate their problems for the moment. Once folks had dreams. Of owning that beautiful car and home. Have now been reduced. To something many Americans and Worlds population sees. As going up in smoke. As in their crack pipes. 'Yea' you can always dream, when your stoned. And that exactly were the citizens of the World have been led. The 'powers' tested it on the youth of America. It worked, so they spread it to the rest of the World. Using the giant American media machine called Hollywood. A long with the music industry. The 'powers' propaganda machine, has done wonders.

Speaking of evil deeds being done by the 'powers'. This has been the forth day of chem-trail spraying. Over much of Southern California, Nevada and Arizona. I put a thread out on God Like Productions. 'Who besides Phoenix, was getting bombed by the chem-trails.' (I now see the term 'bombed'. Being used by other, to describe the chem-trail spraying.) In less than four hours I had forty comments and over two hundred hits. As usual the were a few de-bunkers. Who has negative comments to my thread. They are the usual one. Such as, 'Snake Airlines', 'G House' and 'The guy'. These lower forms of humanity roam GLP. Looking to de-bunk any freedom of though. They are well trained. And use various methods, to discourage the person who either posted the thread. Or to those who add positive comments. Here again my own tax dollars being used. Against my own betterment. If any of your spelling or sentence structure is the least little bit off. They will use that against you. They are soulless and ruthless, in their pursuit. To make you feel dumb. No matter what you throw at them written. It makes no deference to them. They are paid to do what they do. The neat thing about their attacks is. By doing so, they are actually proving the point. If the chem-trails weren't up their. Then why spend so much effort trying to dispel them? Today their are a couple of Chem-trail threads. And again the same bastards are at it. They seem to work as a group. So they can hit on several threads at once. Once again the World has become. A little less friendly to live in.

Speaking of the Worlds known bastards. Here is a great video of Bush sr.. Going into a pizzeria with his security guards. 'How an old Bush can ruin a good lunch'. This man has murdered so many innocent children. Yet it has no effect on him, what so ever. He goes about his daily life. As if he spent his life trying to help children. Instead throwing the American military machine. At the innocent civilian women and children, of the World. It's not my place to say. I just hope, the Bush's. Get what they truly deserve in the after life. Karma

I know their has been a lot of news. About the underwear bomber in the news. Let me see if I can get this straight. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, used a 'weapon of mass destruction'?

Here in Arizona the feds are at it again. A Grand Jury is being assembled to go after, you guessed it. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, of Maricopa County. Makes you wonder how many tax dollars are spent on such. Wild goose chases, going after Joe and his guys. Here's the kicker, if they are caught doing something. Their could be criminal charges. You think so.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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