Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Jack and the Beanstalk, Hopi Style"

Now we have all heard the story about 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. How poor old Jack lived with his poor mother. And traded his mothers cow, for some 'magic beans'. That later, grew up into the Heavens. And how Jack climbed the beanstalk. To reach up into the heavens. And of course he found the Giant, and his processions. Such as 'Gold coins', and 'the Hen that laid the golden eggs'. And of course the 'Magical Harpe', that played it's self. Jack made three trips up the beanstalk. On Jack's third and final trip up the beanstalk. He stole the, 'Magical Harp', that played it's self. On this third and final journey, up the beanstalk. The Giant chased Jack down the beanstalk. And as the story goes, Jack reached the bottom and found a axe. And promptly chopped down the beanstalk. Thus killing the Giant in the fall. Turns out the Hopi have much the same story. As so many of there other stories, other cultures also have. I found this great little book called, 'Truth of A Hopi'. Who's authors name was, Edmund Nequatewa. First published in 1936, as bulletin #8. At the Scottsdale Library, which has a whole section of the library. Just for American Indian and Arizona stories.

The Hopi story of 'Jack in the Beanstalk'. Has a different twist, but in the end. The results are the same. Someone or somebody trying to escape, their current conditions. The Hopi story, 'Of the Emergence'. Is the story of "Jack and the Beanstalk'. The Hopi are trying to escape the 'Under World'. And the sins they where living in. The Hopi knew they must escape the 'Under World' and leave the past behind. Just as Jack wanted to help his mother, leave her poverty behind. Now poverty, may have represented the Worlds sins. In the story of 'Jack in the Beanstalk'. As they were poor spiritually, because they lived in a sinful World. And also like the Hopi, in the past. Mankind probably lived, under the surface of the World. Thus the beanstalk to the Heavens. The Hopi tell of how brother was sleeping with their brothers wife. And their was much sin in their culture. And that they needed to escape to the surface. And bring only the good people with them. (Sound like Rapture?) The Hopi tale of how they reached the surface. Is much the same as Jack's story. They had also planted a plant of bambo. That would indeed take them to the heavens, or surface of the Earth. And the riches, on the surface of Mother Earth. 'Gold Coins' represented the sunlight, the 'Hen' meant food. And the "Magical Harpe' that played it's self. Where all the sound of rain, weather, the birds and other animals. That lived on the surface. The Hopi knew if they reached the surface. There would be riches waiting for them. Just like Jack did, when he reached the surface. Just as Jack encountered the Giant. The Hopi also encountered a Giant. A giant with a head shaped like a squash. (Cone headed Giants) The Hopi where in fear of the Giant. Just as Jack was scared of the Giant. Just as Jack's Giant controlled all the Worlds riches. The Hopi's Giant, ruled over the surface of the Earth. The Hopi used prayers. To win over the The Giant. That ruled the surface of the Earth. Jack had the Giant's, Mother Earth to save him (wife). Just like the Hopi's giant. Mother Earth was the Giant's partner, on the surface. And in the end, the Hopi like Jack. Cut down the reed or beanstalk. That killed there past. (Hope this made sense.)

This all fits in the stories of Red Elk. Here is a link to Red Elk's interview on Coast to Coast. Episode 6 talks about how mankind may soon. Have to return too the inside of the Earth. How the surface may soon be destroyed by a coming war or Armageddon. And that the Reptilians await their re arrival. Here again another video, recommended by You Tube for me.

The Hopi are very similar to the Tibetan peoples. Cultures and ways, and say. That when their Red brothers from the East. Lose their home land. That the 'End' will follow soon. Well that's what has happened. The Chinese have invaded Tibet. And now out number the Tibetans. They have also started changing the names of the mountains and rivers. Much the same way the Whites did to the Hopi. Here is a link to the Tibetan story of today called. 'Tibet - What Remains of Us'.

Here is a link to my friend Dennis Crenshaws's Hollow Earth web site. www.TheHollowEarthInsider.comnews/wmview.php?ArtID=10 As I will be again on his show. On Blog Talk Radio and the Paranormal TV net work show. Called 'Unraveling the Secrets' on February 20. 2010. I will also become a regular contributor on the show. I am also making plans to be on Antimatter Radio program, also on Blog Talk Radio. On both programs I will be talking about Hopi prophecies, and abductions. The Hopi prohecies predicted that in the 'End Times'. They would come, to the notice of the World's people. I just hope I can help bring. There wise knowledge of future events. bye

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