Sunday, January 3, 2010

"The Pope Picks the President"

I have a friend who spent a little "Time" in the jail. He needed some money to commit a much bigger crime. So that when that crime was committed. He could get out of the country. He decided the best way to get that money. Was to take from the rich. That meant taking it from some banks. Now the banks you see. Own the government and they don't take kindly to you taking their money. If you do take some of their money. You will not have the local sheriff chasing after you. No, when you own the country, like the banksters do. You have your special police force called the FBI. Now my friend was shuffled around many different jail systems from state to state. Once in jail he told me. You soon learn the hierarchy of the prison system. In jail the convicts really do control the jail. You have your judges and you people who insure the rules are keep. For an example, if you see someone with a 'SS' on the necks. This means they are enforcers for the judge. If the 'SS' is a soft or rounded. You are a lower level enforcer. If the 'SS' is like Hitler's top enforcers. And it looks like lightning bolts. And if the lightning bolts are not shaded in. You have probably shanked someone. Now if the lightning bolts are red. You have killed someone to earn them.

This friend of mine was doing some "Time". In a prison not in Arizona. As stated above the prisons unlucky inhabitants. Have their own set of rules and hierarchy. In the yard you have system set up. Much the same way, as on the out side. From the lowest forms, like the child molesters. Up to the white collar crime guys. You have peons and you have mid level and higher level bosses. All the way up to the president of the yard. Now my bud was getting pretty tired of the way the president of the yard, was treating the peons. And especially the way the president was treating him. He decided the president needed to be dealt with. Much the same way as an actual president is treated on the out side. If enough folks don't care for the way the president is treating the others in power system. He will soon be assassinated. You see my bud decided one day, he had, had enough. And appointed himself to be the assassin. Well prisons once again being a microcosm of the out side. It didn't take long for the word to get out. The he was about to assassinate the president. One day in the exercise yard. A older inmate approached him. The older inmate said to my friend. 'I hear your going to kill the president'. At this point my friend knew. Someone had snitched on him and his plans. He also knew that the older inmate wielded. A lot of power in the yard. And their would be no reason to deny it. What the older inmate, had found out. The older inmate said to my friend. 'You just don't get it, do you?' 'The Pope picks the president and I'm the Pope.' Now I ask you. What the hell is the difference between a prison yard. And the every day reality of. The so called free World? You see Obama the puppet was picked by the Pope. Not all the Americans, who ran out and cast their ballots.

News out today. That America has Special Forces on the ground, now in Yemen. Isn't this the same way Vietnam got started. All you need are a few troops gunned down by. Some Zionist controlled gunmen. And bang the appointed president called. Obama the puppet tells the Americans back home. Look, look, look, those damned old al-Qaeda terrorist are at it again. And I need to protect you from those terrorist. The sheep will follow and say. Your rite mister Obama. We better send troops out to get those damn old terrorist. Before they are in Oakland. The 'powers' never get tired of the same old game. With the same old results. Create an enemy, then take the youth of America. And the tax payers money. Give all to some inside interest. And laugh all the way to the bank. While telling the citizens of America. Look how well your children are doing. Defending your personal freedoms. And always remember, you are the freest country on Earth.

My presentation on Paranormal TV went off like a thud. My audio and picture were not going through. To the interviewer and out on the airwaves. Earlier in the day we had done some test runs. Knowing their was problems. As much the same way every thing is done in America. No attempt to cure the problems, were made by the host. Instead it was decided I would would use the visual pictures via my computer. Then use the phone lines as a verbal connection. Come show "Time", at about 11:00 PM Arizona "Time". You could see the show was going nowhere. So the host brought me on a little early. As soon as the connection was made their was problems. The host tried in vain to solve the problems. With no luck what so ever. Finally the host said. Ron you can just sat their. And be a pretty face for the camera. As I sat and listened to Dr. Hank Krastman talk. I realized it might have been a blessing in disguise. Dr. Hank was making assertions that I couldn't back up. He claimed that some Hopi, had taken him to the inside the Earth. They used some kind of high speed elevator to do this. He also said he saw only birds and no animals. While taken on this journey, to the indide the Earth. This is the same guy, in the same breath. Was trying to sell "Time" share condos in the Philippines. Who in their rite mind? Would want to spend their off "Time". In some jungle in the south Pacific. I hate to say this, but I feel I was used. To try and give some credibility. To my friends new show, on Paranormal TV. Why they made it so sure. I'd be on the very first broadcast. Then make no effort, to insure everything was in good working order. This made no sense to me. This all gets stranger. The co-host, who I'd bought a couple of books from. Was laying in hospital room in Jacksonville Florida. With a spider bite from a Brown Recluse Spider. So he wasn't available for the interview. Dr, Hank was only on their because of him. The other host had no clue as what to ask. If my audio would have been working. I would have been forced to dispel what was being said about the Hopi. If their was such an entrance to the Under World. I surely would have heard about it. Some how Dr, Hank spends a few years at Northern Arizona University as a student. And then he gets to go to the center of the Earth, via the Hopi. Just doesn't add up. All the "Time" I spent up their. And all the Hopi and Navajo friend I have. I would have surely, had heard about such an elevator. It just goes to show you. What white boys will do. To make a few bucks off the Native Americans. Till this very day. Finally my words are flowing again. Seems the pressure of being on these interviews. Where taking the best of me. I will do some more interviews in the future. And maybe start my own show about the "Aliens" and coming events. In the mean "Time". "God"bless on this Sunday evening. And may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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