Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Is It Hopi Time Yet, Are We Their Yet?"

First thing I want to do is thank Elroy T. Lanphear. For his great addition to my post. About the 'Hopi Emergence'. Elroy you are welcome anytime. To post your thoughts and ideas. Concerning Native American Culture, or your own thoughts. I also want to remind everyone, that tonight on Paranormal TV. The show called, 'Unraveling the Secrets'. With hosts Rick Ozman and Dennis Crenshaw. The show will be about the Hopi of northern Arizona. And the, 'Hollow Earth' connection. Along with myself, their will be Dr. Hank Krastman, Dennis Crenshaw and Rick Ozman. Show starts at 12:00 PM eastern and will run for 2 hours.

My good friend and fellow abductee. (or what ever you want to call us) I call him my 'Martian Bud'. Based on the fact, we both have the 'Crescent C' on our backs. And also our stories about our conversation. With those on the other side, are very similar. We where talking about my recent interview on 'Blog Talk Radio'. And up coming show tonight. I was wondering why the sudden interest. In what I have to say. The Martian said their is a reason for it. Their is about to be. A lot of people disappearing from the Earth. They sense it, and feel you have a connection. (I've always felt that. I was to help the transference, to the other realm.) As hard as the 'powers' try to steal folks souls, away from them. The more they are realizing. Their is more to life, than just being a simple consumer. And they are more than, some developed amoeba. That crawled out of the ocean one day. That brings up, 'are we their yet'? Is the World finally sensing that the 'End' is near? Are the masses looking for some guidance? You can easily see how folks are led astray. Look no farther than the TV and mass media. Look how some dumb ass, such as Dr. Phil. Can lure folks from the real truth. Let them believe, they are no longer capable of making their own decisions. Telling folks they need medication and personal guidance. When the reality of things is. All your answers are in your own head. They just need a little kick start. By turning off the mass media. And spending more "Time" in their local libraries. Before all the books are burned. Just the same way Hitler did to the Germans, before WWII. My job is not to preach. It's just to live my life style. And lead by example. People like Dr. Phil and many others. Are the best examples of, 'do as I say, not as I do'. Him and Al Gore are both fat turds. Yet the system dresses them up. To make them look educated and trim. Sad but true, folks buy into to this. As "Time" nears, are the easily lead. The ones who will suffer a sad fate? I'd don't have that answer. All I know is. No mater where your turn. All ancient cultures have the same ending. A bunch of folks never survives these abrupt endings.

Most anyone you talk to now days. Know something is up. Their not sure what is up. They just know, something is up. Maybe it's the way their government treats them. No mater what the masses want. Their elected officials go ahead. And do as they damn well please. Are the masses beginning to learn? If they elect a whole new set of players in Washington. Nothing ever changes. Just the way as Obama the puppet. Has never keep any of his promises. He made during the, campaign to get elected. I for one, never have believed, that the elections were true anyway. (The Pope picks the president, to marrows blog.) People can't simply stop caring. The problem is, that's what is starting to happen. Exactly what the 'powers' want. For society to finally give up. And leave their fate to others. That's why the economy has been killed off. It didn't happen because the people of the World did it. No a handful of soulless bastards did this to the World. To ensure that only a few can control the masses. With never firing a shot. It's up to the citizens of the World not to fall prey to these tricks. This can be accomplished by being very conservative. And watching how your money is spent. That is the good side of the current financial conditions. Americans are learning how to pull up their purse strings. With out money based on taxes, the 'powers' are limited. To the amount of damage they can do to the Worlds population.

Found a good article about Under Water UFOs. The Dragon Snake: A Solomon Island UFO Mystery. The is the research done by a British ex military person, in the Solomon Islands. This is the same area the John F. Kennedy served in, during WWII. Supposedly he had several sightings him self while stationed in the Solomon Islands. That's why he had such interest in UFO during his short "Time" as president. Some said that was just another reason, he was murdered. John F. Kennedy wanted the governments information about UFOs, opened to the public.

The corrupt government raises it's ugly head once again. All the Blackwater mercenaries where freed of their involvement. Of the killing of 17 innocent civilians, in Niasoor Square, Baghdad Iraq. The incident happened on September 16, 2007. The Blackwater guards claim they where ambushed on that day. And in retaliation. Gunned down innocent civilians. Their Iraqi government had no power to prosecute the Blackwater employees. So they trusted the American court system to do their job. U.S. District Judge Picardo Urbina, through out the charges. Based on the missteps while investigating the shootings. And you wonder how this is supposed to be America? Bringing freedoms to a country, who never wanted them their in the first place. bye


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