Sunday, December 27, 2009

"The Hopi Emergence"

I've been invited to be on Dennis Crenshaw's new broadcast, on Paranormal TV. Live next Saturday night, called 'Unraveling the Secrets'. He does the same show on, Blog Talk Radio on Saturday nights also. He has been invited by, Paranormal TV. To do a simultaneous broadcast, on both sites now. I feel privileged to have been chosen to be on his first show. I'm still now sure why me. Dennis has been in this type of work for years. And has a book out, I've talked about on this blog (The Secrets of Dellschau). He also has a site about the 'Hollow Earth' . I've presented on this blog also. That brings me to, today's blog. Dennis has been researching the Hollow Earth theory for years. After listen to Dennis talk about this. And going on his 'Hollow Earth' site. (Just Google Dennis Crenshaw book, you'll link to this site.) I realized the connection between the Hopi and the Hollow Earth. When I'd mentioned to Dennis. The Hopi emergence, from inside the Earth. It happened at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Here in Northern Arizona. Their it was rite in front of my eyes. So today I'll show, the basic connection of the two.

The Hopi say they first lived inside the Earth. They say they could here foot steps above them. And always wondered what it was. One day a few Hopi found a tall reed. That they could climb in to. That would take them, to the surface of the Earth. The hole they came through was called 'Sip-pa-pu'. Also known as the soft spot, in the top of a child's head. When they emerged, they meet someone walking around on the surface. This was 'Maasaw', the guardian of the Earth. The Hopi asked if they could have permission. To live on the surface of the Earth. Their wish was granted. This today is called, 'The Emergence'. They were allowed to live on the surface of the Earth. As long as they obeyed the 'Laws of Nature'. And if they didn't continue to obey, 'The Laws of Nature'. They would be destroyed. Now you know why the Hopi are in their Fourth world. The longer they where removed from Maasaw presence. The more they disobeyed the 'Laws of Nature'. Just as a child who is left on their own. With no one to keep them in line. The Hopi were easily lead astray. Just as mankind is doing, in the modern World. That is why soon. Mankind will soon once again be destroyed. For disobeying the, 'Laws of Nature'. And just as in the past. The few good folks, who are. Still obeying the, 'Laws of Nature'. They will be spared once again. So not all of "Gods' work has been destroyed. Only this "Time", to go from the physical World. To the spiritual world. The others will once again be spread, to the ends of the Universe.

Each "Time" the Earth was to be destroyed. A few from all races on Earth. Where called by 'Sotuknang'. This is, what is meant by the Hopi. 'When the end of the Earth presence "Time", was to end'. Those that are to know. Will find their way the Hopi Homeland. They will once again be saved by the"Ant People". Who are known for their industrious ways. And the ability to save for the future. And do not live in the presence. The "Ant People" are also known for the shape of their bodies. That resemble an Ants body. You may think of this as the current Greys, or "God's" helpers. Just as in the story of Santa Claus. The good folks get the gift of life. The bad folks, get a lump of coal. Which stands for carbon. That of which, will happen to mankind at death. As the body become nothing but, a dust of carbon. (Mankind remember, is carbon based.)

This how the Hopi tell the story of the end moments. 'Sotuknang' will take the good folks. Too a big round mound. This is where the "Ant People" live. Sotuknang' will stamp on the roof of the mound. And demand that the "Ant People", open their home. Now the good folks will enter the Ant Kiva. Where they will be safe. While 'Sotuknang' destroys the World and their inhabitants. You here stories of how those. Who believe they are the elite. Are building under ground bases to save them self's. This will not help them from destruction. They believe they are above "God's" will. And the 'Laws of Nature'. They are dead wrong and I do mean dead. They will have no place to be safe from 'Maasaws' wrath. Patrick Geryl talks about looking for a hiding place in his books and lectures. And about how the 'powers' are trying to build safe havens from the Earth's soon to be destruction. Just as in past Hopi Worlds. This one will soon come to pass. Those that created this home. Also have the ability to destroy it at will. Mankind has once again reached a level of decadence. And mankind's level of decadence, will cost them in future life's.

'The Book of the Hopi', and others tell how. Mankind did once live inside of the Earth. And every so many thousands of decades. Are reunited, with their place of birth. As the Earth's humans, are destroyed by their own Karma. Every so many thousands of years. This is why current mankind. Doesn't have the abilities, to recreate such things. As the Great Pyramids and other giant structures around the World. Mankind always has to be reminded. How truly weak they are. To remind them what the word humble means. Mankind could be spared from such sad endings. The problem is, mankind can never seen to advance. Much further from where mankind started. With out the constant reminder. Of how fragile, mankind really is. Mankind spends all their energies, trying to control Nature. They should be trying to attain a higher spiritual level. Look how the world leaders have decided who will live and die. When in fact, they could all be removed in a heart beat. The 'powers' are the ones who fear death the most. That's why they spend so much energy, trying to control others. They know in the feeble hearts. They are the Worlds true sickness. They are the ones, helping to hold humanity back. By making the citizens work so hard. To feed and shelter their families. The Native Americans had plenty of "Time". To think about the true reality of things. How to be humble to Nature. How to worship the rising of the Sun each day. To bless the children and their quite moments. These thing have been taken away from mankind, by the 'powers'. This soon this will all end. "God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings bye


ElderChild said...

“Who Are The Real Savages”?

Those who are of, and in, what is known as the "civilized" world once called, and some yet call, the "uneducated", indigenous peoples "savages".

Consider that the most dangerous “savage” is the one who wars against Light, Truth, Love, Peace, Hope, Simplicity, Mercy, Grace, etc., all that is of The GREAT Spirit.

Such a "savage" seeks to kill the G-D conscious spirit within man and fill the void with a love for the things that are of this wicked world, a love for the self-life, and a love for the lies that are of this world's systems of religion ;-(

And yes, "atheism", "drugs", "sexual perverseness", "alcohol", "greed", etc. , all have “savages” who follow their religious ways ;-( Ways that lead mankind along the broad way of destruction and death ;-(

"atheism", "drugs", "sexual perversion", "alcohol", "greed", "humanism", .etc.

Not "religion" you say?

Sadly, they are. For one's "g-d", “supreme being”, “great spirit”, etc., is that which, what, or whom, someone serves. That which you serve, is that which you worship, and that which you worship is your "religion".

Yes, even "atheists" have "religion" and worship their 'g-d', and no matter what it's name may be, they "see" their "g-d", their image, every time they look in a mirror.

Most all systems of religion are self-serving! Sadly, in the darkness that encompasses the religious ways of this world, hides the "g-d" of all "systems of religion", he who is "the g-d of this world", "the father of lies", 'd'evil "author of death", destruction, damnation, "confusion and every evil work".

And all who follow the way's of death and destruction serve, and are held captive by, the spirit of death as they but serve "time" in the prison that is this wicked, evil world.

And the primary tools used by the "g-d's" in the "religious systems" that are of this world?

L-I-E-S, F-E-A-R, and M-O-N-E-Y!

Oh, how they worship those colored marks written on a dead tree!

Capitalism(greed) is a primary buzzword used by many of those religious systems. And so it is that, that which was once called "covetousness(greed)" was then called "materialism" and today?

Sadly today, many of of this world's "religious systems" call "covetousness", "good management".

Question? Why is it that 100 years ago, in so-called "progressive societies", the "citizens" of such societies had 10 needs and 100 wants, and today they have 100 needs? and 1000 wants?

And what of the so-called "progress" they have made?

They progressively destroy Creation(water, air, land, vegetation, creatures) and pervert that which is Spirit(Light, Truth, Life, Peace, Love, Hope, Mercy, Grace,, .etc.) and such destruction and perversion has multiplied exponentially as time passed by.......

"Spiritual savages", oh my, how they have increased!

Yet, while there is breath(spirit) there is hope!

For Miracles do happen!


ElderChild said...

Hope is there would be those who experience The Miracle that is receiving "a love of The Truth"!

"The Way" is Spirit, "The Truth" is Spirit, "The Life" is Spirit, all that is "Good" is Spirit!

And mankind can not systematize Spirit.

At best, mankind can only answer The Call of The GREAT Spirit(G-D), believe, receive and follow in obedience, seeking above all else "Father, not my will, But THY Will Be Done".

Thankfully when The GREAT Spirit(G-D) called Adam answered.......

Yet what of those who came after Adam?

How many have answered The GREAT Spirit's(G-D's) Call?

And today, "Who will answer HIS Call"?

"Come Out of her, MY people......."

"Come Out" of this world and it's systems of religion.

Pure religion and undefiled before G-D The Father is this, to visit the fatherless (those children who know not their Father, HE WHO is The Only True G-D, Father{Creator} of ALL) and widows(those who have not "experienced The Messiah and The Power{Our Father} that raised Him from among the dead") in their affliction and to keep oneself uncontaminated by the world......." (James 1:27)

Simply, all other religion is impure and defiled, and so it is that those who love, and are of this world; those who are "contaminated by this world" are destroying the earth and perverting that which is Spirit.......

And notice that "pure and undefiled" religion is of "oneself(individual)", a Brother or Sister doing The Will of Our Father, led of The Holy, Set Apart, Great Spirit.......

Corporate "religion" is pagan, and of this wicked world(babylon).......

And "Brothers and Sisters" is not "religion", for what are Brothers and Sisters if not Family? Would not The Family of The Only True G-D, Father(Creator) of ALL, known by many(yet experienced by few) as "The Body of The Messiah" be joined in Spirit as One? And would not such a Family be much closer than any natural, fleshly family?

What is declared to be "religion" today is truly the devil's playground.......

Simply, Faith will not create a system of religion.......

Systems of "religion" are of this world and are Anti-Messiah!

The so-called "savage", indigenous people called The Hopi await the return of their "True White Brother" and as The Hopi believe, so it is that:

“A Simple and Spiritual Life is the only Life that will survive”!

A belief which is in perfect harmony with The Life example and Teachings of The Messiah.

And it is very important to realize that The Teachings of The Messiah were given Him by The Only True G-D, Father of ALL, for The Messiah testified, "The words that I speak are not My words, they are the words of The Father WHO sent Me".

I have visited with The Hopi people and sadly, in this day and age, "progress" is overcoming them ;-( Through the prior years there were many who rejected, and in Truth spiritually fought against "progress", and yet since the last of The Hopi elders who resisted "progress" passed away, it seems "progress" is having it's evil destructive, perverse ways with The Hopi ;-(

Yet, there is hope!

For Miracles do happen!

Hope is there would be those who experience The Miracle that is receiving "a love of The Truth" for they will no longer have their portion with those who are destroying Creation and perverting that which is Spirit.

Peace, in spite of the dis-ease(progress) that is of this wicked world and it's systems of religion, for "the WHOLE world is under the control of the evil one"(1John5:19) indeed and Truth.

And Truth is never ending.......

ElderChild said...

good day,

timing of your response, perfect.

believe it would be good if we could meet face to face one day.

back in '04 i was believing i would spend the rest of my life on the Hopi land and then when i felt it was time to make the move?

well when i went to hotevilla and at that time it seemed to me that the Hopi had given up and given in to progess ;-(

my only contact before heading to the Hopi lands was corrine lotsawama and i visted with her and her daughter for a few hours when i arrived. she has since passed on.

however, here lately i have once again been hoping that i might be able to live on the Hopi lands.

just yesterday i was considering the fifth world, and in that which was liken unto a revelation it was revealed that 'biblical' history also reveals that we are currently in the fourth world with the fifth yet to come.

the first was revealed in gen 1, the second in gen 2, the third after the flood, and the fourth after the destruction of the earthly, natural kingdom centered in jerusalem.

it was then that men were exhorted to "set their affections on things above, Heavenly things" and those who did so were to be considered as "pilgrims and aliens while on this earth".

i feel a kinship with the Hopi and only the Hopi and those of the same Spirit for "A Simple and Spiritual Life is the only Life that will survive" indeed and Truth.......

currently i am wintering in the deserts of SE ca and i had believed i would be in the four corners area the end of march or beginning of april.

spent most of last spring, summer and fall in the grants, nm area near bluewater lake and tried to buy a piece of land there.

thankfully no affordable or suitable land was available at the time.

once again, i hope it happens that we meet face to face one day.

peace....... francis

ElderChild said...

seems i have been mistaken.

i had thought that ElroyTLanphear was the author of this blog and so my response was intended for him.

would appreciate your posting my response.