Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Americans Being Sucked In"

The good life, is becoming the dreaded life in America. Anyone you talk to now days, all say the same thing. 'I want America to be like it was'. Before 911, Bush, Obama and the stealing of American's, freedoms and livelihoods. Thing are accelerating so fast fast. No one can keep up with the changes. When Obama the puppet said, 'A Change You Can Believe In'. He meant, A Change You'll Live With'. A whore who is controlled by his masters. Has instead of bringing the troops home. Has expanded the wars into Pakistan and now Yemen. 'Yea Americans', who got sucked into this crap. By thinking their president could never be as blood thirty. As Obama and his masters. It's been a simple trap, put around the throats of Americans. As old as the bait and switch method. Employed for years by, American politicians. They tell you they will do away with the old ways. Only to continue the same old ways. Their has been no real political change in America. Since Bush sr., through Obama the puppet. It's best described in a video on You Tube called. 'How To Catch A Wild Pig', First you put out some free corn. When the pigs find the free corn, they'll be back (welfare). Then the next "Time" the pig come back. You put one fence up. Until they get use to that. Next "Time" you put up another fence, until they get use to that. Pretty soon you'll have a fence all around the pigs. With a gate at one end. Then you'll be able to decide, what pigs come and go. Sound familiar, to you Americans. That's exactly you, in the pig pen. The 'powers' have taken your incomes away, your freedoms away. Now you are the mercy of your masters. Much the same way, all American politicians are. Do as you are told. They'll let you have some corn. Try jumping over the fence. You corn rations will be taken away. A simple trick used on trusting spirits. Their are no free lunches. Problem is, most Americans were led to believe. Their are free lunches. Now Americans are falling one by one. Into a welfare state. Now needing the system to care for them and feed them. Just the way the pigs were in the video. Who live in fear, their will be no more corn. Americans have lost the will, to try and jump over the fence.

Anyone remember the 'Shoe Bomber'? Richard Reid, aka Abdul Raheen, who is now serving a life sentence in federal prison? This happened back in 22 December 2001. He was a supposed al-Qaeda operative. Trying to bring down a airliner with a primitive bomb in his shoe. A bunch of bull shit. To see how easily Americans and the rest of the World. Can be fooled by the controlled mass media. Like a bunch of sheep. People from around the World. Must take their shoes off, before boarding flights. As the 'powers' laugh at their stupidity. Now yesterday you have the guy who supposedly tried to take down a Detroit bound airliner. With some sort of firecracker. Surely a set up by the 'powers'. To keep fear in the public eyes. 'Your never safe from those damn old terrorist'. This "Time" it was a Nigerian, with al Qaeda connections. Who was quickly subdued, once again. Why didn't they report a woman took control of the situation. Just like the fake story surrounding the Foot Hood shootings? How the system found this out so quickly, can't be trusted. It was already reported. He wasn't on the so called Terrorist Watch List'. The CIA knew this of course. al Qaeda is under their control. To keep stealing billions of dollars from American tax payers. Just as 911 was an inside job. This was also an inside job. For two days now, this story has been front page news. The CIA can have what ever story they want. On the front pages of any, news paper in America. And most of the world.

Just released videos of a captured American soldier named Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl. Show a young G.I. living in captivity. He supposedly walk away from his unit in Afghanistan. It's not sure if he was captured or he simply walked away from his post. Many Americans are coming home and telling their family and friends. Americas have no place in the area of the World. American soldiers along with American tax dollars. Are going to keeping the oil and drug, flowing through Afghanistan. Just as Vietnam was used to keep the drugs going to Americas youth. The heroin traffic is controlled by the CIA, out of Afghanistan. The neat part of these type of stories. When you talk to other Americans. They also believe, this is exactly whats going on in Afghanistan. These lies are getting harder and harder to keep. As the Americans and the rest of the World. Wakes up to what is being done to them. These types of stories are released to the general public. In hopes they keep the lie going. That now is starting, to back fire on the 'powers'.

News front Haiti, a control American country. 225,000 children mainly girls, are being used as forced slaves. This news come from the, Pan American Development Foundation. They have recommended Haiti's government. Focus more efforts on educating the poor and uneducated. Here again the controlled media being told just what to say. The children of poor undeveloped countries haven't a chance, in the modern World. Nothing will ever be done to help these children. They are slaves in the international business World. The same thing that is coming to America. If the people of America soon don't stand up.

Here is a great report on the current mission of Blackwater on video. 'Blackwater Shadow Army' You can see why the current administration can remove troops from Iraq. And simply replace them with mercenaries.

Don't trust the water, need a cheap way to create you own? Here is a video to teach you a easy way. To make your own, purified water. The system is called, Berkey Water Filter. Which is sold on the open market. Don't have the extra money, try this?

I added a few photos from Sedona. I went up yesterday, thinking I'd be one of few out. I was wrong, folks from all over the World, were up their yesterday. The Orientals and all their camera equipment. Were at every road side scenic look out stop. Sedona was packed with folks and no where for them to eat. I found a good vegetarian restaurant in West Sedona to eat at. All the folks eating their, looked well healed. I got someone to take a photo of me, to finally post. Showing what I look like. The reason I call myself the 'Lizard'. Long before any of this reptilian stuff came out. I called myself the 'Lizard', because twice a year. I seem to shed my shin like a snake or lizard living here in the deserts of Arizona. bye

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