Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Gary McKinnon"

Most people won't know who this fella is? If he is extradited to America from England, most soon will. You see Gary McKinnon did a no, no. He hacked into 97, that is the correct number. NASA and military computers, from March 2001 through February 2002. (Doing so with relative ease.) Not a really good "Time", to be doing that either. America was suffering through 911. You see Gary was no KGB agent. He wasn't working for Mossad. A Jewish intelligence gather agency. No Gary like hacking and UFOs. He said he was inspired after reading the book, 'The Hackers Hand Book'. Written by Hugo Cornwall, which is now out of circulation. What Gary found, were secrets about the biggest cover up in American history. The true story behind the UFO phenomenon. Information that should be. In the general public's hands anyway. After all, this information was collected. By using Americans tax dollars. What Gary found, should for all practical purposes. Be of a public domain. Of course that never stopped, America's secret government. From covering up, vital information from the public. You know, like little facts. About the truth behind 911, WWII, Vietnam, Kennedy's assassination, etc.. Now poor old Gary McKinnon is facing 70 years behind federal bars. Bars that will never let, 'little old Gary' see freedom again. The information Gary saw. Was of no vital information to a foreign government. No it was more like information the general public deserved to see. Gary has been fighting extradition to America. It appears to no avail. As of 27 November 2009, Home Land Security (Is that Janet the lesbians group of whores?). Has stated, their powerless to stop his extradition. Gary and his family appealed to let Gary, do his "Time" in England. That was to no avail either. You see, Gary may know to much now. And America is really good at killing people, who are behind bars. (Al Capone, anyone?) This whole incident has made America and their security. Look like the bumbling fools, or Key Stone cops, they are. So America's government is out to set an example of Gary McKinnon. Mess with our bumbling fools, you'll never see the light of day again.

Here are a few facts. Of what we know Gary McKinnon found out. 'The Disclosure Project', that tells of 400 testimonials. From people from traffic air controllers to. Folks responsible for launching nuclear missiles. Who had UFO information. Also information about reverse engineering. From recovered or captured UFO's. Stories of triangular crafts, flying in American airspace. He discovered build 8, at Johnson Space Center. Airbrushing out UFOs from aerial reconnaissance. This all seems quite innocent to the general public. Just simple facts the public should already know. Now here is the saddest part of the story. Gary McKinnon suffers from Asperger's syndrome, a form of Autism. A condition that causes poor social interaction. Gary may have never known. What he was doing, would get him a life "Time" in jail. That's no avail to Americas thirst for blood. Gary looks to be doomed for life. For something the American public should already know. This, so makes it easy to see. Why the rest of the World, both hates and fears, America's government!!!

Contrary to what most Americans will hear about the Copenhagen Climate Conference. From Americas controlled media. Copenhagen was a colossal failure, for the NWO. And their hopes of a World wide tax system. In the end, the Third World countries were doomed. They would have been regulated to staying in the 'Stone Age'. And most of them walked out of the meetings, because of it. Is all the NWO got from the Third World countries (or Developing countries) was. They will report back every two years. On their voluntary emissions controls. Obama the puppet promised $100 billion a year to developing countries. (Get a load of the next line.) With no guarantees, they will ever see the money. (yesterdays blog, about Obama's integrity) Hooray for the World's population. They finally won one.

All this talk about helping out the Third World's government. To meet pollution standards, with American dollars. Rite now America owes the rest of the World. 12 trillion, not billion, with an additional one trillion a year. For each of the coming years. Yet some how this country still is committed to keeping three wars going. How this continues is a wonder to me and many others.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is back in the news. Inmates at Maricopa County Jails, failed, in their law suite against the Sheriff. For inhumane treatment. Turns out Sheriff Joe was playing continuous Christmas music. Through out the holidays to the inmates. The inmates claimed it was cruel and unusual punishment and forced participation in religious celebration. Arpaio says inmates, 'should stop acting like the Grinch who stole Christmas'. 'And quit wasting the courts "Time" with frivolous assertions'.

The first firm in Arizona, to be punished under Arizona's hiring laws was. Waterworld a water park in northeast Phoenix. The company was to lose their operating license for ten days. Maricopa County Attorney General, Andrew Thomas. Said the business will be subject to three years probation. In the department of, only in Arizona. This company no longer exist and has been out of business. These laws are put on the books for tree trimmings. Like so many other unenforceable laws in Arizona. It gives the politicians, something to brag about. And then steal the tax payers dollars.

In the last few weeks their have been reports of large meteors over America. One over Utah and Nebraska. And several UFO sightings, including a triangular craft, over Moscow. Not to mention, the Blue spiral over Norway. If Nibiru is nearing the Earth. This what you should be seeing. Here is the link to the Utah meteor. "God" bless on the Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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