Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Dumb in, Dumb out"

You put dumb information in your computer. Dumb information comes out, of your computer. When the 'powers' appoint such leaders as, Bush, Gore, Obama, Clinton and etc.. You have, dumb in, dumb out. Their latest attempt at looking intelligent is failing big "Time". Surely the 'powers' are wary of Obama the puppet already. The look they tried to portray, with the Black and White slave, called Obama. Is falling apart in front of their eyes. The weight put upon their latest slave, is breaking him down. The World is starting to see through Obama's frail attempt to appear intelligent. Just as those who came before him. Proves the 'powers' don't have much to work with. Look at the current leaders of the so called Free World. They all look ignorant and frail. Their is no soul in their bodies. They were hand picked, because of their lack of integrity and soul. As the Copenhagen front for One World Government falls apart. You can see the 'powers' have no quality clay, to mold with. If it wasn't for the 'powers' control of the media. Their entire operation would have crumbled to the ground. They need to start putting Obama in the back ground soon. Just as they did with the witch Hillary Clinton. The Third world countries, who once looked at Obama as the future. Now scorn and mistrust him. The 'powers' house if cards are getting weaker.

Al Gore the puppet whore. Is being chased from his own book signings. The World now realize. Al Gore is just another ignorant puppet. In a line of other ignorant whores, who came before. The folks who are willing to exposes these fragile whores. Are now to numerous to count. The TV is only getting to the uneducated sheep. To where as the educated folks. Are turning away from the mass media.

Now to control the masses. The 'powers' are turning towards, mass starvation. Starting with Africa. Then they will turn this operation to the weak third World countries. Who's leaders are just as corrupt as America, Russia, England and other so called elite countries leaders. Then they will start to stave out the so called elite countries. Here in America, the worlds bread basket. Farmers are being force to grow crops for fuel instead of food. By making it more lucrative financially. This is easily accomplished, by controlling crop prices. The farmers are already burdened with so many laws put before them. So to be able to feed their own families. They are force to grow what pays the best. If that's not bad enough. Their are becoming fewer and fewer small farmers. As farm operations have become like the big three auto makers. Soon only a handful of companies will control most of the food produced in America. With the monopoly Monsanto controlling the seeds for planting. This is playing out in front of the worlds eyes. Problem is, most of the Worlds eyes. Are looking at the ground, instead of what is happening around them. For the most part. Most of the World hasn't even noticed. The chem-trails, over their heads. You can see this simple pattern. Once you are alerted to it. And if the Worlds population is alerted to it. Will they simply set on theirs hands? And be devoured, by the 'powers'?

I had another conversation with my friend in Denmark. About how the NWO, has already enslaved Europe. And that they have been reduced to slaves. Mainly by the 'powers' removing their weapons. Now the European countries are hoping on hope. That America will stand up to the NWO and save. Europe and the rest of the Worlds population, from slavery. He made a good point about. How many well trained veterans, America has. And that in Europe most don't have any training with guns. The fact that America has so many returning veterans from our three wars. (include Pakistan now) Is the reason they are called domestic terrorist. As the returning vets have learned. America is the aggressor and not the savior for Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan. Just as the veterans learned, during Vietnam. Their is no reason for them to be their. During my conversation, I asked about all the detainees. That were on their knees with hand cuffs behind their backs. He told me the reason was. The police were aloud to detain you. If you even looked like, you where going to cause problems. This is the same type of law that was passed in the Hate Crime Bill. Also known as, 'the thought law'. If the police even suspect you might have future ideas. This is a good enough reason to arrest you. He said that even knives and masks are banned in most European countries. So ski masks are forbidden to keep you from the cold. See how far laws can be taken. Once they are enacted? As my friend said, 'this is coming to America, if America'. 'Doesn't stop the enemy NWO now'.

I finally got my hands on a H1N1 Swine Flu vaccination form. The one you must sign before being administered, 'The Shot'. Listed are, Influenza Adverse Reactions (Inactivated Influenza Vaccine). Here are some of the systemic symptoms. Fever, Malaise, Myalgia and other systemic symptoms. The key word here is other. As most folks know. The drug companies have been exempted from law suites . That are a by product from the shots. Here are some other things that might happen to you, from the so called safe shot. That are listed on the form. They like to call these, allergic reactions. Hives, angioedema, allergic asthma or systemic anapgylaxis. Here is the killer line. Unlike the 1976-1977 swine influenza vaccine, subsequent vaccines prepared from other virus strains have not been clearly (CLEARLY) associated with an increased frequency of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) (Get this next line!!!) Even if GBS were a true side effect, the very low estimated risk of GBS is less than that of severe influenza which could prevented by vaccine. Other neurological disorders, including encephalopaththies not defined as GBS, have shown a temporal association with influenza immunizations, but causal link has not been established. Now think about it? Should you need a lawyer, before getting this shot? And why is the warning written in such a way? You would need a lawyer. As I walked away from the table these forms were laid out on. I looked back to see what type of people were in line. They all looked like they had bells under their necks. (Sheeple) bye

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