Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Slavery, American Style"

A good editorial cartoon called, 'Another View'. Does a great job of depicting America, of today. Show's a bunch of folks in a cotton field, on a plantation. With their master being, 'Congress'. Sitting in a rocking chair saying. 'Y'all jus' stop your whining. Jus' do what we say. And we'll feed ya, house ya, and maybe give ya, free health care.' This is a perfect example of where the country has been taken. Rite into Socialism, with out a drop of blood shed. A welfare state, with no moral leadership. With all the citizens tax dollars. Going toward the Giant Military Industrial Complex. Instead of going to help the citizens of the country. A country of soldiers, bullying the rest of the world. This is what has become of a once great country. With the industrial leader, controlling both the congress and military. I just hope someone can disprove what I've just stated. That just ain't going to happen. The 'white soulless, white trash', are now totally in control. Putting the working class under their financial control. Using their children to fight wars, that have no real enemies. The middle class, has been turned into working slaves. As the distance between the wealthy and the rest of the country's slaves widens. With in a decade, the middle class of America. Will cease to exist. By using the soon to be carbon tax, and health reform. To put the final bullet into the hearts of America's, working middle class. Just as the 'powers' want. A machinist in America. Will be making the same wages. As a machinist, in any other foreign county. That is, if their are any boarders. Between sovereign counties left. Buying guns, and stocking up on ammunition. Has been the America way lately. Turn and look what has happened to America. While all this preparations by the American general public has been taking place. The 'powers' silently have taken the country. In a direction of their own choice. Yell and scream all you want. The facts are the facts, I'm only messenger. Looking from the out side in.

One of the main reason the country is in such poor state of condition. Has been the lack of control over the boarders. With this giant influx of illegal worker. Joe Average's wages have pummeled. Arizona's ex lesbian governor, Janet Napolitano. Is sure to keep this trend going. Put into a position she has no expertise on. Mainly because she fit the MO. The 'powers' want to bestow on the general public. That public officials be, 'Sexual Deviates'. She was never much of a governor. And now she is keeping that tradition alive. As Homeland Security Secretary. She has removed many of Joe Arpio's powers. While the system wants me to believe. The lesbian Janet, has melded her characteristics energy and intellect. (Does lesbian and character go together?) Into a mission of fighting terrorism and enforcing immigration laws. Not only has the lesbian Janet done that. She is a proven responder to natural disasters. And if you believe that. I've got ocean front property in Yuma, to sell you. The lesbian Janet tell the country. That illegal immigration is down. Since her placement in office. While the rest of the country knows. The reason for the smaller number of illegals into the country is. The financial melt down. No jobs, equate to fewer illegals crossing the boarder. In fact many of the illegals are returning back to Mexico and other Latin American countries. The lesbian Janet and the government. Want the country to believe they are safer now. Mainly because their have been no 911 type of attacks. When day by day, more folks realize. That 911 was truly an inside job. (Building 7 collapsing, some 5 hours later.) Yea Janet the lesbian wants me to believe. As soon as the Health Care Bill, gets shoved down Americans throats. That the boarder issues will be resolved. Not only will that problem be resolved. Narcoterrorism will also be taken care of. Yea sure and just what promise has Obama the puppet kept yet? Yea lesbians like Janet, make great politicians. They have no social or spiritual soul, to get in the way.

Found this 2012 shot film on GLP. 'Maya 2012 Documentary Film', It's a short lesson on the events leading up to 2012. Not totally convince anyone really knows what will happen. What the heck, not much of anything, on the tube any way.

Here is another diversion from the tube I've found. It's called 'Paranormal TV'. It has 4 channels of different types of programs on it. Ghost hunters, UFO, Sasquatch and all the good things. People are getting into now days. As more and more folks are getting turned off, by the constant propaganda. Coming from the big 4 net works and cable channels.

I was invited to be a guest. To ask Travis Walton. Who the movie, 'Fire in the Sky' was about. Angel of the, 'Tha Jackals Head' program on Blog Talk Radio. Let me be the first person to ask a question to Travis Walton, during his interview. Anyone who has ever listened to Travis give an interview. Knows of all those who say they were 'abducted'. He comes across as the most believable. Angel introduced me as another 'abductee', to Travis. I notice Travis seemed a bit nervous. As I was introduced to him. Surely the first "Time", he had been confronted. By someone who had been in his shoes. I learned Travis still lived in Snowflake Arizona. A Mormon community in northern Arizona. My other question was. 'Did you see other humans on the craft'. I explained this by saying. 'Were their any other humans on gurneys?' He replied, 'he was the only one'. And that, 'he was more than enough to handle, by him self'. The next question I asked Travis. 'Were the walls curved'. I thought this would be a good question, because. It's would be more like. What I was accustom to. The more I think about the answers, Travis gave me. The more I question, the story. I got a funny feeling about the tone. In witch Travis answered my questions. Call it a gut feeling, if you may. And why was he so nervous? When I was introduced, as an 'abductee'. Opinions are like navels I guess. We all have one, except for maybe the "Aliens". Hell I got a CD of the movie, for best question. Who could ask for anything more? "God' bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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