Saturday, December 12, 2009

"News From Copenhagen"

What being disguised as a Global Warming Conference. Is a mere disguise for 'One World Government'. And the proof is in the pudding. The conference is closed to the public. Only those that agree with the notion. The Planet is warming, and the citizens of the World. Are the very reason this is happening. Can attend or ask questions. If you have an opposing view, your barred from the conference. Blaming the citizens of the World for global Warming. Is a ploy to impose taxes, on the Worlds population. Even as the Worlds populations is finally awakening to what is being done to them. The Copenhagen conference goes on. Their have been many arrest at the conference. I've been on line with a protester from Denmark. He lives 60 kilometers from Copenhagen. With a little luck. I should be posting photos of the protests going on. My contact has told me. The police are cracking down hard on the protesters. The police are even confiscating cameras. From those who get caught taking pictures or video. This is a prime example of what's coming to America. A total lock down of all freedoms. My friend has told me. That Europe has already been taken over, by the NWO. A good example of this the new president of Europe. Who was never elected by the general public. The NWO leaders chose who their puppet would be.

Just like Obama the puppet, was chosen by his masters. To be president of America. (The electoral process. Is a mere game, for the general populace.) Obama's master are getting the public, ready for take over. When elections will be suspended. The NWO order is coming to America. And most Americans are not even aware. Of what is being done to them. (Look on you dollar bill. 'Novus Ordo Seclorum', or New World Order in Latin.) This has been slowly going on for years. Now the final drive, to get the NWO in place. By creating a Global financial melt down. The general public is currently. More concerned about their jobs, and feeding their families. And if they will have a job in the near future. The general public is being pushed to their limits, by the 'powers'. In hope their will be open riots. Then the NWO masters, can have their puppet Obama. Declare Martial Law on the country. All these rumors about foreign troops training in America. Along with American troops. Helps to fuel this notion. The 'powers' feel their is no need to care about. What the general public thinks any more. Look at all the recent bail outs. Banks, insurance companies, auto makers, etc. The public has been weakened, and their will broken. Sound familiar, Hitler before WWII. The best thing the citizens of the world can do. Is stop spending their money are worthless junk. Take your extra money and buy. Silver and dried goods, then wait this out. Worst case scenario, you'll be a better shopper.

Other than the going on in Copenhagen. The big news, is the Norway Lights. Most of the population of Norway seen the bright blue swirl of light. After 24 hours, news came from Russia. It was a failed rocket launch. Instead of coming rite out afterwards, with the news. Of a fail rocket test. The 'powers' needed "Time" to come up with a cover up. Just as was done with the Texas lights, Phoenix Lights and many more. The cover up had little hard evidence to back such claims up. Even Obama the puppet cut his trip short to Europe. Some speculate the lights were a warning to the NWO. Some say a hologram or project 'Blue Beam'. My take on the whole thing. The Hopi End Time scenario, 'The Blue Kachina'. 'The Blue Kachina' is to arrive near the end of the current World. And it is to spin backwards. The Norway lights were blue, and it spun backwards. And as many feel. If this isn't near the End Times, what is? Most Biblical and Hopi prophecies have come to light. About all the world needs now. Is a nuclear bomb going off in the middle east. Funny how only a few months ago. With my trip to Chaco Canyon and the chance meeting with Susan of Gallup. And her questions concerning, 'The Blue Kachina' and the End Times. And what do we have, the Norway Lights, rite on schedule.

What happened to the so called, Swine flu pandemic? Hardly any news lately. And now their are plenty of vaccines available here in Arizona. Guess it can be thrown in with the Bird flu pandemic and a few others. The NWO didn't get it's wish. Of this strains mutations and morphing into a more serious type of flu. And what about the stories coming out of the Ukraine? Is no news, still good news?

A couple of, 'Only in America' stories. First from Colorado Springs Colorado and Christian preacher, Ted Haggard. The once proud minister of New Life Church, and a large TV following. Who got caught in a homosexual relationship with a male prostitute. Has resurfaced to preach again. This "Time" to a much smaller crowd. A hundred or so, showed up at his home. For his first appearance since being removed from his own congregation. Shouting, "God" is good, "God" is good. What's the difference between him and Tiger Woods? Not much. Second story is out of here in Arizona. Ricki Quintero of Mesa, was crowned. Miss Indian Transgender Arizona in 2007. Now a new pageant is being presented for the. 2010 Miss Indian Transgender pageant, in Phoenix. At the 'Cruisin 7th Cocktail Lounge. Ricki Quintero was a member of the White Mountain Apache Tribe. The same tribe that produced Geronimo, who must be surely turning over in is grave. Except for one thing. The infamous. 'Skull and Cross Bone Cult, dug his body up years ago. And removed his head. (Bush, Gore, Clinton, you know, all those Cats and others, group.) This years pageant says it's looking for the younger ones to follow in their foot steps. As a Hopi friend once said. Benaily (Navajo) today, be gay to marrow.

Most believe the Boarder Patrol agents can't be trusted. Here is good proof of that fact. (Poor pay, along with not much education needed.) Former ICE officer, Richard Cramer 56 of Sahuarita Arizona. Pleaded guilty to helping the Mexican drug-trafficking organization evade arrest. He also used his own blood money. To help smuggle 300 kilograms of cocaine from Panama to Spain. He's facing 20 years prison sentence. His friends and family say. 'They stand behind him.' Never understood what that meant anyway? bye

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