Sunday, February 28, 2010

"The Moon and Stuff"

When you think about the Moon. You must wonder why, it never turns it face from the Earth. Just how was the 'Face on the Moon' face created? Could the coincidence of billions of years of meteor showers cause that? Why does the Moon, during an eclipse of the Sun? Fit perfectly in side, the diameter of the Sun. Why does the Moon have an irregular orbit? Some "Times" it's far to the north. While other "Times", far to the south. How can the Moon be so close to the Earth? And not cause the Earth to go. Spinning wildly out of control. No other Planets have such large Moon or Moons. In comparison too the host Planet. How is it in many ancient writings and tale? That the Moon is not mentioned? Could it be, the Moon was towed into place. Put their to give mankind a calender? Earth's tides and a menstrual cycle for women. The Moon gives mankind the perfect calender. Thirteen months, with twenty eight days. Where did the term originate, 'Man in the Moon'. Could the Moon be possible hollow? And the care takers of Earth live inside? Why did America bomb the Moon recently? The Native Americans have many tales about the mysterious Moon. And I'll share a few with you. (Oh and by the way, Phobos one of Mars Moon. Is known to be hollow.)

The Eskimos of the Bering Sea coast, have a tale. That a manlike being lives inside the Moon. He controls the game animals. Shamans make 'Spirit Journeys' to him. His name is, 'Moon Man'. To ensure the are enough animals for hunting season. The Zuni tell of, 'Moonlight Giving Mother'. Who is a co-creator with the Sun. That created life on Earth. To the Pawnee, 'Moon Women', releases the corn and buffalo, for there survival. In the Pima creation story. An Earth Shaman, makes the Moon from a block of ice. Hopi Spider Woman, spins the Moon from white cotton. In Tallamook stories, lunar eclipses. Are tales of spirits stealing the Moons light.

William Milton Cooper the man who predicted 911. Who had a large following, by using is own radio station in Eagar Arizona. Too reach million of Americans across the country. Depending on weather conditions. Also broadcast shows from KTTK Provo Utah. Was gunned down by deputy sheriffs, in front of his own home in Eagar. He felt his job was to expose. The inhumane crimes, that are being committed on a daily basis. To the citizens of American and others around the world. His speeches about UFOs, NWO and Zionist. Started a movement that grow bigger daily. Whores like Alex Jones are trying to steal his thunder. And of course misdirect the good folks of America. Just as all great ideas are always stolen from there creators. (Tesla etc.) William Milton Cooper was decorated Navy Intelligence Officer. William is the guy who realized. That the country was being set up for a false flag attack. Noting how Americas best intelligence agencies, couldn't find Osama bid-Laden. Yet a crew from Fox news with cameras and recording equipment. Waltzed rite into the cave Osama was hiding in. An recorded how he was about to attack America. William also said the country and World was being told lies about the "Alien" agenda. He believed folks like Stanton Friedman, Linda Moulton Howe, Whitley Striber and Richard Hoagland. Are all CIA agents. And part of the governments cover up team. That could explain why the four of them get so much press. In 2001 William Milton Cooper was entrapped, near his home. There were warrants put out for his arrest. Claiming he had pointed a gun at someone. A ruckus was started near his home in Eagar. As he went to see about some noise, just down the street. He was approached by two Apache County deputies. In a struggle with them. He shoot one, and he himself was gunned down. The true story will never be know of course. I plan to go up their to Eagar and make a shot video about the ares and where William Milton Cooper is buried.

A Navajo Marine was killed in Helmand Province Afghanistan. His name was Lance Cpl. Alejandro Yazzie. 23 years of age from Rock Point Arizona. On the Navajo Reservation, near four corners Arizona. Yazzie was the 11th Navajo killed in combat in either Iraq or Afghanistan. Deaths like this make no sense to me. To die in some foreign land. For a country that raped and murdered his ancestors. And then stole the Navajo way of life from them.

Some videos of interest, plus two I made this week. One about the 'Heard Museum' and 'Arizona Mine and Mineral Museum'.

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"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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