Saturday, March 6, 2010


Abductions was at one "Time", a taboo subject. Has now become main stream. Past stories that were surely planted. Of the abductee's painful encounter, with little Grey men. Doing all kinds of harmful medical procedures. On those they chose to abduct. The always 'anal prob' jokes, were the common. Every now, the anal probe crap come up a lot. If you even mentioned the idea of "Aliens". Eyebrows would be lifted, you'd be laughed at. The controlled media made sure of that. This just reemphasises that. How the media controls the masses. Now the tables have turned. More and more favorable attention is being given. The idea of folks really being abductees. There are even those that suggest. That over ten percent of the population. Is actually abducted on a regular bases. That would mean 3 million plus Americans. Are abducted on a regular bases. How any one could put a number on such occurrences is absurd. Yet they are those of us. Who are regular abductees. There seems to be prof. That abductees are from the same families. If the father or mother was an abductee. The children would also be abductees. I know this for a fact, with my own sons. Why the sudden change of direction? On the abductions phenomenon. Why is it cool all of a sudden, to tell friends. You have been abducted. Do folks now feel they are special? Because they have been selected to be examined. Were has the fear gone?

The first question always arises. How is someone removed from there bed. And some how transported through another dimension. Then reassembled, on the other side. To be Examined. Then reverse the process, all in one night. If you look at the molecular make up of everything. It would be easy to see how this could be done. (Beam me up Scottie) When you have entities that are probably thousands. If not millions of years more advance then mankind. And those same entities "God". Who would have them maintain and care for the Earthlings. Would surely be given these powers. As in Genesis in the Bible. Tells how mankind was to be. A care taker of the animals on the Earth. So what would be the difference? If another more advanced being or society. Was doing that for mankind. What mankind is suppose to be doing. For the animals of Mother Earth. None in my eyes. The only difference, mankind's job. Is on a material level, while the next level. Would be more on a metaphysical or spiritual level. The level mankind wants to attain some day. This make the abduction phenomenon totally feasible. And that is where mankind stand today. In an era that it's acceptable. To the idea of human abduction. By a much higher level of entity.

Look how the Travis Walton story has stood the test of "Time". Even today his story seems to be the most acceptable one. He is till doing interviews on a regular bases. And will be at the UFO conference in Laughlin Nevada this month. I myself am not so sure about Travis's story. Snowflake is a small Arizona town. And it wouldn't take much to. To get a few town folks along with the local sheriff. To go along with the story. Here is a link to the most recent Travis Walton interview. My friend Angel did on Blog Talk Radio. Just look for the Travis Walton, Fire in the Sky part. It is one of ten, along with my interview with Angel.

I want to add to the subject of abductions. A little about my own travels, as I call them. First of all, there has been no horror stories of painful medical procedures. There has been no type of intimidation. In fact quite the opposite. Medical procedures have been done on me. While on the other side. That have helped my physical body. If I choose, I would not have to return to life on Earth. I've learned life is a matter of free will. It's up to you to decide how and where you chose to live. It's up too you to decide. Between a good or positive decision. Verses a negative decision. You decide the out come of your Karma.

Here is a good example of how things have changed drastically. In a relative short amount of "Time". A good friend called me about a electrical job. He said he had this friend. Who wanted to start building. Eco-friendly housing for the masses. These homes of the future would be very, low energy. The walls would be virtually, indestructible. And so well insulated. That on a hot summer day in Arizona. It would require very little energy to cool. Also these units were very small. Thus protecting as much of the natural environment, as possible. Or as like like to say, 'small foot print'. This seemed all good and where the country and World is heading any way. This is not a new idea, but his friend. Thought his idea was fresh and exciting. Now here is where the abduction part comes in. My friend told the developer he had an older electrician. That would be perfect for this type of new age idea (me). And that I was older and smarter. The developer said, he was afraid of older tradesmen. Because they are stuck in there ways. My friend said don't worry, Ron's an abductee like yourself. And you two would get along well. I got the call to go and see about this new type of home construction. Turns out the developer claims. He has contact with the "Aliens". And they had instructed him to build these homes of the future. I'm not saying the developer didn't have contact with "Aliens". And they told him how to build these homes. It just goes to show how the tables have turned. What sound like a contactee, getting information from the "Aliens". Is totally acceptable now. He's got financing to go a head with the project. Where as before, he would have been laughed at. Can you imagine even a few years ago. Going to a banker and saying. I needed money for a project because. The "Aliens" had came to you with an idea, about future housing. bye

Here is a great chart about recent Earth Quake activity.

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