Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Why Dogs Don't Vote, Brule Sioux"

The Native Americans didn't think much of White mans elections. In the early years of the development of America. And probably even today. Because who ever won, the Native Americans lost. Most Native Americans tribe, also had a form of democracy, in the past. They would hold elections also. To decide the best way, for the collective tribal members. This still goes on in modern "Times". The Hopi of northern Arizona them selves. Are em brawled, about how to take care of there mineral resources. To let or not let, there coal and ground water. Be used for the Four Corners Power Plant. Which would give the tribe. Money for social needs, aka medical etc.. Found this cute story, about elections in one of my books. It's the tale of how Dog's elections, were stopped. Until a fit dog could be found, to hold office. What was needed, was a Dog. That didn't smell the place up. Just as America's current elected officials. Are stinking up the place, back in Washington D.C..

You see long ago, in dog years. A group of Dogs gathered to hold an election. So they could have someone. To be president, of the Dogs. To be able to have an election. The Dogs would have to have a convention. So they could nominate some Dogs for president. Just as is done today by mankind. At the big Dog convention. A Dog got up and nominated a Bull Dog, for president. Citing that a Bull Dog was strong and a good fighter. Another Dog jumped up and said. That's no good, a Bull Dog can't run fast enough. To catch another Dog to fight. So another Dog got up and nominated a Greyhound. Citing that the Greyhound could run down any Dog. Another Dog got up and replied. If a Greyhound caught up with another Dog. He would get his ass kicked, so that's no good. Then a little mutt got up and said. 'I nominate a Dog who smells good, under the tail'. Immediately another ugly mutt got up and said. 'I second the motion'. All of a sudden all the Dogs got up. And start sniffing under each others tails. As the Dog started talking. You could hear them say. 'Phew this Dog doesn't smell good under the tale'. Another Dog chimed in, 'no presidential material here. 'This one is definitely not the Dogs choice'. Another Dog replied. So when you go out and you see Dogs. Sniffing under each others tales. The are still looking for a Dog. That can be presidential material. Now is there really and difference in today's congress and president? All the folks back in Washington D.C.. All smell to, 'high heaven'. (Brule Sioux)

A young girl has recently appeared on the UFO seen. Her name is, Laura Magdale. As they would say in Dog breeding. She has good blood lines. You see here great grand father. Is no other than Dwight David Eisenhower. America's WWII war hero and thirty fourth president (1953-1961). Dwight D. Eisenhower has is own "Alien" connection. He was said to have disappeared for three days. Off the face of the earth. There has always been rumors. That he had meet with some "Alien" group. To strike a deal of some sorts. I've never done any research on this matter. So I don't know much about it. Laura says that her and others. When asked years ago. To be part of a group to go live on Mars. That's rite Mars, of all places. I believe this would have been back in the seventies or eighties. The whole idea was. That if the Earth was destroyed by some catastrophic event. The human race would survive. She has been interviewed by some good friend on both, Blog Talk Radio and Peoples TV. I've listen to both interviews with great interest. As having my own stories to tell. The interviewers are friends, Angel, Rick and Jessie. Who's last name I'll not release, until I find out it's OK with them. As you listen to Laura talk, you hear all the keystone words. Any person who fallowed the UFO phenomenon, would recognize them. That's the problem with her. Nothing new or Earth shaking. If it wasn't for the fact of who her great grandfather was. I don't believe she would get a moments notice. here is the link to the interview, with both Angel and Rick.

Arizona Senator and totally senile John McCain. Has put before Congress. A bill that would out law the use of Aloe Vera and natural vitamins. And put them under the control of the FDA. Which is really only a front for the countries, major drug manufacturers(cartel). I can see how they major drug companies could control the vitamins. Which has already been done in Canada, by the way. How in the hell do they control Aloe Vera? The plant grows wild here in the southwestern United States. Would another law enforcement agency. (Like the federal drug enforcement agency.) That's only job would be. To make sure no one has Aloe Vera growing in there back yards. Or how about a planter in your home. With Aloe Vera growing in it, near a window. Just one more absurd law being put in place. To control every aspect of human life. Where is the end of these new laws? Just like the recently passed, 'Hate Crime Bill'. And a bill being presented, to stop organic home gardens. When will the citizens of America finally say, enough is enough?

Speaking of the Drug cartels. The Mexican Drug cartel is taking over another city on the Arizona boarder. The city of Nogales, Senora Mexico. Has become a battle ground, like so many other Mexico cities. A town with a population of about 200,000 folks. Has already over a hundred murders. With most of them coming form the war. To control the drug movement. This could all be stopped for the most part. If America would simply legalize drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. This is never going to happen unfortunately. To much money to be made by the crooks that control, America's congress. This all goes back to the Dog with the stinky tale. The country is controlled by lower forms of humanity. Who are stinking up the entire Planet. By the soulless and in humane activities. "God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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