Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Wandering Spirits, Caddo Tribe"

According to ancient Caddo Tribe tales. Mankind once lived forever. In the beginning of life on Earth. There was plenty of space, for mankind to roam. To expand there families and Clans. Everybody continued to live for ever. Until there were to many people, on the Earth. There was no free land to roam. The Chiefs held a council, to determine what to do. One idea batted around, by a tribal members. Make people die, for only a short "Time". Then they could come back. And be with those that grieved there death. Much like a type of reincarnation. Folks of modern "Times", talk so much about. Another tribal member jumped up and said. 'He thought people should die forever'. He made a point of saying. 'This little Planet, isn't large enough'. 'To hold all the people, when they came back to life'. 'And there wouldn't be enough food, to feed all the people'. All the other tribal member rejected this idea. They didn't want there loved ones to be gone forever. This would cause grieving and sorry for those that were left behind. There would be no happiness on the Planet. Knowing that when death came, that was it. Everyone decided the best plan was for. Mankind to be gone just a short "Time". Everyone except 'Coyote'. He wanted death to last forever.

The Medicine men built a large grass house, facing East. And called it a Medicine House. When the Medicine House was completed. The Medicine men called, for all the tribal members. To gather at the grass Medicine house. They said, 'this is where, life would be restored to the dead'. Chief Medicine Man, explained here they would sing songs. Calling for the spirits of the dead to return. When the spirits came to the Medicine House. They would be restored to life. This made all the tribal members happy. They were all anxious, for the return of there loved ones. So they could, be with them once again.

When the first man died. The Medicine men gathered at the Medicine House. And started sing songs. So the spirit of the dead man. Could find his way, to be reborn. After a few days, a strong whirlwind began to blow, from the west. And circled about the Medicine House. This was surely the spirit of the dead man. Coyote saw the whirlwind himself. As it was about to enter the door, of the Medicine House. Coyote quickly closed the door. So the dead mans spirit, could not enter the Medicine House. By doing this, Coyote made death eternal. From that "Time" on, people grieved over the loved ones death.

Now when ever someone sees a whirlwind or hears the wind blowing about. Every since Coyote closed the door to the Medicine House. The spirits of the dead. Have been wandering around the Earth. Until they can discover. The road to the 'spiritland'.

Coyote ran away, to never return. When he realized, that what he had done. Made him very afraid of others. Every since he has to run from place to place. Constantly looking over his shoulder. In fear of what is pursuing him. And every since he has been starving. As no one will give him anything to eat. That's why the next "Time" you see a Coyotes. You'll understand why the Coyote is so thin. His past sins still haunt him. And others have not forgotten what his past deeds were. All old Native America tale. Always have a beautiful meaning to them. This story was meant reminds everyone. Be careful of what you do to those around you. For you will live with it. For the rest of your life. Even if others forget what you have done. You will never forget what you have done.

I've written about the Cochise and Geronimo here before. If you want to know more about the area. That created the need for both Cochise and Geronimo. Look up 'Fort Bowie Arizona' and the 'Butterfield Stage Line' that passed near by. It was a major gateway to California. Hundreds if not thousands of Apache and Calvary died fighting for this little area of Arizona. And to marrow me and my Martian friend, will visit another area. That was fought over between the Native Americans and the U.S. Calvary. It's called 'Bloody Basin' for good reason. It has running water, a rarity in the deserts of Arizona. I'll be posting another You Tube video of my journey to marrow night. You Tube RD47blog for my channel.

Keeping the American citizens living in fear. Is what the 'powers' are good at. They even like catchy titles like 911, Pearl Harbor, Tolkin Gulf and many others. Remember the 'Shoe Bomber', because of him. You enter a check point at the airport with your shoes in the air. Making everyone look like sheeple. Living in fear of another so called 'Shoe Bomber'. Now the 'powers' have given the sheeple, 'JihadJane'. Catchy isn't it, it's suppose to be. That way it keeps tucked in your mind. (Remember the sheeple are afraid of North Korea.) The new fear for the sheeple. Is a middle aged house wife. Meant to destroy there beautiful great life. And if the sheeple will by into this BS. Don't worry, there will be more to come. As long as the sheeple's minds. Are under the control, of just a few. (The little man behind the Curtain, 'The Wizard of Oz.') So when the sheeple go to sleep to night. They better say a little prayer. Thank "God" the 'powers' caught JihadJane'. Bye

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