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"Another Way To Kill, The Native Americans"

Here is a 'Kiowa' story, about death. As told by, 'Old Lady Horse' (Spear Woman). As the Whites settled into the interior of America. One of there priorities, was the death of the Native Americans. They choose several ways to do this. Some was done by disease, small pox. Some was by killing the Native Americans. By using the United States Calvary. Another way was to eliminate there food supply and shelter. Food supply and shelter was the chosen way, to kill off the Plains Indians. The Buffalo meant every thing to the Plains Indians. It was food, medicine, rituals, moccasins, water bags, cloths, shelter etc.. Buffalo hides where used to create there 'Tee Pees'. So the Plains Indian tribes, could be mobil. The Plains Indians had to be mobile. There very existence, was tied to the Buffalo. So as the Buffalo roamed around. So did the Plains Indians.

The 'Kiowa' say they came from the Buffalo. This dates back to stories, told by many Native American tribes. Who say they were created from the animals of 'Mother Earth'. A good example of this belief. A white Buffalo calf, had to be sacrificed. In a ritual called the, 'Sun Dance'. The 'Kiowa' priest used parts of the Buffalo bones. For there prayer or when healing the sick. They held certain bones, while singing to the "Gods".

When the Whites started to settle into the plains. They knew if the Buffalo were killed off. That would also eliminate the 'Kiowa'. And enable them to bring cattle in. To the vast amounts of open range. The Whites first used the Tenth Calvary, to kill the Buffalo off. The Tenth Calvary was made up of Black soldiers. The 'Kiowa' called them the, 'Woolly Headed Buffalo Soldiers'. Now you know where the name, 'Buffalo Soldier' came from. The Black soldiers tried there collective best, to kill off all the Buffalo. There best efforts, were not good enough. So White sharp shooter were called in. (Buffalo Bill Cody) Death to the Buffalo herds was great. Piles of carcass and bones, lined the Rail Road tracks. As the White sharp shooters. Could kill off as many as, one hundred Buffalo a day. The meat was taken to rail heads. Then shipped off back east.

The Buffalo knew there days were limited. And they could no longer protect the 'Kiowa' tribe. The last remaining herd of Buffalo. Gathered for a council meeting. They knew they needed to make a decision soon. While there were a small amount still alive. They had seen first hand. The Whites and Black Soldiers were soulless. And to kill off all the Buffalo, meant nothing to them.

A small band of 'Kiowa' were camped north of Mount Scott. Which of course would have had a 'Kiowa' name before. (Just as the Chinese are renaming. All the land marks once enjoyed by the Tibetan peoples.) A young woman arose at dawn. The mist was still rising off of Medicine Creek. As she looked through the mist rising from the creek. She saw the last Buffalo herd, like in a Spirit Dream. Straight to Mount Scott, the leader of the herd. Led the survivors of the one great Buffalo herds. In a line she could see, Cows and there off spring. And a few young males. Who had survived, the slaughter by the Blacks and Whites. As the young girl watched the procession. The Mountain seemed to open, like a mouth. For the small herd of Buffalo.

Inside of the Mountain, the young girl could see. Green and fresh pasture, like from her childhood. The rivers ran clear, not red. Like the rivers were running. While the great Buffalo were being slaughtered. Wild Plums were in blossom, filling the hill sides. Into this World of beauty, the Buffalo walked. Never to be seen again. The ending of this 'Kiowa' story. Is much like may the old Native American stories. That talk of the 'Hollow Earth'. That where they first came from. Once again a beautiful Native American story. Depict what is exactly happening to to the citizens of the world. They are also being slaughter off by the soulless ruthless. 'Powers' that now control the surface, of the Earth.

Last evening I attended a lecture about Nano Technology. (will list links) To my surprise, Nano Technology is way down the road. The governments wants the general public to believe. They are closing in on this technology. Couldn't be farther from the truth, as it turns out. Just another 'Rabbit Hole'. To take money from the tax payers. Then re use the funds, in some deadly practice. Like the wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Even if Nano Technology was at hand. You would have to figure out. How to control it. Once it got going. You see the true meaning of Nano Technology means. After you create the first tiny robot. It's first duty would be. To create another minute robot. Then the two of them would duplicate the process. Until billions would be created. After this process got going. How would you ever stop it? Know one knows that answer. That doesn't mean that, some where in the world. Evil powers are trying to complete this process.

Here in Arizona it's Spring training for fifteen major league baseball teams. I read today how the tradition of training in Arizona got started. It was led by the owner of the Cleveland Indians. The owner Bill Veeck, had noticed. That as the Black ball players were coming into the major leagues. They were facing racial prejudice in Florida. (The south shall rise again.) So he brought his team to Tucson Arizona. And as you could say, 'the rest is history'.

I'd like to give a plug to a friend I've meet on line. Anthea Appel has written a books called 'First Responders'. About the true events on the day of 911. Anthea also does a program on, 'Blog Talk Radio'. It's called, 'After Dark Radio'. If you would like a book, here is her e-mail address. Here is a link to some photography she has also done.

Here is another couple of sites, you may enjoy visiting.

Link to the first of the Nano lecture last night. I'll get the rest out this evening. bye and "God" bless.

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Keep telling that history:

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How do you keep a people down? ‘Never' let them 'know' their history.

The 7th Cavalry got their butts in a sling again after the Little Big Horn Massacre, fourteen years later, the day after the Wounded Knee Massacre. If it wasn't for the 9th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers, there would of been a second massacre of the 7th Cavalry.

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