Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Before This World, Brule Sioux"

Before this World, there was a previous World. The people were bad, and had lost there prayer. The Creating power, did not like those who lived in that World. So he decided one day to flood them all out. Then he would make a new World. The Creator had a Pipe Bag and Chief Pipe. The Creator made a pipe rack, in a scared manner. Then he took four dried Buffalo chips. And put them under three sticks. Then save the fourth chip, to light chief pipe. The creator said, 'I will now sing three songs'. Which will bring heavy rains. Then I will sing the fourth song. And stamp four "Times", on the Earth. Then the Earth will crack open. Which will bring water gushing out from the cracks. The water will cover all the land. He sang the first song, it began to rain. He sang the second song, it began to pour. When He sang the third song. Rain swollen rivers, overflowed there banks. Then He sang the fourth song, and stamped on the ground. The Earth split open, and water covered the entire Earth.

The Creator floated on the scared pipe, and his Pipe Bag (Mother Ship). He let himself be carried by the waves (electrical current) and the winds. He drifted for a long "Time". Until the rains finally stopped. By then all the people and animals had drowned. Only Kangi (new DNA) the crow survived. Kangi's problem was, there was no dry place to land and rest. Flying above the pipe, was "Tunkashila Grandfather". The crow asked three "Times". Will you make a place for me to land on to rest.

The Creator unwrapped the Pipe Bag (Mother Ship). The Pipe Bag contained, all manner of animals and birds. The Creator selected four animals. That were known for there abilities, to stay under water. First He sang a song and pulled out a Loon. He commanded the Loon to dive down and bring up some mud. The Loon dove deep down into the waters. He was unable to get to the bottom and retrieve some mud. The Loon cried out, " I almost drowned, the waters are too deep'.

Next the Creator sang a second song. Then pulled out a Otter. He ordered the Otter to dive down and bring up some mud. The sleek Otter, dived down into the waters. Using his strong web feet, to go deep down. The otter was submerged for a long "Time". When he came to the surface. He brought nothing with him.

The Creator sang a third song. Then reached into the Pipe Bag. And pulled out a Beaver. The Beaver using his great flat tail. To thrust himself under the waters. The Beaver stayed under the water longer than the others. Who had tried before him. When the Beaver finally came to the surface. He also had no mud with him.

The Creator reached into the Pipe Bag. For the fourth "Time" and sang a song. This "Time" the Creator pulled out a Turtle. Turtles are very strong. And can hold there breaths, for a long period's of "Time". The Turtles hearts are strong medicine. And keep beating after they die. The Creator said to the Turtle. 'You must bring back up the mud'. The Turtle dove down into the waters. The Turtle was down much longer. Than those who went before him. The other thought for sure, the Turtle was dead. While all this is going on. The Crow is flying above. Begging for a place to land and rest. After what seemed like eons (think, Mayan). The Turtle reached the surface.

The Turtle told the Creator. 'I reached the bottom'. While at the bottom of the waters. The Turtle scraped the mud under his shell. Put mud between his legs and body. The Creator began to sing. He sang while he shaped the mud. He spread the mud out to make a resting place for the Crow. Now there was enough land for the Crow and the Creator. The Creator said to the Crow. 'You can come down and rest yourself'.

Next the Creator took two feathers from an Eagle. He used the feathers to cover the Earth with dry land. Soon all the waters were replace with dry land. Dry land is good, but with out water. It is no good either. The Creator weep over the land. His tears brought running water, lakes and oceans. This is much better the Creator thought. Out of his Pipe Bag, the Creator. Pulled out all kinds of animals and living creatures. Plants were scattered across the lands.

From the Earth, Creator created mankind. Creator used red earth, black earth, yellow earth. He shaped men and women. He made as many as He thought. He needed to re start the Earth. Creator gave them language, understanding. Told them what tribe they belonged to. Creator stamped on the land. And shapes were formed, mountains, valleys, plains, etc..

The Creator said to the new inhabitants of Mother Earth. 'The first World I made was bad'. The creatures on it were bad. So I burned it up. The second world I created, was bad also. So I flooded it out. This is the third World, I've created. I have created a rainbow for you. So you will know, there will be no more floods. When ever you see a rainbow. You will know it has stopped raining.

The Creator said to the people of Earth. If you act humanely and live in peace. With each other and other living creatures. Two legged, four legged, many legs, no legs, flies, green plants of the universe. Then all will be good. If you turn ugly again. I will destroy you once again. It is entirely up to you. If you live on or die as a species.

The Creator gave the people the Pipe. You must live by these rules. The Creator named this place, 'Turtle Continent'. Because the land came from the Turtles efforts. Someday there might be a Fourth World. Then the Creator rested.

In this Sioux tale, once again mankind is reminded. It is up to you, if you live or die. This is a Planet of free will. The symbolism of the Turtle is very Mayan. For it is the Turtle, who bring new life. The Turtle is fast approaching Mother Earth Now. Will the Turtle bring up new mud, from the darkness? That is entirely up to the inhabitants of Mother Earth. "God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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