Saturday, March 27, 2010

"The Race, A Cheyenne Story"

The Cheyenne and the Hopi have a similar story. About how mankind and other living creatures. Lived in the 'First World'. In the 'First World', all the creatures lived in harmony. No creation, ate another one of "God's" creation's. Thus every living thing, lived in peace. There was no fear of attack. Much different than into days World. Where most humans are carnivore or flesh eaters. And animals prey on other animals. In "God's" eye, everything was created equal. Until one day the Buffalo decided. The Buffalo was the strongest and fastest. And they should be able to eat other creatures, including humans.

This did not go over well with the humans. So it was decided by the humans and animals. To have a race, to decide this mater. The Buffalo agreed with the humans and animals. The Buffalo would pick out there fastest runner. Her name was, 'Running Slim Buffalo Women'. The other animals though it would be unfair. If the animals were not included in the race. So they also raced the Buffalo. The humans decided to pick some birds. To race against, 'Running Slim Buffalo Women'. In fact they picked four different birds. A Hummingbird, a Meadowlark, a Hawk and a Magpie.

In the 'First World', birds and animals had no colors. So the animals decided to paint them selves. For this important race. A color was picked out, by each animal. Depending on that certain animals medicine, or vision. The Skunk decided to paint a white strip down there backs. The Black Tailed Deer, painted there tale black. The Antelope mixed red brown earth, with water. Then spread it all over it's self. Every animal painted themselves. And that's where the colors of the animals got started. And today they all have the same markings.

The race would take place in the Black Hills. At a place called 'Buffalo Gap'. A signal was given to start, this very important race. The crowd of racers started for a hill in the distance. This hill would mark the half way point. 'Running Slim Buffalo Women' was leading the way. As the other Buffalo cheered her on. For a while Hummingbird stayed with her, but soon tired. Exhausted the Hummingbird fell behind. So then the Meadowlark took over. For the exhausted Hummingbird. 'Running Slim Buffalo Woman' stayed in the lead. By the half way mark. Both 'Running Slim Buffalo Woman' and the Meadowlark. Had separated themselves from the pack, at the half way mark. "Running Slim Buffalo Woman' was still fresh. As they turned and headed back to Buffalo Gap.

Past the half way mark, Meadowlark had had enough. And dropped out of the race. The Hawk was gaining on 'Running Slim Buffalo Woman'. Soon Hawk realized, he was the fastest of the birds. And soon passed "Running Slim Buffalo Woman'. With the other Buffalo cheering her on. She re-took the lead of the race. In the distance behind Hawk and 'Running Slim Buffalo Woman'. Was a small dot. It was the Magpie. Not the fastest of the group. But strong hearted and preserving. Like in horse racing today. The runners were bleeding from there nostrils. Leaving a trail of blood. That still be seen to this day.

With Buffalo Gap in sight. 'Running Slim Buffalo Woman' was confident, the race was hers. She was unaware, she was starting to slow. From the maddening pace of the race. Magpie was beginning to gain on her. Though still far behind her. As they neared the final stage of the race. 'Running Slim Buffalo Woman', was panting hard. The other Buffalo were stamping there hoofs. Encouraging her to keep going. She gathered all her strength for one final push. Toward the finish line and victory.

As 'Running Slim Buffalo Woman' and Magpie. Looked toward the red sticks, that was the finish line. The two of them grasped for air. For the final surge to cross the line. At the very last moment. Magpie surged ahead and won the race. The humans and animals cheered in joy. For this was there saving moment. The Buffalo would not be allowed to. Hunt and eat the animals and humans.

The humans and animals won and the Buffalo lost. Every since the Magpie has been respected. And has never been hunted for food. And lives in peace, till this very day. As for the Buffalo, they have been hunted, almost into extinctions. Moral of this old Cheyenne story. Be careful what you boast of. I just may come back to haunt you.

In Mexico were it appears. The Drug Cartels has taken control of the country. There is a patron saint for the drug runners. The patron saints name is 'Jesus Malverde'. (Odd isn't it, how the word Jesus. Shows up as a first name.) 'Jesus Malverde' sits in the town of Culiacan, Sinaloa. A center for marijuana and opium fields. The drugs are not intended for the locals. They are meant for the American public. And to the local, growing marijuana and opium. Is just a way of life. The drug runners are compared to 'Robin Hood'. Take from the rich, (the Americans) and give to the poor (the locals). bye

Another Movie about Roswell and it's famous Crash. Is about to be released. Here is the trailer for it. 'Roswell Revelation'
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