Saturday, April 3, 2010

"The American Militias and Native Americas"

With the round up of the militia group from Michigan. Who's name was 'Hutaree'. It's the starting of something much bigger. It was said they were going to start killing police officer. As was reported, by the controlled mass media. Like in the case of William Cooper. When he was accused of pointing a gun at someone. Who knows for sure, if William even pointed a gun at someone. And does anyone know for sure. That the group from Michigan. Ever said they were going to kill police officers? With a controlled media saying, what it is told to say. This group has not been convicted of anything. Yet the controlled media, has already convicted them. These are attempts by the 'powers'. To start placing thoughts, into folks minds. That the American militias are. A bunch of uneducated Christian wackos. For the most part, the country needs there militias. This was put into the Constitution. As a form of checks and balances. To keep the country from becoming a dictatorship. Mush like the 'powers' are trying to do. With folks like Obama, Polosi, Reid and others. Spear heading the way.

As the local militias start getting larger. The 'powers' know they must do something about this threat. A threat that keeps them, from a dictatorship, in America. And one sure fired way. Is to start planting stories in the media. And going out and rounding local militias groups. With there controlled local police departments, to act as thugs. Once in jail the groups can be denied bond. By calling them, 'a threat to local and national law enforcement'. Just as has been done with the group 'Hutaree'. 'Hutaree' lawyers, are calling for a bond. So the group can be free until trial. With out bail bond. Hutaree' can spend up to two years behind bars. Before they are even brought to trial. In that two years, a lot of harm can be done to the group. Even if the are found not guilty. The deed has been done. And a warning shot has been fired at other militias groups. Does this all sounds to familiar? Think about the Native Americans that roam this country once.

Just as the militias groups are called murders. Before they even murdered someone. The Native Americans were portrayed as 'wild savages'. That must be exterminated. So the country can be safe. Lies and falsehoods were told in the controlled media, about the Native Americans. So the White settlers, would feel good about themselves. When the slaughter of eleven million Native Americans happened. And all there lands and resources were taken from them. And that is exactly what the 'powers' want to do, to the very people. Who ancestors they brain washed. To kill off the Native Americans. Always remember, that history repeats it's self. What went before, will come back around. To those who perpetrated the sins of there fore Fathers. No different than the Spanish speaking people of Mexico and Meso America. Who's ancestors were slaughtered and enslaved by the Catholic Church. Who now go to the same Catholic church. And give offering of money and there souls. So now it is "Time" for the American citizens. To be stripped of the belongings. There cultures, there way of life. Look around and see what is happening to America today. Retirement funds are being raided. Social Security is being down sized. The federal government wants to control your health from birth to death. I see no difference from Native Americans being put onto reservations. With the government giving them everything they need. To an America, that is fast becoming a 'socialist state'. Where folks are forced to turn to the government, for a hand out. With there jobs, having been shipped over seas. What is the difference, between living on government welfare, or on a reservation. American citizens have been reduced to living, like there Red brother. Waiting for there unemployment check and food stamps to come in the mail? Sad state of affairs, isn't it? Does anyone even notice but me?

This week I went and listened to a Buddhist Monk talk. At Arizona State University in Tempe. The talk was about reincarnation. And if there was life after death. The Monks name was, 'ZaChoeje Rinpoche'. There were two other professors also. That talk about the subject of reincarnation. It was easy to see, folks were there to listen to ZaChoeje talk. He was soft spoken and offered no clear answers. As to if there was indeed, life after death. He only told what he had been told. As he lived in a Tibetan Monastery for ten years of his life. After he finished the talk. He told a story about Buddha. When Buddha was asked if there was live after death. He responded by saying. 'I can only tell you, what I have learned'. 'I have no prof, to offer you'. That was the neatest part of the talk. So much more refreshing than some Christian Minister. Telling me, ' I will burn in hell for ever'. If I don't as he has said'. As for the two white professors. I'm not sure what the hell they were trying to say. Here is a link to part 1, of his talk.

Each blog I will start listing. Various Native American tribe of North America. With a brief history and culture. As the American way of life is lost. I want to show how the Native Americans past have been stolen from them also.

'Acoma' a Native America tribe of New Mexico. Live on a Mesa near Albuquerque. In a village called 'Sky City'. Like Old Oribia of the Hopi. It is thought to be the oldest continuous lived in village of North America. The Spaniard Conquistador 'Don Juan De Onate' conquered this Native American settlement in 1598. In the name of Catholic Christianity. The local Native Americans were slaughter. Today there stand a large Catholic Church, were the slaughter took place. Need I say any more?

"God" bless, bye

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Anonymous said...

yes we are noticing.... been watching it get closer for years. europeans did this to native americans and now colored doing it to whites...what comes around goes around. vote my ass!!!!