Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Okanogan Story of Mud Beings"

In the 'Mayan Creation Story'. The Mayans talk of how the first inhabitants on Earth. Were made of mud. And were called the 'Mud People'. This story can be found. In the Mayan Bible called 'Popul Vuh'. The Hopi being close cousins to the Mayans. Have a very similar story. Only they call the first inhabitants, 'Mud Man'. And you can find many Kachinas, portraying this character. The Okanogan Native American tribe. Also have a similar story of these 'Mud' type beings. The Okanogan tribe lived in the north west part of north America. There territory once ranged from, Idaho, western Oregon and eastern Washington. They were a small Salishan tribe of, semi-nomadic people. Who would of moved around. So they would always have a good supply of food. Not much different than the animals they feed off of. There diet also consisted of, cama root, wild berries and seeds. Today most of the remaining tribal members. Live on Colville Reservation in Washington.

Like in many 'Native America Creation Stories'. The creator "God" is called, "The Old One". And so too in the Okanogan, 'Creation story'. In the beginning the "Old One", created Earth. The Earth is alive yet, but she has changed. The soil his her flesh, the rocks are her bones. The wind is her breath. Trees and grasses are her hair. She lives spread out across the land and seas. When she moves, we have Earth Quakes. When the "Old One" took women and changed her to Earth. The "Old One" took some flesh (soil, DNA). And rolled it into balls. The first group of these ball of mud. Were the ancient ones, of earlier Worlds.

The ancient ones were both animals and people. Some looked like humans, yet walked on all fours. Some could fly like birds, others could swim like fish. All were given the gift of speech. As well as great powers and cunning. The Deer were never among the ancient ones. They were always animals.

Besides the ancient ones. Real people and real animals lived on the Earth. The "Old One" made people out of, last balls of mud, on Earth. He rolled them over and over. (progression of mankind) And shaped them like Indians. Then blew on them, to bring them to life. They were so ignorant. That they were the most helpless of all the creatures. The "Old One" had made before.

The "Old One" made people and animals. Into female and male both. So they could breed and multiply. Thus all living things come from 'Mother Earth'. When you look around yourself. You see part of your mother everywhere.

The difficulty with the early World was. That most of the ancient were selfish. And some were monsters. There was much trouble among them. They were very stupid in in many ways. They knew they had to hunt to survive. They didn't know what was deer or humans. And sometimes ate other humans by mistake.

The "Old One" realized that there would soon be no humans. If he let things go the way they were going. So he sent a 'Coyote' to kill all the monsters. And all the evil being, among the ancient ones. And to teach the Indians how to do things. As 'Coyote' traveled around the land. He taught the Indians many things. And made life easier for them. Thus the Indians did many wonderful deeds.

When you read this story from the Okanogan Indians. Do you see many of the same similarities, in today's World? Will the "Old One", send 'Coyote' back to Earth? To kill off the monsters, who prey on the innocent ones. And who keep mankind down and separated. Are the monsters, the so called the 'Illuminate'? Are those above, about to make there presence known again to mankind? Mankind can only hope. Is this about to happen, with coming of 2012. That 'Mother Earth' and her inhabitants. Will pass into a higher level of consciousness.

The 'Aleuts' tribe, occupy the islands. That separate Alaska and Siberia. The name 'Aleuts' comes from the 'Chukchi' tribe, meaning 'Islanders'. The 'Aleuts' call themselves the 'Unung'un', 'The People' (very common among North America tribes). They are a branch of the Alaskan 'Inuit' tribe. Which they share many of there cultures with and vocabulary. Many believe that these islands were the stepping stones. That were used by the Orientals. To populate North and South America. I'm not one of those, that believe that.

Here is a link to a discovery in Guatemala. That shows Mayan panels, of the 'Mud People'. "God" bless on the Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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