Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Owls and Rabbits, Iroquois"

Here is a Iroquois story of how "Everything Maker" named Raweno. Created the look for both Owl and Rabbit at the same "Time". While "Everything Maker" who will be called Raweno in this Iroquois story. Was busy creating all living things on Earth. He was working on Rabbit one day. Rabbit said he wanted nice long legs. Long ears like a deer, fangs and claws like a panther.
Raweno would create the animals as they wished. He said he would give them what they asked for. Remember that part of the story, of "Everything Maker". It will come into play later.

As Raweno was working on Rabbit one day. Starting with his hind legs. An Owl was sitting in a tree. The Owl who was still unformed, cried out, 'Whoo, whoo'. 'I want a nice long neck like a Swan's. Beautiful feathers like a Cardinal. A nice long beak, like a Egret's. And a crown of plume, like a Heron. I want you to make into the fastest, most beautiful and most wonderful bird. Of all the birds.

Raweno said to the yet formed Owl, 'be quiet. And turn your head into another direction and close your eyes.' Telling Owl, 'don't you know. No one is allowed to watch me. As I create, all living things.' As He was then making Rabbits ears very long. Just the way Rabbit wanted them.

Owl refused to do as Raweno asked. 'Whoo, whoo', replied the Owl. 'No one can forbid me to watch. No one can order me to close my eyes. I like watching you work and I will.'

Raweno became upset and angered at the Owl. He grabbed Owl, pulling him down from his branch. Stuffed Owls head deep into his body. Shaking Owl until his eyes became large from fright. Pulling Owls ears, until they were sticking up out of his head.

'There' said Raweno to the Owl. 'That will teach you a lesson. Now you won't be able to turn your neck to watch me. And see things you shouldn't watch. Now you have big ears. To listen with, so when you are told to do things, you will. Now you'll have big eyes, but not to big. That you can watch me with, because you'll be up all night. While I do my work by day. Your feathers will not be red, like a Cardinals, but gray like this.' Raweno rubbed the Owl all over with mud. As his punishment for his disobedience. So Owl flew off saying, 'whoo, whoo, whoo.'

Now Raweno turn back to the Rabbit, to finish his work. Rabbit was so scared by Raweno's anger towards the Owl. Even though the anger was not directed at him. Just seeing the anger, that "Everything Maker" possess. Rabbit ran off, half done. That's why Rabbits hop and do not run. As only the hind legs were completed. Rabbit never got his claws and fangs. And the Rabbit lives in constant fear till this day.

As for the Owl, he remained the same. As Raweno had created him in anger. With his short neck, big eyes and ears sticking up. The Owl can only come out at night.

Moral of the story, be careful what you ask for. And remember, "God" will give you what you want. As long as you remain humble. You are the 'creation, not the creator.

Went to visit the Hopi carvers at the Heard Museum in Phoenix yesterday. It was there annual trip down south, to sell there beautiful Kachinas. The crowds were larger than last year. And the carvers were selling some Kachinas. I have to say folks now, because there was a female carver there. Never seen a female carver before. Her work was good, but not great. As it will take generations of women carvers, to attain those abilities. The male carvers have groomed over the generations of years. The good news for the rest of the World is. The Kachinas were brightly colored this year. The last few years the Kachinas seemed dark and moody. With colors of mainly black and dark oily colors. I mentioned it to a few carvers and they agreed. Asked one carver, could it be? The Kachinas reflect, a major change in the. Reality of the World and new beginnings. As all the carvers are quite aware of 2012. And what it might bring. Lets hope the Kachina carvers, hold the collective conciseness of the Worlds population. And that it is projected into the Kachinas. This year I videoed the carvers for history. I'll post the links at the end of today's blog.

Bought a great book from a friend I meet on Blog Talk Radio. She host her own show called, 'After Dark Radio'. The book's name is, 'The First Responders', written by Anthea Appel. Anthea was a New York City police officers. When history and Americans freedoms where changed forever. The book gives a great "Time" line of event on 911. How the first responder such as the police and fireman responded. To that day and days rite after. Here is Anthea's web site. You can reach her at.

One Martian video's, Hopi Carvers @ Heard Museum

"God" bless on the Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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