Saturday, April 17, 2010

"The Here After, Blackfoot Style"

Went to the Arizona Science Center last evening. For a talk with the same group, I've been posting videos of. 'The Center for Nanotechnology in Science', at Arizona State University. The talk was about technology, that may make living longer. With a little of 'The American' way. A better soldier thrown in. The first presenter was Brad Allenby. Who had a military connection, too his teachings, aka a better soldier. Mr. Allenby started by saying. 'If I can get you to 150 years. Then I can get you to 200 years.' See how this is working? The longer you live. The longer your going to live. Here in lies one problem, 'over population.' Too enable one to live longer. You must first have. Strict population growth, or put simply. A controlled birth rate, World wide. Then the next step would be. Who would be allowed to procreate, or have children. Then this would turn into a 'utopia state'.

Like Nano Technology, where do you first? put your foot down. The ruling classes would of course. Get the first priority on having children. Then management an so on. Down to the worker bee. Who has to multiply. So the ruling class, can have the easy life. Next step would be, the 'After Life'. When you die, you'd like to have friends on the other side. This all leads up to the 'Blackfoot' story. What happens when you die. Do you come back again. (Reincarnation?)

In this Blackfoot story. "Old Man" represents "God". Like so many other Native American stories. About how, 'Women Chooses Death.'

"Old Man" decides that something was missing from Earth. "Old Man" first decides to create Women and Child (Spider Women, Hopi and others). Not knowing what "He" wanted. "Old Man" took some clay and mud. And rolled the clay and mud together. For four days the "Old Man" tried different shapes. The first ones were not pleasing to "Him". On the fourth day, he formed a Women in a pleasing shape. Round an nice, with everything in front, back, above, and below.

Then "Old Man" created child, in the mothers image. "Old Man" said, 'this is what "I" wanted. Yet they are not alive yet. (In this Blackfoot story, you have the Chicken before the Egg.) aka known as, 'what came first. The Chicken or the Egg?'

"Old Man" covered them up for four days. The first day "Old Man" looked under the covers. (hollow Earth) What he saw, was faint and trembling. On the second day, the figures could lift there heads. On the third day, they could move there arms and legs. On the fourth day, "He" could see them crawling around. "Old man" said, ' now they are ready'. To walk around the surface of the Earth. "He" took the cover off the surface of the Earth. And told them, 'walk upright, become human.' The Women and the Child stood up. They were perfect, they began to walk around.

They followed "Old Man" to the river. Where "He" gave them the power of speech. At once the women asked. 'What is the state we are living in, walking, moving, breathing, eating?' The "Old Man" replied, 'you are alive.' Before you were only lumps of mud.

The Women asked, 'when we were lumps of mud, were we alive?' 'No' the "Old Man" replied. 'When you are dead, you are not alive.' 'Then what state were we in.? 'It's called death', the "Old Man" replied. 'Will we be always alive,' the Women asked. 'Will we go on living forever, or shall we be dead again, at some "Time"?'

"Old Man" had to ponder this question. "He" hadn't thought about that. "Old Man" said, 'lets decide that rite now.' "Old Man" handed the Women a Buffalo chip. 'If the Buffalo chip floats. You will have eternal life. You will die, then return in four days.

'No' said the women. 'A buffalo chip will dissolve in the water. I'll throw in a stone. If it floats, we will live forever. And there will be no death. If it sinks, then we'll die.' The Women not knowing anything yet. She had been only walking on the Earth, for a few hours. She didn't know anything about water and stones. She threw the stone into the river and it sank.

"Old Man" said, 'you have made your choice. Nothing can be done about it. Now people will die.'

So many morals to this Blackfoot story. It's hard to keep track of them. Now people know, 'the Chicken came before the Egg.' Common sense and Women, do not go hand in hand. "God" created Women first (Spider Women), then created child. First humans were made of Mud (Mother Earth). "God" made mankind, pleasing to "Himself" (in the image of "Himself?). And most important, think about everything you do. It may cost you your life, in the 'Here After'.

Are the largest tribe linguistically (language). They reached from the east coast. All the way into the Rocky Mountains. Tribal names you will recognize are. Algonkin, Cheyenne, Arapaho, Ojibway, Sac and fox, Pottawatomi, Illinois, Miami, Kickapoo and Shawnee. If Indian legends or stories are Algonkin. They are said to have originated mainly from. Pequod, Mohegan, Delaware, Abnaki and Micmac tribes, of the east coast.

Want to say thank you. To one of the Hopi Kachina carvers who called me. To thank me for taking the "Time". To video them and there works. There works are a part of history. That reaching much farther back in "Time". Then those who want to control the destiny of the modern World. "God" bless and bye

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