Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Well-Baked Man"

'Well-Baked Man', is a Pima tale of the 'Creation of Mankind'. I have several friends who are Pima. Some are good hard working souls, some are hoodlums. Here in Scottsdale, we are bordered by the 'Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community' to the east. The Pimas have for the most part. Have lost most of there old culture and history. They are now making efforts in there schools. To revive the old ways and language. The most famous Pima was 'Ira Hayes'. His fame came during WWII and Iwo Jima. He is the Native American. In the famous WWII photo of the flag raising on Iwo Jima. Ira would travel around the country. Promoting the sale of 'War Bonds'. He would later be found in a irrigation ditch dead. Like so many other Native Americans tribes. The Pimas have there own problems with alcohol. There reservation is surrounded by communities of whites. To the south is Mesa, to the west is Fountain Hills. And of course, to west and north is Scottsdale. Here is why native Americans are the color they are. Has nothing to do with the Orientals.

The "Magician" in this story represents the "Creator God".
The "Magician" after creating the Earth, thought something was missing. Then "He" realized, "He" wanting something like himself, to cover the Earth. Not just animal, but beings like himself. First "He" had to build an oven or 'horno', as the Pima called it. Then "He" would take some clay. Form it into a shape, that resembled him self.

Coyote was hanging around, as "Magician" prepared mankind. While "Magician" was out gathering wood for his 'horno'. Coyote quickly changed the shape of his clay image. "Magician" went about preparing the 'horno' with fire. Not noticing that Coyote had changed his clay creations.

"Magician" waited for the clay to bake. Then "He" said, 'it must be ready now'. "He" removed the clay figure and blew on it. It quickly came to life. 'Why don't you stand up', "He" said to is creation? The creature barked and wagged his tale. "Magician" quickly realized, Coyote tricked him. Coyote had changed his clay. Into animals that resembled him self. Coyote said to the "Magician". Why can't you have creations that resemble me? "Magician" said. 'that's all rite, but don't interfere again.' That's how dog came to the Earth.

So the "Magician" tried again. This "Time" there would be two. And they would look rather like him self. This way, humans could have companions and multiply. For the first clay figure, "He" pulled a little on the front, to make a penis. On the second clay figure, "He" took his finger nail. And made a slit or crack. Then "He" put pleasant feeling in them some where. Now they will be able to do all the necessary things, to multiply. "Magician" put the clay figures in the 'horno' and waited.

There done now Coyote told him. So "Magician" took them out of the 'horno'. "He" blew on them and they came to life. Oh my "Magician" said, 'there under done. They won't fit here, there not brown enough.' So "He" put them across the water, somewhere. "Magician" scowled at Coyote, 'why did you tell me there were done. I can't use them here.'

So "Magician" tried again, making a pair just like the last ones. "He" put them in the oven, and waited. "Magician" said. 'I think they are done now.' Coyote said, 'no they are not done enough. You don't want them to come out to light. Leave them in a little longer.'

"Magician" said, 'well all rite, I'll leave them in a little longer.' When "Magician" finally took them out. The "Magician" said, 'oh my. Now they are over done. They are burned to dark.' "He" put them aside and said. 'They don't belong here. I'll use them over across the water some where.'

The fourth "Time" the "Magician" said to the Coyote. 'Don't you interfer, you give me bad advice.' Then "He" placed the images in the 'horno'.

This "Time" the "Magician" did not listen to Coyote. "He" would take them out. When "He" thought they were done. The "Magician" removed his creation from the 'horno' and blew on them. They came to life. The two beings, walked around, talked, laughed and behaved them selves. They were neither over done or under done.

These were exactly rite, they belonged here. "Magician" said, 'they are beautiful.' And that's why we have Pueblo Indians.

As you can see from this story. The Native Americans were put in the Americas. And not from some migration. The historians try to tell the World. You can clearly see. Blacks and whites were placed by the "Creator", across the water or oceans. To Native American tribes, each color or race of people. Were created in the beginning and put into place. No mankind once crawled out of the water BS.

Pueblo Indians are from the south western part of America. Pueblo means home or small clay structure. Here in Arizona, there are several tribes of Pueblo Indians. Pima, Maricopa, Tohono O'Odham, Apache, Yaqui, Chirichua, Cocopah, Mohave, Navajo, Hopi and many others.

Were a tribe from the western Oregon region. They were part of the Yakonan tribe. Once numerous, by 1906 they were reduced to a dozen. They became part of the Siletz tribe. Which also disappeared.

Always remember, that what was done to the Native American tribes. Is now being done to the once proud country, called America. "God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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