Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Do You Want To Fight Again"

A little change of direction today. From my normal Native American stories. Yesterday a friend and I were having lunch together. We had just finished doing some electrical repairs together. It was for, a Jewish 'Wine Bar' owner, my friend knew. And in typical fashion, the Jewish owner. Was trying to screw the both of us out of money. (somethings never change) That's another story for another day. Talking about getting screwed out of your money in construction. Is a very common occurrence. And that prompted me to ask. My friend about his injuries. From his last fight. You see he's a Cage Fighter. He's been in one of my videos on You Tube.

He started to laughing saying, 'what a joke that was'. My friend got TKO in the first round. A nice way of saying, he got knocked out. Which included a broken bone in his face. The day I shot the video of him. We were going to the Solar Exhibit in Phoenix. And he seemed quite calm, for a fight day. As we were leaving to go get on the Light Rail. He got a call, from his trainer. His wife was going through a miscarriage. And he wouldn't be in his corner for the fight. Things were already going bad enough. He was told he was going to fight someone nine pounds lighter than himself. So in a week "Time". He needed to shed nine pounds. He told me he had seen videos of the other fighter. And he felt he was quicker and a better fighter. In fact the day of the fight. He only had one piece of veggie pizza with water. Later that day he would find out. He was going to fight some else. Who weighed what my friend weight normally (175lbs.). As anyone knows, with weight comes strength. When your in training, for a fight. And losing weight quickly, takes a strain on you. Personally, I smelled a Rat. Could my friend be, being set up. To help another fighter move up the ranks? As corrupt as regular boxing is. I can only imagine what lower forms of humanity, are drawn to Cage Fighting (aka promoters).

Fight night and my friend is at Wildhorse Casino. Which is located south of Chandler Arizona, on a Indian Reservation. The group or association my friend is fighting for. Is called, 'Rage In The Cage'. My friend is fighting as a amateur. So no price money will be awarded him. He got into the idea of fighting. After he got into Martial Arts. And meet a guy, who was a cage fighter in his past. My friend's fight, would be in the early bouts. Around 7:00 pm, before the pros went at it. He was like a warm up act, to the main events.

My friend tells me how they grappled on the mat. Then they got up and faced each other. My friend got hit with a solid punch to the face. To insure the brutality of fights. The fighters only wear small gloves. Nothing like the gloves boxers use. Which are designed to help the fighters survive brutal hits to the face. Cage Fight promoter, want to see blood flowing. That brings in the crowds of thrill seekers. Who want to see blood flowing, just not there own. My friend staggered to his feet. Not knowing what had truly happened to him. The fight was stopped. As soon as it started, it was over. My still dazed friend. Was taken to the lockers. As his head started to cleared up. From all the cob webs in it. He started his lonely walk to find his girl friend. The promoter came up to him. He was still dazed and really didn't know where he was for sure. The promoter put his arm around my friend. He said to him, 'do you want to fight again'. My friend nodded yes, not really knowing what he was saying. The promoter said, 'if you do want to fight again. Then don't go to the hospital.' A way of saying, go to the hospital. And you'll never fight for me again.

What the promoter was really saying. Go to the hospital and my insurance rates go up. (or Workman's comp) He's my friend who is the entertainment for the promoter. Who wouldn't have anything to promote, with out the fighters. Saying, 'my way, or the highway.' As the swelling started to go down in my friends face. He realized, there was a broken bone in his cheek. He called the promoter to tell him. He needed to go into surgery, to repair the bone. If he didn't, his cheek would be permanently caved in. That's when the real fight began. The promoter would not return his calls. So others had to be brought in. To run down the promoter insurance coverage. So my friend could go into surgery. With out paying for it him self. As I started this story. Cage Fighting would only attacked the lower forms of humanity (promoters). Looks like I was rite. (My friend in this story, shows up in another blog. 'The Pope Decides Who's President)

Arizona's female Governor Janet Brewer, started an out rage. Both here in Arizona and back in Washington D.C.. She signed a tough immigration Bill. The first of it's kind in the nation. No longer will it be impossible to ask someone. If they are in the country illegally. If they are being arrested for another crime. Finally it's a crime to be, in the country illegally. It's now illegal to be an illegal. The countries fake president Obummer, was told to act out ragged. The Mexicans were at the state capital. Showing there dislike for the new Bill. Funny how only in America. Can a illegal be at a protest in Arizona. Protesting a law that prohibits him or her, from being in the country. As a good my Martian buds said. The new law is like the 'seat belt law', here in Arizona. They can't pull you over for not wearing your seat belt. They can only ticket for it. If they pulled you over for something else. As everyone know, no one reads any more. So the Mexican community has been tricked by the 'powers' into believing. They are being racially profiled. The 'powers' know the best way to destroy America. Is to keep the boarders porous. Thus reducing the American populace. That keeps America strong. If Mexico was such a great place. And the Mexican population is honest and hard working. Then why is Mexico such a messed up country?

Apache name comes from the Zuni tribe. Which simply means, 'enemy'. Of course the two most famous Apaches were Geronimo and Cochise. There are several different tribes of Apache. Lipan, Jicarilla, Chiricahua (Cochise), Tonto, Mescalero, White Mountain Apache (Geronimo) The Apaches were nomadic people, who used 'wicki-ups for shelter (branch and twig) The main reservations the Apache live on now. Are the White Mountain Reservation, Arizona. The Jicarillas are in northern New Mexico. Fort Apache Reservation, Arizona. Mescalero Apache Reservation, New Mexico.

Always a believer the people of Earth are going back to the 'First World'. Here is a You Tube video, that explains that called. Connect The Dots "God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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