Sunday, May 2, 2010

"The Grey Eyes Are Coming and some Navajo History"

The Acoma Indians lived on a mesa, near Albuquerque New Mexico. Now they live near the freeway. And only return to the mesa in summer. Here is a tale of how the elders. Foretold of the coming of the Whites, from the east.

As the old men in the village aged. It was a delightful "Time" for them. They would sit on there doorsteps. And play with the children, in the sunlight. And fall asleep, until one day. They never awoke from there slumber.

The old men would tap there canes, on the ground. And summons the children around. Then old men would tell prophecies about future events. And the coming of the White man. ('Sitting Bull' said, 'Whites were the Native Americans karma.')

'Listen, listen' the old men of the village would say, to the children. 'The 'Grey Eyed' people are coming nearer and nearer. They are building iron roads. And they are getting closer and closer each day. There will come a "Time", when you will mix with them. They will teach you to drink black water, with each meal. It will make your teeth become soft. They will get you to smoke at a young age. So that when the wind blows. Your eyes will run with tears, on windy days. Your eye sight will become poor. Your joints will crack and you will want to move slowly and softly.'

'The "Grey Eyes' will get you to sleep on soft beds. You will stop arising early. You will begin to wear heavy clothing. You will sleep under heavy covers. This will make you become lazy. Then you will hear no more singing. As you walk the canyons and prairies.'

'When you begin to eat with iron sticks. Your tones will grow louder. You will talk louder and over talk your parents. You will grow disobedient. Then when you mix with theses 'Grey Eyed' people. You will take up there ways. You will break up homes, murder and steal.'

Such things have come to pass. Compared to the generation that came before them. The generation of Native Americans. Are not as wise or healthy. As the generations before them.

How did it come to pass? That the elders would know. What fate was about to come to there children and grand children. It's as if some "Time Traveler". Had fore warned of the coming of the Whites. To the New World, to the west. And isn't it funny that several other ancient societies had the same stories. Even the Bible has how the children would become disrespectful of the elders and there old ways.

The Apache and Navajo were known for generations, for there attacks. Against there neighbours to the south, the Mexicans. The Mexican people can never say. That Arizona was once there home. Far from it, as the Navajo and there cousins the Apache. Controlled and roamed most of the southwest. The U.S. Calvary tried for 15 unsuccessful years. To control the Navajos and Apaches.

The U.S. Calvary tried every trick to control or kill off the Navajos. They killed there sheep, cut down there crops. Finally the U.S. Calvary brought in. A Army Captain the Navajo called 'Red Shirt'. He meet with the Navajo leaders at a place called 'Red Lake'. Fifteen miles north of 'Fort Defiance' Arizona. Here a treaty would be signed by both parties. 'Red Shirt' brought with him. Four cattle for a big feast. Four large wagons of calico, men's shirts and brass wire. To give to the Navajo when the treaty was signed.

'Red Shirt' told the Navajos. They would have to stop stealing from the Mexicans, neighboring Native American tribes and each other. He reminded them they had made other treaties with the U.S. Government. Only to later break them later. 'Red Shirt' told the Navajo leaders, this would be the last treaty. Little did the Navajo leaders know, what was in store for them (if they broke the new treaty). As the leaders from both sides sit down to sign the new treaty. The Navajo leaders were given a bright shinny new silver medallion of George Washington. To be worn around there necks. And pair of new trousers.

While the signing was going on. Other young Navajo were stealing the gifts from the wagons already. Captain 'Red Shirt' took the thievery as a sign, the treaty was agreed upon. He returned to Fort Defiance with his four empty wagons. Then on to the U.S. Calvary's main camp.

Once again the treaty was broken by the Navajo. They burned down Fort Defiance. And even planted crops around it. Before the crops could be harvested, Captain 'Red Shirt' returned. This ''Time" with a large contingency of troops. Backed up with Utes and Zunis who were all armed with rifles. It was war once again. And as history has it. The Navajo lost this "Time" and for ever. The famous 'Long Walk' ensued. The Navajo were marched to the barren high deserts of northeastern Arizona. Where many would die during the march.

'Blackfoot' Tribe
Blackfoot tribe are closely allied with other Algonquian tribes. The Siksikas, Bloods and Piegans, lived mainly in Canadian and northern Montana. The Blackfoot were mainly known for there killing of the White fur traders. Who wondered into there territory. Today the Blackfoot (7,000 members), Piegans (2,100 members) and Bloods (2,000 members) live on the Blackfoot reservation near Browning Montana. They also live in Alberta Canada at the Piegan Agency.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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