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"Cochise Betrayed, 911 Firefighter Betrayed"

The more I study the history of the Native Americans. The more I see the parallel, between America's modern "Times". And the injustices done to the Native American tribes. And there brother in South America. Which is still on going, while I type this. Just like the Indigenous peoples were lied to. So where the Firefighters of New York City. And surrounding cities, that helped the New York City Firefighters. First I would like to show. How Cochise and his followers were betrayed. In many ways, there is absolutely no difference. Both were pawns, in a much bigger story. A story that has a select few. Controlling every aspect, of peoples lives.

As many know, Cochise was born in Southern Arizona. In an area of mountains, called the 'Dragoon Mountains'. Cochise was a Chiricahua Apache. Which is a branch of the Apaches tribe. Cochise was buried in a Chiricahua hide-out. In the 'Dragoon Mountains', that was called 'Cochise Stronghold'. After his burial their. Here is a brief history how he got their.

Cochise speaking 'The Sun has been very hot on my head. And made me, as in fire, my blood boils. Now I have come into this valley. And drunk these waters and washed myself. And these waters have made me cool. Now that I am cool, I come to you. With hands open to you, to live in peace with you. I speak straight and do not wish, to deceive you, or to be deceived. I want a good, strong and lasting peace.'

'When "God" made the world. He gave one part to the White man. And another part to the Apache. Why was it? Why did they come together? Now that I am to speak. The Sun, Moon, Earth, the air, the water, the birds and beast. Even the unborn children, rejoice in my words. The White people have looked for me long. I am here, what do they want? They have looked for me long. Why am I worth so much? If I am worth so much? Why not mark, when I set my foot down? Why not mark, where I spit? The Coyotes go about at night, to rob and kill. I cannot see them, I am not "God". I am no longer chief of all the Apaches. I am not a rich man, I am a poor man.'

'The World has not always been this way. I cannot command the animals. If I would, they would not obey me. "God' made us not like you. We were born like the animals. In the dry grasses, not on soft beds like you. This is why we do as the animals. Go about at night and rob and steal. If I had things such as you. I would not do as I do. For then, I would not need to do so. There are Indians who go about, robbing and killing. I do not command them. If I did, they would not do such things. My warriors have been killed in Sonora (Mexico). I came in here, because "God" told me to do so. "He" said it was good to live in peace, so I came. I was going around the World with clouds and air. When "God" spoke to me in my thoughts (Cochise was a Shaman, like most Native America Chiefs). And told me to come here in peace. "He" said the World was for all of us. How was it?'

'When I was young, I walked all over this place. East, west, and saw no other people, other than Apache. After many summers, I walked again. And found another race of people. Who had come to take it. How is that? Why is it Apaches wait to die? They carry there lives, on there finger nails. They roam over the hills and plains. And wait for heaven, to fall on them. The Apache were once a great nation. Now they are but a few. And because of this, they want the heavens, to fall on them. They live by there finger nails. Many have been killed in battle. You must speak straight, so that your words may go as sunlight, to our hearts. Tell me, if the Virgin Mary. Has walked throughout all the land. Why has she never entered the wigwam of the Apache? We have never seen her, or heard her.'

'I have no father, no mother. I am alone in the World. No one cares for Cochise. That is why I care not to live. And wish for the rocks to fall on me. And cover me up. If I had a father and a mother like you. I would be with them, and them with me. When I was going around the World. All were asking for Cochise. Now he is here, you see him, you hear him, are you glad? If so, say so, Americans, Mexicans. I do not wish to hide anything from you. Nor do I want you, to hide anything from me. I will not lie to you, do not lie to me. I want to live in these mountains (Chiricahua's). I do not want to go to Tularosa Reservation. That is a long way off. The flies on those mountains. Eat the eyes out of horses. The bad spirits live their. I have drank of these waters. And they have cooled me. I do not want to leave here.'

This is the story of Cochise. Asking to remain in is home lands, in southern Arizona. In 1866 General Gordon Granger, granted Cochise his wish. Only to renege on it latter. For six more years. The Chiricahua Apaches battled the U.S. Calvary. In 1874 Cochise died. What year will America die. Could it be, America has already died?

Just as Cochise was lied to. The honorable Firefights who died on 911, were also lied to. They went into the 'Twin Towers', to save lives. Little did they know, the towers would be pulled down on them. Like Cochise they went in peace, to save lives. Just as Cochise was trying to save his own tribal members. The Firefighters tribal members. Where the folks inside those two building, that fateful day.

The 'powers' will treat anyone and everyone the same. Who try and stop there domination, of the Worlds people. They killed those Firefighter and approximately 3,000 other unsuspecting civilians on 911. The Firefighters were pawns, in a global war for domination. One day they kill over three hundred Firefighters. The very same day. The same system, via there controlled media, called them hero's. And asked an unsuspecting public, 'to please send money, to help the firefighter'. Money the Firefighters families will never see. "God" bless all those who tried to help, there fellow brother and sisters on 911. Those first responders, like the rest of the nation. Were simple pawns being used. Being used, so more and more Americans freedoms can be taken away. Here are a couple of links to a Firefighters group. Who along with others, are trying to get the truth out about 911.

Fire Fighters For 911 Truth

Here is a interesting fact I found. Called the 'Marfar Lights', in Texas. Seems no one knows for sure what causes this phenomenon near this small west Texas city. It looks like balls of fire. Here is a link to learn about this odd occurrence. Or what I call, 'Why I know There's A "God".'

'Who Would Jesus Bomb', found this on a bumper sticker/

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