Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Masawu, the Tewa Giant Ruler"

The Tewa have a story. Like the Biblical story of Emin and Anakim. The Nephilim Giants, that lived on the Earth, long ago. The Tewa had Masawu, who rules over the Earth. And the spiritual Underworld. But, did not rule over the Universe. Masawu was also a Giant. Each night Masawu would light his torch. And walk all the way around the World. Making his rounds on the edge of Earth. The Tewa knew that a Giant ruled over the surface of the Earth. They heard his foot steps, before they emerged from inside the Earth. Here is a story from the First Mesa Village of Walpi. On the Hopi-Tewa Reservation, in north east Arizona. I found this tale, but I believe it is Tewa and not Hopi. The Hopi do not live on first Mesa. Only the Tewa live on the Mesa, in a village called Walpi. Also the Hopi ruler over the Spiritual Under World, name is 'Masaw'. So I have changed to the name of the tribe, from Hopi to Tewa.

One of the most important ceremonies. For the Tewa and the Hopi is 'Wuwuchim'. Which both share, the same name of. This ceremony is the Winter Solstice ceremony. Which represents a new beginning. In the same way. The rest of the World celebrates the New Year. At this "Time", the One Horned and Two Horned societies hold a secret rite. In a certain place in the Pueblo. All the villagers must go away and close there houses. No one is allowed witness the ceremony, for Masauwu the Earth "God". Masauwa is there with the One Horned Priests. Who do his bidding, in the Under world. And the Spirits of the dead, are also their. It is said, 'if anyone sees them.' They will be frozen with fright or paralyzed. Or may become like the dead.

Masauwa is mighty and terrible. He wears upon his head, a bald and bloody mask. He is like death, and cloths himself in raw hides of animals. Men cannot bear to look upon his face. Some Tewa say, 'he is a handsome man.' With dark color and long black hair. And indeed, he is a Giant. When the Tewa first came from the Underworld. They looked for him in fear. The first sign of him, was of long foot prints. That were of a human form. Masauwa only walks at night and carries a flaming torch. Fire is his and he owns the fiery pits (Hell).

Dr. Fewkes was a field worker for the Bureau of America Ethnology. Who was up on Walpi, studying the Tewa ceremonies. He was there the day, of the 'Wuwuchim' winter ceremony. He was told to go to his Kiva and close the doors. For Masauwu was coming. And no out side person could see. He was told to lock his doors, close his windows. And do not try and watch the ceremony. If he tried to watch. He would be dragged out and let, freeze to death. He did as he was told. And set about making his notes.

Suddenly he had a queer feeling. He felt the presence of someone, in the room with him. He looked up and saw a tall man, standing before him. All though he could not see his face. He was surprised, because he had locked the door. He said, 'how did you get in here? What do you want?' The man replied, 'I've come to entertain you.' Dr. Fewkes replied, 'go away, I do not want to be entertained.'

Now Dr. Fewkes was facing the man. Suddenly the man disappeared. 'Turn your head,' the man said. When the Doctor turned around. He could see his face. His face was strange and dreadful to see. Again the Doctor said, 'how did you get in here?' The man replied, 'I go where I please. Locked doors cannot keep me out. I will show you how I entered.' The man shrank away and became like a piece of Tewa hair. Then vanished through the key hole. Suddenly the man reappeared. 'What do you want,' Dr. Fewkes called out. The man replied again, 'I have come to entertain you.' The doctor gave the man a cigarette and a match. The man said, 'I don't need your match.' Then he blew a flame from his mouth, and lit the cigarette. Now Dr. Fewkes is very afraid. For now he knew, who he was.

Then the being talked and talked to Dr. Fewkes. Finally the Doctor gave up and said he would become Tewa. And be like them and believe in Masauwu. Masauwu cast a spell on him. They both became like little children. All night they played around. And Masauwu gave the Doctor no rest.

After that, the Doctor went away. Never to return to the Tewa Village of Walpi. Be careful before judging others. There Spirit "God", may enter your world. And drive you away, insane.

In December 1881, three unknown assassins shot Virgil Earp. As he crossed the intersection of, Fifth and Allen street, in Tombstone Arizona. Earp survived, but his left elbow joint was shattered. And had to be removed. Virgil Earp survived another 14 years. Roaming around the southwest.

Been trying to figure out, why the 'powers'. Had convinced the youth of America. Via there controlled media. Into getting there bodies all tattooed up. You know the Christian Bible says, 'Your body is a Temple.' First I figures, maybe there is something in the ink. Either to poison the individual, or maybe a type of tracking device. Turns out I was correct on both accounts. The ink is surely poisonous to the system. And yes the tattoos are tracking devices. A friend who once, was in prison told me. That when you go into the prison system. The first thing they make you do is strip down naked. Then make you expose every part of your body. There not looking for contraband. There looking for tattoos. My friend said, they even check the bottom of your feet for tattoos. You see, no two tattoos are the same. They are like tracking devices. Got a tattoo your proud of on your arm. It might as well be, the mark of the Beast. Rite out of the Bible, isn't it?

Stephen Hawking (England) is getting a lot of press lately. About a subject he knows nothing about, UFOs. Because no one really knows the the truth. When it come to the "Alien" agenda. Yet there he is on Larry King. A man who is only a robot for the 'powers'. To be another one of there mouth pieces. And if that's not bad enough. He take a pop shot at. Arizona's new immigration law. Like I keep repeating. If you see it in the World press. It's because, it's just more propaganda.
"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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