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"Hippies, Hopi, Tewas, Walpi"

On my first visit to the Hopi Tewa Reservation. I stayed in Keams Canyon. Which is on the eastern boarder, of the Hopi Tewa Reservation (boarding the Navajo reservation). And is also where the Indian administration head quarters are located. Along with the reservation's high school and elementary schools. There was a 21 room hotel, (only one in Keams Canyon) which is now closed downed. Talk about fate, I wired the hotel. Not on the reservation, but in Phoenix Arizona. I only knew the hotel was going to be located on the Hopi Tewa Reservation. At that "Time", I didn't even know what a Hopi was. The hotel was of modular construction. And me and my employees wired it. As it laid flat on some form boards. After installing the electrical. The sides were foamed in, then drywalled. Then put on a flat bed truck. And delivered to Keams Canyon. Where the general contractor, had is employees snap it together (no need for electricians). When I pulled up to the hotel. I knew instantly, it was the one I'd wired back in Phoenix. I asked the girl at the counter could I have room 7. It had a shade tree, in front of it. The girl said no, your room is number 21. Didn't make sense that I couldn't have my room of choice. The hotel was empty. Well as they say, 'the rest is history.'

I didn't sleep a wink that night. Drank beer on the porch, until I floated in it. Nothing could get me to sleep. Went to breakfast with a ex-girl friend. Told our Navajo waitress, about my sleepless night. She told me it was because of the Kachinas. That had danced all night, up on Walpi. Walpi is on First Mesa, of three Mesas. Located on the Hopi Tewa reservation. Walpi was to be, our first stop of the day anyway. Walpi is atop a mesa, with the village of Polacca at the base of the mesa. The day before, we had passed through Polacca. On our way to the hotel in Keams Canyon. The oddest thing happen going through Polacca. Some Tewas were near the road. They booed at me as we slowed to go through the village. Since then, I've used the line, 'they booed in Polacca.'

Walpi's mesa sits on the north edge of Polacca. As you reach the base of the mesa. There is a large sign that reads, 'No Whites Allowed On Walpi.' Don't believe it's their any more, because on later trips north. I went up too Walpi. Why Whites were not allowed on Walpi. Dates back to the 'good old hippie days.' Mad Magazine and did a parody on the Tewas of Walpi. And was not to kind to the inhabitants of Walpi. They labeled them as drunken buffoons, with odd customs. As a person with first hand knowledge. Alcohol has become a problem on Walpi. Along with most other Native American villages. The ancient custom part, was very unfair. Here now is a story I found. Talking about the 'Love Generation', aka Hippies.

Peter Nuvamsa sr. A Hopi talks of the tribulation between the young Whites and the Hopi and Tewas. There was a "Time", when the hippies kind of invaded the Hopi homeland. They sort of took over some villages as if the owned them. They would mingle in on local affairs. Take picture of every thing. They would camp in Plazas, go into the locals homes. The Hopi didn't want them around, but they refused to go away. The Hopi in Shongopovi, avoided the hippies. By staying in the homes. The hippies offended there way of life. They hugged each other and kissed in public. As if they had nothing else to do. Peter Nuvamsa would ask the hippies, 'why are you here? Why do you behave this way? Doing anything that comes into your head. (pot will certainly do that) We do not like the way you are behaving. It's not our way, it's improper.'

The hippies reply was. 'What's wrong with what we are doing. We are here, because we're on your side. You have been put down by the establishment. And we are against the establishment.'
Peter told them, 'no you are not on our side. You don't behave well. What ever you want, you take it. What ever you want to do, you do it. There are no rules in your World. You can be just anything you want to be.' They replied, 'the rules are wrong.' Peter replied, 'don't you believe there is a "Great Spirt" somewhere? That created us and is watching us?' They replied, 'we don't believe that.' Peter said, 'well then, who created you? Do you think you created yourselves?' Finally the Hopi Police came by and made them get out.

Being apart of the hippie movement. I see it both ways. Yea a lot of things some of the hippies did we wrong. For the most part. The hippies helped the Native Americans in many ways. Before the hippie movement. The Native Americans had no voice to the public. Because the hippie movement opened there arms the the Native Americas. New groups were formed, such as AIM (American Indian Movement). Many song used Native American problem. That brought attention to the Native Americans plight. To me the hippie movement was mainly. 'Get the Fuck out of Vietnam, and quit Fucking with the Indians.' The hippies help many Tribes organize there movements. Get there music out and to the public. There reservation were still being destroyed. And land was still being taken away. Here in central Arizona. A reservation on the Verde River. Was going to be flooded out. So the City of Fountain Hills, could be lake front property. The hippie movement stopped that. Me and several other hippies. Planned to blow up the damn (Red Mountain Dam). That would flood out the Fort McDowell Yavapi Reservation. The hippies made many Native Americans realize. That the system was trying to destroy there ancient ways. Suddenly the Native Americas realized what the hippies were telling them. Now you see a great resurgence in Native Americans tribes. Getting there history taught to there children.

The hippies saw in the Hopi. That there pathway, was the rite way. If not for the hippie movement. The government would of kept. The Hopi history hidden away. In just the same way. They tried to keep, The Book of the Hopi, from being published. The Hopi predicted that in the End "Times". The Hopi belief system would reemerge. It is easy to see how that prophecy came true. You are constantly hear about the Hopi prophecies now. It was Mayan all the "Time". Now it's Hopi all the "Time". The hippie movement had a lot to do with that. The hippies of the sixties. Is now the baby boomers of the new millennium. And they are still going strong. Odd how things worked out for the Hopi. They had no use for the hippies. Fifty years later, the hippies got there truth told.

Brule Sioux
The Brule belong to the Oceti Shakowin. Seven council fires of the Lakota or Teton-wan, the seven Western Sioux tribes. Brule comes from the French word 'burned'. The Brule are very traditional people. Maintaining there old customs and rituals. Including the Sun Dance, Flesh Offerings and sweat lodge ceremony. Along with there vision quest and so-called 'Yuwipi' ceremonies. Many Brule belong to the Native American Church. Which follows the 'Peyote Cult', like the Navajo and others. Today they occupy the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota.

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