Saturday, May 22, 2010

"By Any Means"

'By any means', are part the words, of Hopi elder, Dan Katchonyva. His name translated means, 'White Cloud Above Horizon'. Dan was from the village of Hotevilla. Where he was, a spiritual leader. The Hopi knew the White man would arrive someday. The Hopi were awaiting the arrival. Of there long lost White Brother 'Bahana'. The White Brother they met instead, was not 'Bahana'. The White brother they met is. 'He will use any means to get what he wants'. Dan went to Washington D.C. in 1955. He was their for congressional hearings. In his eighties at the "Time". Dan told of the Hopi prophecies, fore telling of the arrival of the Whites. In Hopi prophecies, the Lost White Brother. Would bring peace and spread wisdom through out the lands. The Hopi are still awaiting the arrival of 'Bahana'. Here is a short story about the White Brother they met first.

In Hopi prophecies from there forefathers. The land would be occupied by the Indian people. Then from somewhere, a White Man would come. He will come with either a strong faith and righteous religion or. He will come after he has abandoned that great 'Life Plan'. And fallen to a faith of his own personal ideas. Which he invented before he came here. It was known that the White Man is an intelligent person. An inventor of many words. A man who knows how to influence people, because of his sweet words. And that he will use many of these things. Upon the people of Earth, when he arrives. Hopi knew that this land. Was composed of many things. And might want to be used for it's mineral resources. The Hopi knew that the land under them. Was one of the wealthiest parts of the continent. Because the Great Spirit lived their.

The Hopi knew the White man. Would search for things, that looked good for them. And will use many good ideas. In order to obtain things of there hearts desire. And the Hopi knew, that if the White man. Had strayed from the Great Spirit. 'He will use any means, to get what he wants.' These things the Hopi were taught to look for. And today the Hopi know these prophecies have come true. The Hopi can now see the selfish ideas and plans. That have been put before the Hopi. The Hopi wise men know, if they accept the Whites ways. They will lose there traditional land to the Whites. Because, 'He will use any means to get what he wants'.

Today the Hopi fight among themselves. Those that want to keep the traditional ways. And those that are the lost spirits. Who have strayed from the 'Great Spirits' path. You see the Hopi are sitting on top of. Some of the best coal, in North America. It burns relatively clean. And along with the coal, there's water. A ocean of water, or aquifers. Control the food, water, energy, control the peoples. Sad to report many Hopi have fallen victim to modern "Times". They are influenced by that great mind control machine. The common TV. Already Peabody Mining is stripping away at Black Meas, on the Hopi reservation. And to move the coal to the Four Corners generating plant. They use slurry, a mixture of water and coal. And now the great aquifer that sit under the Hopi reservation. Is being pumped dry. Some Hopi want everyone to stay out of the fight. It is now going on, on the Hopi reservation. For a few good jobs they claim. They are willing to sell out. Future generations of Hopi. How many jobs will be created by giving more Hopi resources away. No one knows for sure. History only tells mankind one thing. 'He will use any means to get what he wants.'

'The Lucifer Telescope' What are the Catholics looking for? They have recently opened a new new infra-red telescope on top of Mount Graham. Which is located in eastern Arizona. Not far from the old town of Tombstone Arizona. If they are looking for Nibiru, they got the correct tool. Nibiru you see, if facts are correct. Is a Red Dwarf Star. A gaseous Star that has not yet ignited. And to find such a Star-Sun. You would need a infra-red telescope. And why the name Lucifer. Just what is the link between the two? Is Lucifer the destroyer, like Nibiru would be. Here is a link to one man's investigation into the that subject. Just what are the Catholics looking for?

The name Cherokee probably comes from the name 'chiluk-ki' Choctaw for 'cave people'. The Cherokee are one of the so-called Five Civilized tribes. A term which first occurs in 1876. In reports from the governments Indian Office. These tribes had there own constitutional governments. Modeled after the United States. They also farmed in the manner of there white neighbors.

Wealth and fertile soil, were the Cherokee undoing. Under the Indian Removal Act, by Andrew Jackson and Van Buren. Troops commanded by Winfield Scott, drove the Cherokee from there traditional homelands. Herded them into, so-called Indian Territory. West of the Mississippi (Oklahoma), where one third of them died on the march (Trail of Tears).

Most Cherokee now live in Oklahoma, though a small number managed to stay behind (North Carolina). Oklahoma is were the Chiricahua Apache of Arizona, also ended up. There is a Cherokee reservation in North Carolina called 'Cherokee Reservation', where approx. 7,000 Cherokee reside. "God" bless bye

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