Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Catholics and the Pueblo Rebellion of 1680"

Every "Time" I see a Native American or a Latino. With a Catholic Christian Cross or Medallion around there necks. It reminds he of how good, the Catholic Church propaganda machine is. The Catholic church in the name of Jesus. Has raped, plundered and stolen the hearts and souls. Of millions of indigenous people, around the world. To see good folks give there hard earned money. To the very soulless bastards, who enslave them. Is hard to take. Here is a story of the Native Americans of the south west. Who one day rose up to the Catholic masters. Who used the gun to control them.

The Pueblo Rebellion of 1680, by the Native America Indians. Was planned under the very noses, of the Spanish Catholic church. The Native Americans were tired of there, eighty years of hard labor. And harsh treatment by the Spanish. Under the guidance of the Catholic church. All nineteen of the Rio Grande Pueblos tribes united. In a common strategy, that killed over 4oo Catholic Priest and there soldiers. Many Priest were killed on the alters. 2,500 Spanish soldiers were driven into Mexico. And the Churches and structures were burned.

Pedro Naranjo of San Felipe Pueblo. Tell the story how. Pope (pronounced popae) was a San Juan Medicine man. And leader of the 'Indian Sorcerers'. Was summoned for guidance, for the rebellion. The Indians had planned on several occasions. To rebel against there captors. In some Pueblos the idea was accepted. While other Pueblos, rejected the idea. This was how the Spanish keep the rebellions down. Several Indians were hung when these attempts to rebel, were discovered.

Finally at the request of Pope. Who was said to have communicated with the Devil himself. A plan was laid out. It happened that in a estufa (a sacred meeting place or Kiva) of the Pueblo of Los Taos. There appeared to the said Pope. Three figures of Indians, who never come out of the estufa. They gave the said Pope. To understand that they were going underground. To the lake Copala. He saw these three figures, emit fire from all the extremities of there bodies. One of them was called Caudi, another Tilini and the other Tleume. These three beings, spoke to said Pope. Who him self was hiding from secretary Francisco Xavier. Who wished to punish him as a sorcerer.

They told Pope to make a cord of maguey fiber. Tie some knots in it. Which would signify the number of days. That they must wait before the rebellion. The cord was passed through all the Pueblos. So that those who agreed to the rebellion. Might untie one knot a day. As a sign of obedience. As a sign of agreement and notice of having concurred in treason. Each Pueblo was to send up a smoke signal each day. The said cord was taken from Pueblo to Pueblo. By the swiftest youths, under penalty of death. If they reveled the secret.

Everything being thus being arranged. Two days before the "Time" set, for it's execution. The Spanish learned of the plan. And imprisoned two Indians accomplices. From the Pueblo of Tesuque. The plan was carried out prematurely. As they thought they had been found out. They killed several religious Spaniards, women and children.

Finally the senior governor and some men, escaped the siege. When it was discovered. The senior officer had fled. An order came out from said Indian Pope. He commanded the Indians to divide the land. And enlarge there cultivated fields. Declaring to the Indians, they were now like ancient "Times". Free from labor, they had preformed for the religious and Spaniards.

The Indians burned the Catholic images, temple, crosses and other things of divine worship. Indian Pope came down in person with El Saca and El Chato from Los Taos. Along with many other Indian leaders. As they passed through each Pueblo. They instructed all the Indians to. Instantly break up and burn. The imagines of the holy Christ, Virgin Mary. And other saints, crosses, and everything pertaining to Christianity. They burned the temples and broke up the bells.

In order to take away there baptismal names. The water and holy oils, were plunged into rivers. The Indians washed them selves with amole. Which was a root, native to the country. They washed there clothing and bodies. With the understanding, that it would take them from the holy sacraments. Pope saw to it, they rebuild there houses of idolatry, which were there estufas. Made very ugly masks in imitation of the Devil. In order to dance with the Kachinas. To understand, that living in accordance with the laws of there ancestors. They would harvest a great deal of maize, beans, cotton, calabashes, watermelons and cantaloupes. And that they could erect there house and lives. And enjoy abundant health and leisure.

Unfortunately this only lasted a few more years. The Spanish 'reconquest' in 1692 ended it. Much in the same way the Calvary did to Cochise. The Spanish lost the battle, won the war.

The name Cheyenne comes from the French word 'chien' or Dog. Because the Cheyenne had a ritual of eating dogs. The Cheyenne called themselves 'Tis-Tsis-Tas' the People. They are an Algonquian Plains tribe that came to the prairies from the Great Lakes area. Two or three hundred years ago. They lived in tepees and were buffalo hunters. Great hunter, brave warriors. They were closely allied with the Western Sioux tribes. And fought with them at the battle of 'Little Big Horn', against Custer. Forced into a malaria-infested part of Indian Territory. One group under Dull Knife and Little Wolf. Made an heroic march back to there old hunting grounds. And eventually settled in 'Lame Deer Reservation', in Montana. The southern Cheyenne remained in Oklahoma.

Here are a list of states, who will soon. Be following in Arizona's foot steps, on immigration law.
Ark., Idaho, Ind., Maryland, Mich., Minn., Missouri, Neb., Nev., N.J., Ohio, Ok., Penn., R.I., S. Carolina, Tex., Utah

If you want to learn the NWO symbolism's, here is a link. To a guy called Freeman. Who I found on 'Truth Frequency Radio'.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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