Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Fourth World, Navajo"

Found this tale of how once again. You can clearly see, how mankind. Was created from the Animals of the Living Earth. To the Navajo, mankind is living currently in the Fourth World. Being driven from the first Three Worlds. Because of mankind's adulterous ways. And quarreling with others of the human race.

In the previous Worlds, the Navajo never found those like themselves. In the Fourth World they found the Pueblo People. In the beginning of the Fourth world. The surface of the World was a mix of Black and White. And the sky was mostly blue and black. There was no Moon or Sun. Only four snow covered peaks. To show the Four Cardinal Directions. Here is how life began in the Fourth World. As the original inhabitants had teeth, feet and claws of beast and insects.

Late in the autumn they heard in the east. The distant sounds of a great voice calling. They listened and waited and soon heard it louder, yet far away. Once more they listened and heard it louder and closer. Soon four mysterious beings appeared. It was White Body, "God" of this world. Blue Body the sprinkler. Yellow Body and Black Body, the "God" of fire.

Using signs, but with out speaking. The "Gods" tried to instruct the people. The people could not understand the signs. When the "Gods' had left, the people discussed there mysterious visitors. They tried with out success, to figure out the signs. The "Gods" appeared on four successive days. And attempted to communicate through signs. All though there efforts came to nothing.

On the fourth day, when the other "Gods" departed. Black Body remained behind. And spoke to the people in there own language. 'You do not seem to understand our signs. So I must tell you what they mean. We want to make you, look more like our selves. (Here again the Annunki tale, shows up.) The new humans will have hands and feet that look like ours. (Once again you see the up-grading of the pre-human DNA.) As apposed to your claws and web feet. Also you are un-clean, you smell. We will be back in twelve days. Be clean when we return.'

On the morning of the twelfth day. The people washed themselves well. The women dried themselves with yellow cornmeal. The men dried themselves with white corn meal. Soon they heard the distant calls, shouted four "Times". Then the Gods" appeared, Blue Body, Black Body. Each carried a sacred buckskin. White Body carried two ears of corn. One yellow, one white, each covered completely with grains.

The Gods" laid one buckskin on the ground. With it's head placed to the west. On this they placed, two ears of corn. With there tips to the east. Over the corn, they spread the other buckskin. With it's head to the east. Under the white ear of corn, they placed the feather of a white Eagle. Under the ear of yellow corn. They placed a feather of a yellow Eagle. Then they told the people to stand back. And let the wind enter the buckskins. Between the skins the white wind blew from the east. And the yellow wind from the west. While the wind was blowing. Eight of the "Gods", the Mirage People. Came and walked around the objects four "Times". As they walked, the Eagle feathers, who's tips protruded from the buckskin. Were seen to move. When the Mirage People had finished there walk. The upper buckskin was lifted. The ears of corn had disappeared. And a man and a women lay in there place.

The white ear of corn, had become a Man. The yellow ear of corn, a Women. First Man and Women. It was the wind that gave then life. And it is the first wind that come from your mouth. That gives you life. When the wind stops, you die.

The "Gods" had the people build an enclosure of brushwood. And when it was finished. First Man and Women went in. The "Gods" told them to live together, as husband and wife.

At the end of four days. First Women bore a hermaphrodite twins. In four more days, she gave birth to a boy and a girl. Who grew to maturity in four days. And lived with another as husband and wife. In all First Man and First Women, had five pairs of twins. And all except the first, became couples who had children.

In four days after the last twins were born. The "Gods" came again and took First Man and First Women away. To the eastern mountains, dwelling place of the "Gods". The couple stayed ther for four days. When they returned, all the children were taken. To the eastern mountains for four days. The Gods" may have taught them awful secrets of witch-craft. (Witches always use masks.) And after they returned, they would occasionally put masks on. And pray for good things they needed, abundant rain, abundant crops.

Witches also marry people who are too closely related to them. Which is what First Man and First Women children had done. After they had been to the eastern mountains. The brothers and sisters separated. Keeping there first marriages secret. The brothers married women of the Mirage People. And the sisters married people of the Mirage People. They never told anyone, even there new families. The mysteries they had learned from the "Gods".

Every four days the women bore children. Who grew to maturity in four days, then married. And in turn had children every four days. In this way, many of the children of First man and First Women. Filled the land with people.

Darwin's theories have no hold in traditional Native American stories. The folks of Planet Earth were clearly put here by the same force. That created the Heavens and Earth. And once again you here the same story how. The animals and plants were the first occupied the Earth. Not the surface of the Earth. No the under belly of the earth. And the first inhabitants were closely related to the reptilians. After all most of the Earth inhabitants. Can only conceive of three things, Food, Shelter, Sex.

As for the idea of a Hollow Earth. Here the Navajo show in the ancient tales. That the first inhabitants. Came from inside the earth. And they were not fully developed. Until an out side force came along. And bumped the DNA up to another level. Just as the Sumerian story of the Annunaki tells. There was a more primitive inhabitant already on Planet Earth. Until someone came along and added there own DNA to the mix. This story tells how the out-siders. Wanted Earth inhabitants to look like them selves. While the Annunaki wanted a slave worker.

The Crow were a Buffalo hunting tribe of the plains of central America. There were two bands of Crow. The River and Mountain Crows. A crop growing tribe at first. With the arrival of the Whites. They soon became more nomadic. Moving and living in ther traditional Tipis. The Crow were fierce fighters and great horse thieves. The Crows now live on there own reservation in Montana. Not far from Custer's Battlefield.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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