Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Hopi and the Kachina People"

When you talk of the Hopi migrations. One must always remember the Kachina People who guided them. Not only did the Kachina People guild the Hopi. They protected them from those above. Who would wanted to do, harm to them. As Ed Grimsley night vision videos show. There is still today. Some kind of battle going on above the Earth. If the Hopi stories are correct. There has always been someone or something. Watching over mankind on Planet Earth.

Upon the Hopi Emergence from inside the Earth. Clans headed by the Bear Clan. That included the Coyote and Parrot Clans. Started making there migration south from the Hopi home land. These migrations were to ensure the Earth would be populated. That why the swastika pattern was used for migrations. That way the Earth would be evenly populated. Verse straight cross pattern.

The Clans were escorted by the Kachina People. The Kachina People did not come from the Fourth World. Like the rest of the Hopi. They were Spirits, sent to help the Hopi and there migrations. Taking the form of humans and commonly referred to as the Kachina Clan.

When the Hopi migrations reached paso, or the tip of South America. They left there signature, or hieroglyphs. Then returned back north. To the land of the Mayans, who would come later on. The started building a small village that would grow to much larger city. The Red Earth Place would be called 'Palatkwapi'. Also known as the 'Mysterious Red City of the South'. The construction of this place, was done in three parts. Which was supervised by the Kachina People. It was completely surrounded by high walls. The first rooms completed were, ceremonial rooms. The second rooms were for food storage. And the thirds rooms were for the Clans living quarters. Underneath all three sections, ran a river.

The ceremonial section was the most important. There were no Kivas for the Hopi to live in. The ceremonial section was divided. For the initiates and ceremonial participants. The ceremonial building was four stories high. With a door opened to the east. On the ground floor. The Kachinas taught initiates. The meaning to the previous Three Worlds. And the purpose of the Fourth World. On the second floor, the Kachinas taught. The structure and functions of the human body. And that the function of the mind. Was to understand how the Great Spirit, worked with in man. The Kachina People taught this so that. People would not become evil again. And this fourth World will be destroyed again, like the three previous Worlds.

In the third story, initiates were taught. The workings of Nature, and the use of all kinds of plant life. Although the people were still relatively pure. There was little sickness and some evils would come through. For each sickness there was a plant remedy. For the people to remember.

The fourth story was smaller and resembled a pyramid. This top level was only for. Initiates of great conscience, who acquired deep knowledge. Of the 'Laws of Nature'. Here they were taught the workings of the Planetary system. How the Stars effect the climate, crops and mankind himself. Here they also learned about the 'open door', on top of there heads. How to keep it open, to converse with the "Creator".

As I've written before. The longer the period of "Time". Between visits from the "Gods", or giant turmoil on Earth. The more distant the inhabitant on Earth. Come between "God" and themselves. And once again you see this in the great Spiritual city of Palatkwapi. Life gets to easy and evil raises it's head. As the old line goes, 'idle hands are the devils workshop'.

The migrations had stopped. And the Spider Clan had returned from there migration to the back door of the north. Spider Clan was refused entrance into the city. So they attacked the walled city of Palatkwapi. The Spider Clan shut off the water supply to the city. So The Kachina people had the Clans inside build a tunnel for escape. The Kachina people told the Clans that escaped. (Bear Clan, Corn Clan, Parrot Clan and Coyote Clan who left last.) That they must resume there migrations immediately. That one day there migrations will be complete. And they will all live together again.

The Kachina told the Clans they would stay behind and protect the city. While the other escaped in the night. It was not yet "Time", for the Kachina People. To go to there far off Planets and Stars. They will go to a far off mountain with there powers. And if the Hopi needed help. Remember to make there 'pahos', or prayer sticks.

After there migrations were completed. The Hopi returned to there home land, of northern Arizona. The real Kachinas live in the high mountains near Flagstaff, Arizona. They are called the San Francisco Mountains.

Were a plains tribe that lived in Montana. In the Bitterroot Valley. The Flatheads were known for wearing stovepipe hats. Introduced to them by the missionaries.

I will be on and tonight at 12:00 PM eastern. On 'Unraveling the Secrets' with Dennis Crenshaw and Rick Ozman. The topic will be, Hopi, Hopi, Hopi. And of course that little problem with oil in the Gulf. Dennis and Rick have a new show on Sundays now. Here is the link to that new information show.

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