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"Hopi Creation Story"

As we near the end of the Fourth World. There is one fact that clearly jumps out. The Hopi's "Time" has come. Just as they predicted it would. Last night I was on Unraveling the Secrets, to talk about the Hopi. The phone lines were lit up. I heard Dennis say there were 15 callers. Who wanted to ask me questions, about the Hopi. Funny how I even got here. For me too even know, who the Hopi are. Here I am, and this is upon me.

Trying to keep one's own ideas from the Hopi past. Is a hard road, as you can tell by Biblical stories. As stories are told each "Time". Each story teller adds a bit of them selves to the story. The Hopi past, does not need my input. I want to thanks the callers and both Dennis Crenshaw and Rick Ozman. For giving the Hopi past respect. And it's great to see the Hopi Ancients, get the just reward. For "Time" has proven the correct.

Spider Women was given the task. To create mankind from the Living Earth. Spider Women gathered Earths four colors. Yellow, Red, White and Black. She mixed them with here own spit. Then she molded them and covered them with her 'white substance cape'. The 'white substance cape' gave mankind, creative wisdom. As in past Worlds, she sang over them. And when she un-covered them. These forms were four male human beings, in the image of "Sotuknag" ("God" of the Universe, Creator of all Ceremonies). Then she created four other beings, in here own form. They were female partners for the first four male beings.

When Spider Women uncovered them, the forms came to life. This was the "Time" of the dark Purple light, Qoyangnuptu (inside Mother Earth?). The first phase of the dawn of Creation. Which reveals the mystery of man's creation.

They soon awakened and begun to move. There was still a dampness on the foreheads. And a soft spot, on there heads. This was at the "Time" of the Yellow light. Sikangnuqa, the second phase of the dawn of Creation. When the breath of life, entered man. (One Mayan story tell how the Sun followed Venus. Creating the first light on Earth. yellow?)

In a short "Time", the Sun appeared above the horizon. Drying the dampness on there foreheads. And hardening the soft spot on there heads. This was the "Time" of the Red light, Talawva. Talawva was the third phase of Creation. When man fully formed and dried. And faced his "Creator".

That is the Sun, Spider Women said. You are meeting your Father, the "Creator" for the first "Time". You must always remember and observe, these three phases of your creation. (Tesla invented 'three phase power' the best form of electricity. The other phases came before three phases. interesting thought) The "Time" of the three lights. The dark Purple, the Yellow, and the Red. Reveal in turn the mysteries of breath, life, warm love. These comprise the "Creator's" plan of life. For you and sung over you in the Song of Creation.

The First People of the First World, did not answer. They could not speak (Mayan Mud Man). Something had to be done. Spider Women received her power from Sotuknang. So she had to call him, and ask what to do. So she called Palongawhoya (one of the sacred Twins). 'Call your uncle, we need him at once.'

Palongawhoya, the echo Twin. Sent out his call, along the World axis. To the vibratory centers of the Earth. Which resounded his message through-out the Universe. 'Sotuknang, our uncle, come at once, we need you.'

All at once, with the sound of a mighty wind. Sotuknang appeared in front of them. 'I am here, why do you need me so urgently?'

Spider Women explained, 'as you commanded me. I have created the First People. They are fully and firmly formed. They are properly colored, they have life, they have movement, but they cannot talk. So I want you to give them speech. That is the proper thing they lack. Also the wisdom and the power to reproduce. So they may enjoy life and give thanks to the "Creator".'

So Sotuknang gave them speech. A different language for each color. With respect for each others differences. He gave them wisdom and the power to reproduce and multiply.

Then he said to them. 'With all these I have given you. This World to live on and be happy. (The Earth was created for mankind.) There is only one thing I ask of you. To respect the "Creator" at all "Times". Wisdom, harmony, and respect for the one who created you. May it grow and never be forgotten. Among you as long as you live.

So the First People went there directions, were happy and began to multiply.

As you can tell by this Hopi tale. The Earth was created for the humans to inhabit. As long as they remain respectful of there creator. When that respect dies, so does mankind. Rite now on Mother Earth. That respect has been lost, for the "Creator". Just simply look around yourselves. What do you see? A World at war, a waring society. Base on greed, hatred for ones neighbours. The Hopi ancients were told this would happen. That's why the Fourth World will be destroyed. Like the three previous Worlds were destroyed. Mankind never seems to learn there lessons. Be in harmony with your neighbours. And take care and respect your Mother Earth.

Also in the Hopi tale. You can see it took three previous tries to perfect mankind. Like the Mayan the Hopi have the story of Mud Man. A first try at humans. And another connection to the Mayans. Is the need for respect for the "Creator". The first inhabitants were animals. And they only squeaked and groaned. "God's" creation, Mother Earth. Needed some to to say thanks to the "Creator". And the humans were put here to do that. When they stop saying thanks to the "Creator". Then the "Creator" steps in and stops, "His" creation.

Haida Tribe
Live on Queen Charlotte Island in British Columbia. They were hunters of Whales and Sea Otters. And known for there boat building. Some carved from the trunks of massive cedar trees. There art work consisted of Totem-Poles and Masks. And finely decorated wooden homes. They are to this day. Still doing there wooden art work, in there homeland.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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