Saturday, July 3, 2010

"A Foreigner Upon There Shores"

No I'm not talking about Natives Americans. First sighting of the European invasion. When I say, 'a foreigner upon there shores'. America has been taken over by World Bankers. Or as the popular word is now, 'The Globalist'. What you now have in the Gulf of Mexico. Is a foreign oil company, BP. Telling the government of America. How they will handle the clean-up. And when they will be allowed to clean-up. The current crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. I for one do not believe. There is even a massive oils slick and so called methane gas bubble. Sitting fifty miles off the coast of Louisiana. What you have is staged event much like 911. Every day you hear a different story. Of how much oil is spewing from the well head. You have robotic cameras recording the gushing well head. Some one mile below the surface of the Gulf. Even funnier, the cameras are operated by BP. Why would a company that's destroying the Gulf's eco-system? Be showing live footage of the disaster. Everything else is hidden from the citizens of America. So then why show the oil, coming from the sea floor? Also one final thought, the oil disaster is in international waters.

What hidden agenda might there be going on, behind the scenes? A soon to be attack on Iran? A way of pushing a Carbon Tax on America and the World? Create a false mess, then make the tax payer of America. Pay for multi billion dollar clean up? Use this to evacuation of the Gulf states, permanently? In America, what you see. Isn't necessarily what you get. 911 come to mind?

Where is the oil? I have friends in Florida wondering. Wanting to know, when is the oil going to rush ashore? Over two months later, and why aren't the Texas Gulf shores covered in oil? How about that so called one ton tar ball. Would someone explain, just how a one ton tar ball floats? And how about those tar balls we keep hearing about. Tar balls wash up on California beach all the "Time". Why is there a no fly zone over the Gulf spill. And just how can the American government declare a now fly zone? Over international waters. Why is this story meant to? Keep everyone upset about Americans current leadership. Why don't the Obummer handlers care about, Obummers slide popularity numbers? All this just doesn't add up to me.

To me it's just another piece of the puzzle. The economy of Florida has been destroyed. The food coming from the Gulf. Can no longer be harvested. The income for thousands of folks. Who depended on the Gulf waters, has gone away. Now with rumors of mass evacuations from coastal areas. Just where will these folks be relocated to? How would they make a income, if they did relocate? Many sites on the Web. Are telling folks to get the Hell away from the coastal areas. Telling them the air is bad, or maybe this big ass methane bubble, will explode soon. Killing thousands of folks. Can you see what going on? Is there a stink in the air? Always remember hungry folks, don't rebel.

This just one more step, for the Globalist Bankers. Too take control over all the citizens of America. With a crippled economy already out of control. The burden of approximately thirty to forty millions American citizens. Being relocated to place that are already stretched to there limits. Might just be enough for the federal government to step in and declare Martial Law. Like Pearl Harbor, 911, Tonkin Gulf and so many other staged events in American and World history. This too is just another staged event. To control the minds of the masses. And the few of us that realize that. Mean nothing to the 'powers'. They know the masses are so under there control. They will belittle those that are awaken.

In many ways what is happening to the citizens of America. Is exactly what was done to the Native Americans. There food supply was taken away. The 'powers' pitted one tribe against another. They were made to relocate from place to place. Thus weakening there powers to defend them selves. Alcohol was used on the Native Americans. In much the same way drugs are used today. The 'powers' broke up the family by separating the children from the adults. Today the media does much the same thing. Isn't it funny how the ancestors of whose. Who helped to enslave the Native Americans. Are now themselves the enslaved ones. Coincidence, I think not. These are old and tried events, that have used over and over. By the same controlling 'powers' for generations. Americans minerals resource have been taken out of the country. And now it's "Time" to return America back to it's natural state. Even before the Native Americans arrived. Behind the flag of the United Nations. American will be returned to it's original condition. Sorry to say, but the hand writing is on the wall. Not today, not to marrow, but "Time" will win out.

Catawbas Tribe, Chief King Haglar

'You sell it to our young men. And you give it to them many "Times". They get drunk with it. This is the very cause, that they often times commit those crimes. That are offensive to you and us. And through the effects of the that drink. It is also very bad for our people. It rots there guts and causes our men to get very sick. And many of our people have lately died. By the effect of that strong drink. And I heartily wish you would do something. To prevent your people from daring to sell or give them. Any of that strong drink, upon any consideration whatever. For that will be a great means of our being free. From being accused of those crimes. That is committed by our young men. And will prevent many of the abuses. That is done by them, through the effects of that strong drink.'

The word Hopi comes from the word. 'Hopitu-shinumu'. Which means 'Peaceful People'. There reservation is in Northern Arizona. Smack-dab in the middle of the Navajo reservation. The Spaniards made many attempt to Christianize the Hopi, but always failed. As most people know, the Kachinas are a Hopi original. They depicted the Ancient ones or "Aliens". Who showed the Hopi there migrations paths and how to live. And there original Kachina Dances. The Hopi are one of only a few Native American tribe. To never be relocated onto another reservation.

Speaking of the Hopi, to marrow I venture to Flagstaff. To the Museum of Northern Arizona. The Hopi will be there, showing there original art work and Kachinas. Hopefully I'll get some great videos and post them on my You Tube Channel. RD47blog. "God" bless and bye

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