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"Looking for a Hopi Emergence Story"

My friend Dennis Crenshaw of 'Unraveling the Secrets'. On both Blog Talk Radio and Peoples TV Network. Asked me if I could record a Hopi. Reciting there Emergence Story. Last month I was up on Old Oraibi. And had no luck at recording the story. This past weekend I was in Flagstaff. For the annual gathering of Hopi artist. This was the 77th gathering at, Museum of Northern Arizona. You had Kachina (Katsina) carvers, jewelers, potters, leather workers, painters, baskets weavers, sculptures, bead work and of course dancers.!v=vvAKuKpGKtc You can visit my You Tube channel (RD47blog) and see my videos of the gathering.

Determined to get the Emergence Story. So I could share it with the World. Just like I'd recorded the Zuni Emergence Story. Last "Time" I was at the Museum of Northern Arizona. As I walked around and recorded the various artist. I'd ask each one. If they would let me record them. Telling there version of the Emergence Story. Each one had a different reason why they could not tell me the story. This seemed odd, until I realized. Why I was aloud to take the photos of the hieroglyph photos on Old Oraibi. The reason I was aloud to take the photos on Old Oraibi. Was because, the elders didn't know what they meant. Lonnie's mom asked me to interpret the hieroglyph for her. I told her if I spent some "Time" looking at them. I could figure out there true meaning. Then she said, take photos and study them. For those elders on Old Oraibi. That will be another story for another day.

I'd like to share some of the responses. I got from various Hopi artistes. One young Tewa artists (paintings), said he didn't want to share it with a White guy. I reminded him that was bull-shit. Because it is well written down. And if he would like. I would tell him the story if he wanted to know. Another told me to find someone older than him. Who would know the story much better. Never did find that older Hopi. Others would tell me they didn't know the story well enough. One told me that the story could only be told in the Winter. Because the Summer was a "Time" of healing for the Earth. Another Tewa artist told me to wait and ask his wife. Who was a Hopi from Old Oraibi. I waited for her return, to find out she didn't know the story well enough either. Another Hopi told me, that each Clan had there own version. Some else told me I would have to go back to Old Oraibi. And find the chief and ask him. As you can see a picture is starting to developed here. None of them knew the story, was the bottom line. The fact that none of the Hopi ancient tale were never written down. They have been lost, as the true Hopi marry. Into other tribes such as the Tewa, Zuni, Navajo etc.. And there is no central gathering place. For these old stories to be passed on.

The 'power' have successfully destroyed. The old Hopi tales, by dividing them up. Just as they want to control all current and pass history of modern man. Here is a remind of, what has been done to the Native Americans in the past. Is being done to the citizens of American and the World now. I fell sorry for the Hopi people who have all but lost there ancient ways. If not for the Dances and the Kachina carvings. All would be totally lost.

In the sixties a group of Native Americans formed a group called. 'National Indian Youth Council'. And they founded there own newspaper called, ABC. This stood for, 'Americans Before Columbus'. The editorial section of the paper was satirical. Here is a short article from it.

Recently anthropologist, who was dedicated to keeping the Indian alive. For no other reason than to make money studying them. Discovered a new tribe of Indians. They were called the Beeah Tribe. Pronounced it sounds like BIA Tribe (Bureau of Indian Affairs).

A new book called, 'A Man Called Horse Shit'. By Dr. He-Sells-Out, a beloved Indian exspert. Has been released by the association on. Preserving the Cute Ways of Brown People.

The book describes the strange rites and rituals of this much persecuted tribe. Torn from the ancestral homes on Fifth Avenue in New York City. To far flung agencies around the country. The Beeah Tribe is held together. By it's fuction of running all the affairs of all other tribes.

Incantations such as, 'let me refer you to this other office'. And, 'I'll look into that'. Are invoked daily to magically free one's self from harrassment. By people asking questions such as. 'I'm hungry, what can I do'?

The daily rituals of the tribe are graphically describes. These include, one hour coffee breaks. $100 dollars a day consulting fees (1970 remember). The feet propped up on desk, cigar in mouth ritual. Being photographed holding a Indian child. Back passing and back slapping ritual.

One of the most terrifying rituals described. Is the back stabbing ritual. Which a member of a lower ranking. Stabs a higher ranking member in the back. So that he can take his place. This ritual is traced back to there ancestors. Who lived in caves in Europe.

Dr. He Sells Out, in one of his more revelatory findings. Has noted that the Beeah Tribe. Exist only at the expense of the other Tribes. It cannot seem to live. Unless it drains the other Tribes natural resources. In the language of the Beeah Tribe. This is known as, 'community development', pronounced robbery.

With a straight face, a member of the Beeah Tribe. Will say that Indians religions and dances are bad and should be eradicated. But you can find some white people. To charge other white people, to watch them. The Beeah Tribe believe every Indian should be educated. Though once educated, he should not be given a job is education merits.

This war like tribe is always in conflict with other Tribes. Occasionally through incompetence, the Beeah Tribe. Does something good for other Tribes. These lapses are quickly corrected.

Inuit or Eskimo
Are native of Greenland and North America. The name means, 'those that eat there food raw'. Today the Inuit live through out, Alaska, Greenland, Canada, Bering Straights and even Siberia.

"God" bless bye

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