Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Crop Circles and Toltec Self Scarifice"

It's Crop Circle season in England. Here is a link to what I believe is the best Crop Circle site. To date there has been, 6 in May, 10 in June, and 6 so far in July. The 'powers' who control the mass media. Would want you to believe. That all Crop Circles are fake. I'm not buying into that. There just far to intricate and numerous. And they show up in old books from England. Where the creator of the Crop Circles are called 'Demons". There are a pair of Englishmen who claim. They have created over 250 Crop Circles them selves. I listen to a lady lecture about the two guys named Doug Bower and David Chorley. Who claim the are the Crop Circle makers. They claim they are using a simple board and rope. To tamp down the crops. To create the intricate designs. If you click onto the link above. You will see that's impossible to do, in one evening. Some folks have speculated they are created by 'Bolt Lightning'. This I find hard to believe. 'Bolt Lighting' like you see in Marfa Texas. Is just to spontaneous for that. I've even heard that the "Aliens" are just showing off to each other. While others believe there are messages, the "Aliens" are trying to send to Mankind. One thing for sure, symmetrical they are. And certain numbers like 3, 7, 13 are common denominators. Or another common denominator is 666. Like the Crop Circle from 9 July 2010. At Cleyhill, Warminster, Wiltshire. Which is the first 3 dimensional one. I believe I've seen. What ever is creating the Crop Circles. It sure as hell isn't, Doug Bower and David Chorley and there boards.

The Toltec like the Mayans and many other Meso-America cultures. All talk about sacrifice of the individual. I do not believe this meant human sacrifice. Rather it meant sacrifice of personal means. Such as giving up food or water, for short periods of "Time". Or doing with less so that others around you have more. Much like the Hopi story about the "Ant People". Who did with less, so there human guest could survive (small waist). Here is a Toltec story of the ultimate sacrifice for mankind. Who believe mankind is in the fifth World now.

Five Worlds and five Suns were created, one after another. There were the Suns of Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Rock. The first World was destroyed, because it's people acted wrongfully. They were devoured by ocelots (painted Leopards) and there Sun also died. The second Sun, the pure Orb, saw his human beings. Changed into Monkeys, for there lack of wisdom (Mayan). Next came the Sun of fire. Who's world was destroyed by flames, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. Because the people living in it, were impious (disrespectful). And did not sacrifice to the "Gods". The Fourth World perished in a great flood. Which also drowned the Sun. Before the dawn of the Fifth World, the present World. All the "Gods" assembled in darkness. To decide who would have the honor and dangerous honor. To light up the Fifth World. And with it the Fifth Sun.

One "God" named Tecciztecatl volunteered. Thinking he would get much praise from the other "Gods". After days of purification. The "Gods" built a huge fire on the top of a pyramid. And told Tecciztecatl, 'light up the World.'

'How' asked Tecciztecatl, dressed in irridescent hummingbird feathers. And jewels of gold and turquoise. 'By jumping into the fire, O Tecciztecatl', the "Gods" said.

Tecciztecatl was afraid, he didn't want to burn up. Four "Times" he tried to immolate (sacrifice) himself. And four "Times the heat, the flames, drove him back.

Then the lowliest of all "Gods". Nanautzin dressed in humble garments of woven reeds, misshapen, ugly and covered with scabs. Offered to renew the World. And light up the Sun, by jumping into the fire. None of the "Gods" paid him the slightest attention before. Now they all cried with one voice. 'O Scabby One, be thou he who brings back the Sun.'

With out a moments hesitation, Nanautzin hurled himself into the flames. Burning up with a great cracking sound. His blazing garments of reeds, lighting up the sky. And ashamed of his cowardice. Tecciztecatl did the same thing and was also cremated. At once the Sun rose to light up the new Fifth World. And it was the despised Scabby One, brave Nanautzin. Who by his death, had given life to the new Sun.

In the Biblical and Mayan stories. The Sun disappears for three days. Then reappears fresh of a new World. And in there versions. You don't know if it is the old Sun, Son or a new Sun, Son. Is this the same story, told in a Toltec manner. I believe it is. In the Bible version. The U in Sun is turned into a O. Thus making the story of Jesus, ' the Son of "God". Into a human story. The Hopi also have a similar story. About how the Clan Chief must sacrifice himself. In order to create a New World. With his death, the Old World ends. And his predecessor (new Chief), brings in a new World.

Wouldn't it be great. If the leaders, leader of this current World. (Who ever they or him, might be.) Where to sacrifice themselves or himself. So that the current World of lies and deceit will end. It was always done in the past. Then it must be done in the present, you would think. Or are the current leaders, leader. Going to attempt to kill off the rest of the planets population. In order to save ones selves or self? Isn't it said, 'the past is always doomed to repeat it's self?' Thus having a navel, I'm entitled to a opinion.

The name Iroquois means, 'real adders'. Also 'We Who Are of the Extended Lodge'. The original confederation consisted of Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca Tribes. The Tuscarora joined and they became the 'Six Nations'. Electing there delegates and chiefs. There territory ranged from Lake Erie down to North Carolina.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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