Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Hopi Trip, The End of the World"

No blogs last week-end for a reason. Instead I made my Visit to both the Hopi and Navajo reservations of Arizona. Been years since I'd been up to visit the Hopi. Many things in my life had changed. Learned many new thing. About myself and the country I live in, called America. Last "Time" I visited the Hopi. I had faith in the country I lived in. Trusted the government and the banks some what. Of course that was before 911, when the World changed. Now as most people around the World know. America is not the land of the free. A country everyone counted on, when the going got tough. Have a natural disaster, America was their. Now many wonder if America doesn't create natural disasters with HAARP. Now wars are going on in both Afghanistan and Iraq. For no apparent good reason, other than greed. The clear skies are no more. As they are a pale white color, from all the Chem-Trail activity. Maybe America was always what she is now. And I was just to dumb to notice. Maybe I finally became wise. To the constant stream of propaganda being blasted at me. And the rest of the World and American people. The lies are so blatant now from the controlled media and government. You couldn't help but notice. Unless you had been dumb down, like so many of the children today. It's like I aged a thousand years since 911. And visiting and finding an old friend on Old Oraibi, drove that point home. Video of Lonnie

I had aged and my Hopi friend Lonnie Nutumya. A Hopi artist and Kachina carver, had had a stroke. One eye closed closed and a slur to his speech. Follows him where ever he goes now. Yet he remembered me. Keep reminding me how much he loved me. I had changed his life, he had made my life become clearer. Stroke and all, Lonnie was still carving Kachinas and doing his drawings of the Kachinas. I bought one of Lonnie's drawing, as you can see from my blog pictures. We visited then I went to watch the Hopi Dancers in the Plaza of Old Oraibi.

When you watch the Hopi Dancers. It makes you wonder how far back in "Time", the tradition goes. Like looking through a telescope. The dances are "Time Machines". The rhythms are unique and pure Hopi. All the dancers in perfect rhythm, as they stamped there feet. Each dancer had the skin of a animal. Covering there rear ends. As to make them feel as one with the animals. (The Hopi believe that mankind was created from the animals. As they were the first inhabitants of Mother Earth.) Like a precision military drill team. The dancers go through there routines. Then quietly file off in formation. Only to return for encore after encore. The Dances go all day long. As the vast majority of dancers keep in perfect rhythm. Others walk in and around, sprinkling corn meal, on there shoulders. Then spit in there hand and mix it with the soil. Always a lead solo dancer. With others such as Mud Man passing through the dance. One dancer was dressed as a Sheriff from the 1800 era. He would be wearing a frown and harassing the dancers. In a symbol of how the Whited treated the Hopi. Only the dancer and a few friends. Really know what all the symbolism is. And one of the oddest parts. You never clap when a certain dance is completed. When the dance is done, there is only silence from the audience. The military drill teams. Could learn much from the Hopi Dancers.

As I drove around the villages of The Hopi reservation. Things felt different, a vibration in the air. Things were not good, the bad economy had effected them also. Was it the Hopi knew, the end of this cycle was near? And Mankind had not advanced spiritual much? After all, it's up to mankind to save them selves. Will the great experiment on Mother Earth. Come to a final closing chapter? The Hopi had the Seas dying, Gulf of Mexico. Spider webs in the skies, Chem-Trails. And so many other prophecies that have came true. As one kid said to me on Old Oraibi. All the Hopi prophecies have come true. So what is coming in the near future, as 2012 approaches? From this corner of Mother Earth. Things are not looking good. And I feel the Hopi know it in there collective souls.

Here is a short Zuni tale. About what will be present, at the end.
Many years ago when our grandparents foresaw. What our future would be like. They spoke of the prophecies among themselves and passed them on to children before them.

Cities will progress and then decay to the lowest beings. (Detroit, L.A. New Orleans, etc.) Drinkers of dark liquids will come upon the land. Speaking nonsense and filth. Then the end will be near.

Population will increase until the land can hold no more. The tribes of men will mix. The dark liquids they drink will cause the people to fight among them selves. Families will break up, father against child. Children against each other.

Maybe when the people have out done themselves. Then maybe the Stars will fall upon the land. Or drops of hot water will fall upon the Earth. Or the land will turn under (Earth Quakes). Our father the Sun, will not rise to start the day. Then our possessions will turn into beast and devour mankind whole. (Mayan)

If not, there will be an odor from gases (Gulf of Mexico). Which will fill the air mankind breaths. And the end will come for all mankind.

The people will bring this upon themselves, what they receive. From what has resulted, "Time" alone will tell, what the future holds for mankind. The Zuni People

Same story only told by the Chiricahua Apache.
The Old People used tell us. That when the Earth is coming to an end. All the water will begin to dry up. For a long "Time" there will be no rain.

There will be only a few places, about three. Where there will be springs. At those three places water will be dammed up. And all the people will come to those places. And start fighting over the water.

That's what old grand mother told us. Those old Indians found out some how. And the way it looks, I believe it's the truth.

Many old Chiricahua used to tell the same story. They say that this is the way, most people will kill each other off. Maybe there will be a good people left.

When the New World comes. After that, the White people will be Indians. And the Indians will be White people.

Cochiti Tribe
Cochiti tribe live in a Pueblo on the Rio Grande, south of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Cochiti moved to there present reservation from there original home. In Frijoles (beans) Canyon, now Bandelier National Monument, in New Mexico. There ancient ruins can be found on near by Cochiti Mesa.

Here is a link to my Videos of my trip called Hopi Trip

"God" bless and bye

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